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Do you recognize the TVB stars for the upcoming movie?

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Here are the ones from TVB that I recognize: (going from left to right): Chin Ka Lok, Louis Yuen, Joyce Tang, Bosco Wong, Bernice Liu, Oscar Leung, Ka Ki Leung, Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung, Raymond Lam, Anita Yuen, Wong Cho Lam, Michael Tse, Tracy Ip, Ben Wong, and Joe Ma. I know that there are a lot more but I either can't recognize/see them in the picture, or they're not shown.

2009 TVB Series (July- December)

Title: A Bride For a Ride
Episodes: 21
Main Stars: Chin Ka Lok, Louisa So, Sammul Chan, Nancy Wu
Recommendation: NO
Other Comments: This series is an ancient comedy. You wouldn't really miss anything if you didn't watch it. Sammul as a girl is kinda cute but I wish they didn't dub his female voice.

Title: You're Hired
Episodes: 20
Main Stars: Dayo Wong, Charmaine Sheh, Michael Tse
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: The series is more like 2 different storylines: the first revolves more around Benz Hui while the second part showcases Michael Tse. Overall, I think it's very cute especially the scenes with Dayo and Charmaine.

Title: Burning Flame 3
Episodes: 31
Main Stars: Wong Hei, Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: Wong Hei's charcter is super annoying in this series! I thought the whole series in general is really good though. There's a good balance between the action scenes and the storyline and you'll like it if you like dramatic storylines.

Title: D.I.E. Again
Episodes: 24
Main Stars: Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Derek Kwok, Nancy Wu
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: Watch it if you liked the original since it's basically a continuation. It is a little sillier though.

Title: The Stew of Life
Episodes: 30
Main Stars: Louisa Lee, Christine Ng, Fala Chen
Recommendation: NO
Other Comments: The storyline is a little boring and drags. I don't know why they made the series so long. I also do not get why they gave Fala such an ugly wig. Putting that on and glasses does not make someone automatically a nerd.

Title: In The Chamber of Bliss
Episodes: 20
Main Stars: Damian Lau, Kathy Chow, Kenneth Ma
Recommendation: NO
Other Comments: I was barely paying attention since it was soooooo slow. Unless you really love the main characters, I would skip this series because it is also very deppressing.

Title: Born Rich
Episodes: 41
Main Stars: Gallen Lo, Ray Lui, Kenix Kwok, Anita Yuen, Joe Ma, Jamie Chik
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: I liked this series okay even though I liked some storylines more than others. I love Anita and Joe together and I would have never thought I would have. They should have replace Nancy Sit with a better dramatic actress though.

Title: Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Episodes: 33
Main Stars: Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: I really liked this series. I do wish that they focused on the females more because the storyline involving mainly the guys was not that interesting. If they showed more turmoil between the ladies, I think it could have been the next War & Beauty.

Title: A Chip Off the Old Block
Episodes: 21
Main Stars: Sunny Chan, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: It was a very cute series but they could have developed it a lot more, like how Ron having to adjust more to the past. I think the relationships are very sweet though. Some may also not like the ending but I really the whole series.

2009 TVB series (Jan-June)

Title: The Gem Of Life
Episodes: 82
Main Stars: Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, Maggie Siu, Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Wong Hei, Linda Chung, Bosco Wong
Recommendation: NO unless you have a LOT of time to watch this
Other Comments: The first half is really boring and there's a lot of business talk. It gets a little more interesting in the end so if they had managed to cut the whole series in half, it would have been better. Even for such a long series, they don't really develop the characters and the storyline properly. My favorite story line involved Wong Hei and Linda Chung but that's only a tiny portion of the series. Ada is really good here though.

Title: E.U.
Episodes: 30
Main Stars: Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Michael Miu, Michael Tse, Kathy Chow
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: I think this is my favorite series of the year. The whole story was really great and the acting is pretty good as well. This was also another breakout series for Michael Tse because his character got so popular that they based a movie around him!

Title: The Winter Melon Tale
Episodes: 20
Main Stars: Sunny Chan, Louisa So
Recommendation: NO
Other Comments: It's an ancient series revolving a fairy tale. If you liked, Ten Brothers, you'll probably like it but the whole thing was kind of silly. I did think it was cute but other people would probably not care for it much.

