Kevin, Myolie, Linda & Raymond in Korea

Via Myolie's weibo: A successful performance!

4 of my fave artists together! :)

On Call 36 II Costume Fitting

Cast includes: Lawrence Ng, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Louisa So, Mandy Wong, Him Law, Benjamin Yuen, Raymond Cho, Ben Wong, Derek Kwok, Paisley Wu, Koo Ming Wah, etc.

The sequel will only be 25 episodes so I'm thinking that some of the characters from the original will have a smaller role. Ben Wong will also be filming Food For Slaves at the same time, in which he portrays one of the main leads. I like the original cast, along with the addition of Lawrence and Louisa, but not really excited about the addition of Tracy Chu in such a big role or the addition of Eliza Sam.

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Kevin, Myolie, Linda, Raymond flying to Korea

Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, and Raymond Lam recently flew to South Korea to participate in an event for TVB Golden Viva Spectacular. I believe it's something related to Chinese New Year since I know other stars will be doing something in other countries such as Singapore, so I think they're recording a segment together.

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Seasons of Love (Overseas official Poster)

I'm excited to watch the series, although I wish they start out with Ron and Kate's story since it would be a stronger opener than Him and Toby (both of which I am not a fan of).

Upcoming Series to be aired

Sergeant Tabloid (21 episodes) March 11 at the 8:30 timeslot

A Great Way To Care 2 (25 episodes) March 18 at the 9:30 timeslot

Happy birthday Kenneth and Sharon!

Good friends Kenneth Ma and Sharon Chan celebrated their birthday month together with their fans. Kenneth turns 39 and Sharon turns 34. They both look great and much younger than their actual age! 

2013 with the 5 Fadans

TVB's top 5 fadans: Myolie Wu, Tavia Yeung, Kate Tsui, Linda Chung, and Fala Chen have a busy year ahead of them. 

Read more about their 2013

Congratulations Mandy Lam!

Congratulations to Mandy Lam on her engagement! She is probably most known for her supporting role in The Other Truth in which she basically portrayed a crazy and demanding lady to Louis Yuen. She previously had a battle with cancer so I am glad she is healthy now.

She can currently be seen in Missing You with Linda Chung and Jason Chan.

Seven Sisters Review

Seven Sisters is an older 32-episode drama from 2001 that stars Gallen Lo, Charmaine Sheh, Kong Wah, and Anne Heung. I thought that this drama was going to be a ghost story about seven sisters but it turns out that only one of them is a ghost. Then, I realized that it was more about Gallen and Charmaine than the ghost story of Kong Wah and Anne.

In short, would I recommend this series? NO! You can read below for why but beware of spoilers.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! You can watch how TVB rang in the new year with performances by Myolie Wu, Nancy Wu, Grace Wong, Oscar Leung, Pierre Ngo, and a few others.

video via a659012

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