Miss Chinese International

Before we get to the results, I just want to say that the best part of the show was this performance! I love Hacken Lee's songs.

Hacken Lee, Mag Lam, Alfred Hui


The winner of Miss Chinese International is #11, Kelly Cheung, from Chicago. Second place is #9, Cheryl Wee from Singapore and third place went to #5, Lenna Lim, from Malaysia.

I actually don't think the pictures give justice to how pretty they are. Also, I think the top 3 answered their questions really were and that's probably why they placed.

More pictures of the contestants and Myolie Wu, Michael Tse, and Raymond Lam-

Myolie Wu and Michael Tse were the guest judges for the event. Myolie Wu presented the Asia-Pacific Vitality award to Lenna Lim while Michael Tse presented the Euro-American Vitality award to #15 from New York.

Myolie's dress looked beautiful on her!

Raymond Lam opened the show and did a little dance with each of the contestants. I thought that was really cute.


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