Title: The King of Snooker
Episodes: 20
Main Stars: Adam Cheng, Niki Chow, Patrick Tang, Joyce Tang
Recommendation: NO
Other Comments: If they had replaced Patrick Tang with a more handsome and better actor, it might have been more interesting because his acting is too bland to bring some life to this series. The couples were boring too and I barely remember what happened.

Title: Rosy Business
Episodes: 25
Main Stars: Wayne Lai, Sheren Teng, Ron Ng
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: This is one series where most of the people can really act. Wayne and Sheren really deserved their Best Actor and Actress award! The story revolves around 4 wives fighting for power and Wayne tries and stand by Sheren through the whole thing. It's a great series that had me at the edge of my seat and there will be characters that you hate, that you love, and that you will cry and root for.

Title: Man In Charge
Episodes: 20
Main Stars: Kenneth Ma, Leila Tong, Kate Tsui
Recommendation: NO
Other Comments: This was filmed a long time ago as evidenced by Kate's really short bangs and chubbier face (and bad acting). I can't even remember how this ends but if you're a fan of Kenneth and Leila, then you should watch it.

Title: Just Love II
Episodes: 25
Main Stars: Jessica Hsuan, Sunny Chan, Joyce Tang, Johnson Lee
Recommendation: YES if you liked the first part
Other Comments: To be honest, I don't know why they chose this series of any of the TVB series to make a sequel for. Patrick Tang and Selena Li make a cameo in a few episodes in the beginning and the rest of the series is reminiscent of the first series in which cases are interwined with their family drama.

Title: The Threshold of A Persona
Episodes: 26
Main Stars: Roger Kwok, Yoyo Mung
Recommendation: NO
Other Comments: This is another boring series so I would only recommend it if you are a fan of the stars. The story revolves around working in immigration, which isn't really the most fascinating topic.

Title: Sweetness in the Salt
Episodes: 25
Main Stars: Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Wong
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: I love this series! My only gripe would be that they could have cut the series down to 20 episodes but other than that, I love the whole progression of the story. The love triange between the 3 main leads is one of the best I've seen TVB do because they don't make anyone the villian just so you would root for one side more than the other. I wish this series got better ratings because Raymond Wong did such a fantastic job with his character.

The Year in Review: 2009 Warehoused Series

The year is almost over so I thought I would give some super short reviews of all the TVB shows I've watched and let you know if I would recommend watching it. I'll start off with the warehoused series, and then I'll move on to the others within the next few days.

Title: A Great Way to Care
Episodes: 20
Main Stars: Alex Fong, Kate Tsui, Raymond Wong
Recommendation: NO unless you are a fan of Raymond Wong
Other Comments: This was a pretty boring series. The only entertaining parts was the parts revolving around Raymond and Vivien Yeo. It's kind of like Placebo Cure but not as interesting.

Title: The Greatness of a Hero
Episodes: 20
Main Stars: Kent Cheng, Sunny Chan, Sonija Kwok, Bernice Liu, Leila Tong, Wayne Lai
Recommendation: YES BUT...
Other Comments: the storyline gets weird in the end. The beginning and middle parts had a lot of potential but it just seemed like they didn't know how to end it so they made a mess of it.

一刀了斷- 張智霖 Julian Cheung & 胡杏兒 Myolie Wu

I love this duet by Myolie and Chilam. I really like the MV's storyline too and it makes me excited for the series that they will be in. It's probably because part of the story line is set in Japan, but I'm wondering if the series will be like The Seventh Day? The other similarity is that it focuses on 2 couples (Myolie & Chilam and Tavia & Michael Tse while The Seventh Day had Niki & Kevin and Bosco & Natalie). Either way, I can't wait for it to be released because they finally cast Myolie in a serious drama. I love her in comedies but I think they stick her with these roles because that's what she's known for, but I don't think these really show what a great actress Myolie is.

Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣-暗示(原裝MV)

I recently got Linda's new CD, My Love Story, and I really like it. Here is my favorite song off the album: