New Myolie MV! 光明日

I really like this MV and the song. When's her new cd coming out?!

Also, I think a lot of people may be confused at the ending so here are my thoughts: She does not go through with it, and then one day she finally sees the light that she can move on again.

Christine Ng in The Stew of Life

In most TVB series, the characters ages are never revealed. For the most part, the slightly older females tend to play younger characters. Those in their 40s play someone in the early 30s while ladies in the 30s would play characters in their 20s. In The Stew of Life, Christine Ng not only plays someone close to her age, she also plays someone older! In the series, she is 45, although in real life she is only 40. I was just surprised to see this because age seems like a sensitive matter in Hong Kong and some female actresses would never want to reveal their real age or play someone older than they actually are because of vanity issues. By the way, I think Christine Ng is gorgeous and she still looks as young (and possibly even better) than she was in Cold Blood Warm Heart and other older series that she was in.

Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu

This is only an advertisement for a brand of bird's nest, but Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu are putting their romance rumors to good use by doing this promotion together. I think they look super cute together and I would be happy for them if they did end up coming out as a couple.

Raymond Wong (from TVB Weekly 636)

Here is a scan of Raymond Wong in the Linda/Wong-Hei series- Crossing the Boundary of Exploration. It is rumored that Raymond will soon be taking up bigger roles since he might be playing the other male lead along with Kent Cheng in an upcoming series. I hope this is true because this guy is very talented and I want TVB to cherish him, especially since they are lacking in the male lead department.

Aimee Chan

From TVB Issue 632

I think that once Off Pedder is finished, you'll be seeing a lot more of her in other TVB series. She still needs improvement in her enunciation and acting but I do see potential in her.

Nancy Wu: Cover of TVB Life

Nancy looks so pretty here!