Outbound Love Official Poster

Outbound Love will air on January 20, 2014 in the 8:30 timeslot.

Queen Divas Official Poster

Queen Divas is the 15 episode Chinese New Year series airing on January 20, 2014 at the 9:30 timeslot. 

Congratulations Yeung Chiu Hoi!

Yeung Chiu Hoi recently got married to his longtime girlfriend who he started dating when he was 17/18. When I first saw some of the pictures, I thought that he was just filming for a series because there were also a lot of TVB stars and I thought that he was too young. However, he's actually 29 years old! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Here are some more engagement and wedding pictures. Can you spot all the stars that took part and went to his wedding?

Kristal Tin's Official Music Video 不傷人

Kristal Tin will be releasing her album in late March which will consist of covers of male artists' songs. She used her "friendship card" with Louis Koo for him to guest star in her video.

2013 TVB Awards Ceremony Results and Red Carpet Pictures

Here are the results for the 2013 TVB Awards Ceremony! Congratulations to all the winners. I will be updating with pictures so keep checking back!

What are the results? Myolie is just as excited to find out! Click below...

Fred Cheng Performances

Fred and his fellow Voice contestants perform on TVB's Ambulance Services Campaign
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 He was also part of a re-enactment.
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Return of the Silver Tongue had its first promotional activity the other day and Kristal Tin and Fred Cheng sang the theme song 兩句 live for the first time.
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Filming News

I just wanted to put some random filming news all into one post.

Alex Fong Lik-Sun will be filming a TVB series in 2014. His last series he filmed with them was in 2004 called My Family (with Chung King Fai, Ha Yu, Rebecca Chan, Hawick Lau, Shirley Yeung, and Sam Chan). 

Nancy Wu will participate in Commercial Wars with Wayne Lai. She was not part of the sales presentation. The current Miss Hong Kong crop of Grace Chan and Sisley Choi will also take part in filming. 

TVB invited some stars from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan to film a short series that will air from Chinese New year to Valentine's Day. Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam will film in Singapore for an "Urban" series. Linda Chung and Yeon Jung Hoon will film a "Happy" story in Korea. Kate Tsui, James Wen, and Chris Wang will film a "Sad" series. Wong Cho Lam, Aaron Yan, and Naomi Watanabe will film a "Cartoon" series in Japan. (This makes me think of Seasons of Love but with a bigger budget and more stars.)

Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung will be filming an ancient comedy series with Lee Tim Sing. Benjamin Yuen and Joel Chan will join the cast.

Bosco Wong and Eliza Sam will take part in the remake of Double Fantasies. The original starred Louise Lee who suggested Eliza for the role because of her cute look, so I now know who to blame.... :P
eta: Wayne Lai and Sonjia Kwok will also be part of the remake. 

Tracy Chu will be filming Battle of Tomorrow with Lawrence Ng and Kate Tsui. She said that she has the most scenes with Kenny Wong. This series, along with the Lee Tim Sing series and Double Fantasies, should begin filming in January.

Midas Touch (Bosco Wong, Nancy Wu, Kate Tsui) will finish wrapping up soon. The producer has said that there is a lot of current concepts in this series so it will be released as soon as possible so that it won't seem out of date if it is aired too late. I'm thinking it will air after the Chinese New Year in February or March. Return of the Silver Tongue and Coffee Cat Mama will be airing next. After that, Outbound Love and Meet the Daughter-in-Laws (a 15 episode series filmed specifically for the CNY time slot) will air. 

2013 TVB Big Bowl Feast Pictures (Day 2)

Day 2 of the Big Bowl Feast happened the next day with artists and crew members who couldn't make the first day. 

The artists gathered for a big group picture.

Rest of pictures below...

2013 TVB Big Bowl Feast Pictures (Day 1)

Over 2000 artists and crew members gathered for TVB's Big Bowl/ Poon Choi feast. Managment announced that there will be at least a 5% salary increase as well as a bonus worth 1.25-2.25x their monthly salary.

Here are some pictures along with my own little commentary:

The A List table: Sharon Chan, Vincent Wong, Myolie Wu, Nancy Wu, Mandy Wong, Kate Tsui, Kristal Tin, Linda Chung, Wayne Lai, Lau Dan, and Louisa So

More pictures...

Myolie on Fashion Weekly Cover

Here are the pictures of Myolie Wu from her Fashion Weekly photo shoot. She looks great in the pictures!

The rest of the pictures...

Fred Cheng and Hubert Wu at the Tung Wah Charity Show

Fred Cheng and Hubert Wu performed together with a violinist for the Tung Wah Charity Show. This is an annual telethon held by TVB to raise money for Hong Kong's Tung Wah group of hospitals. They raised $92,688,888 HKD which is  $2.3 million HKD more than last year's records. Congratulations!


I thought that they both sounded amazing. I love this performance.

Vinegar Lady Blessing Ceremony

Vinegar Lady (starring Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Him Law, Eliza Sam, Gigi Wong, Alice Chan, Koni Lui, Derek Kwok, etc.) had its blessing ceremony on Friday, December 6th. This will be a 20 episode ancient comedy revolving around jealousy. Vinegar in chinese also means jealous.

More pictures...

Return of the Silver Tongue Themesong

Return of the Silver Tongue themesong is sung by Kristal Tin and Fred Cheng.

兩句 by 鄭俊弘、田蕊妮

Coffee Cat Mama Official Poster

Coffee Cat Mama will begin airing on December 23rd.

Myolie Wu and Niki Chow at 7-Eleven Hello Kitty event

Myolie Wu and Niki Chow attended an event for 7-Eleven/Hello Kitty. They recently sat next to each other at the TVB Anniversary show and they seemed to have bonded at that show. Although both have filmed for TVB for a while, they have never worked on the same series before. For the past few years, they have worked with each other's exes with Myolie partnering with Kevin and Niki partnering with Bosco, so they probably never really talked to each other that much. However, during the show, you can see them constantly chatting. Then they followed each other on weibo and they have both been complimenting each other. Hopefully, they can both work on a series together one day.

They both look really pretty here!

More pictures...

TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 Results

The TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 (Astro on Demand awards) show was held on December 1st. Congratulations to all the winners!

Results and Red Carpet Pictures below...