2014 Sales Presentation List

The following is a list of upcoming series for the 2014 sales presentation. Most of these series have not started filming yet, but they have started gathering the stars to shoot clips for the series presentation to be aired on November 7.

1. Vinegar Lady- Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Him Law, Eliza Sam, Gigi Wong, Koo Ming Wah, Alice Chan, Derek Kwok
2. The Eunuch Five Tigers- Wayne Lai, Raymond Wong, Edwin Siu, Power Chan, Raymond Cho, Nancy Wu
3. Pharmaceutical Square- Linda Chung, Ruco Chan, Natalie Tong, Raymond Wong
4. Rouge and Water- Wayne Lai, Joyce Koi
5. Lee Tim Sing Qing Dynasty comedy- Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung
6. Lam Chi Wah modern series- Lawrence Ng
7. Inbound Troubles sequel- Wong Cho Lam, Roger Kwok, Joey Meng, Angela Tong, Ivana Wong, Louis Cheung, Bob Lam
8. Walk With You- Moses Chan, Myolie Wu
9. Good and Evil People (filming in progress)- Roger Kwok, Ron Ng, Kristal Tin

Other series to be shown:
1. Tiger Cubs 2- Joe Ma, Linda Chung, Oscar Leung, Him Law, Benjamin Yuen, Timmy Hung, Mandy Wong, Christine Kuo, Grace Wong
2. M Club- Carmen Lee, Loletta Lee, Elvina Kong, Flora Chan, Angie Cheung, Gloria Yip, Fennie Yuen, Lawrence Ng
3. Mr. and Mrs. Bean- Bosco Wong, Michelle Yim, Nancy Wu, Eliza Sam, Vincent Wong, Koo Ming Wah, Miki Yeung, Regen Cheung
4. My Prime Lady- Dayo Wong, Kate Tsui, Louis Yuen, Sharon Chan, Benz Hui, Elena Kong, Toby Leung, Jazz Lam, Samantha Ko, Sammy Sum
5. Property Protector- Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Evergreen Mak, Maggie Siu, Natalie Tong, Matt Yeung, Tracy Ip

Sales Presentation Filming- 陪著你走 Walk With You

Moses Chan and Myolie Wu were in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday filming a scene for the upcoming series 陪著你走 Walk With You presentation. Myolie's character will get into a car accident that causes her to go blind, but she will still have the care of her boyfriend played by Moses. This series should be filming in February (although I'm not sure if the cast is confirmed).

eta: Priscilla Wong also filmed part of the sales presentation and will be a social worker.

source: weibo

eta- More pictures..

2013 Starhub Award Winners and Fashion Post

Congratulations to all the winners! 

(I can't find a big group picture so I'll just use this for now :P )

Some of the people should not be a surprise since all the attendees were award winners. The interesting thing to note is that Ron Ng was originally scheduled to show up but ended up having to cancel due to a scheduling conflict, but he ended up not winning any awards. He was nominated for the Favorite TVB Actor award and Best Onscreen Couple award. It is just my guess, but I think he would have gotten the Best Onscreen Couple award if he had shown. 

All the winners and the fashions...

Airport pictures for Starhub 2013 Awards

Jason Chan, Kenneth Ma, Ruco Chan, Raymond Lam, Mandy Wong, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, Kate Tsui, Michelle Yim, Lok Yi Ling, and Christine Kuo left from Hong Kong to go to Singapore for the Starhub Awards.
I was so confused when I saw this group picture because I could not recognize Kenneth, Ruco, or Tavia and I thought Linda was Sharon Chan. They all look super dressed down except for Kate who looks like she's in full hair and makeup. 

More pictures...

Meet The Daughters In Law Costume Fitting

Meet The Daughters In Law had their costume fitting which will star Nancy Sit, Joyce Tang, Angela Tong, Evergreen Mak, and Pierre Ngo. Jason Chan, the singer, will also take part in this series. He's actually dating Nancy's daughter in real life! This series will only be 15 episodes long and air during Chinese New Year.

Will Power Official Poster

The poster looks a little too serious, especially since I thought it was supposed to have touches of comedy? I'm mainly looking forward to seeing Wayne Lai and Christine Ng in this.

New Kevin Cheng Song- 說來話長

Kevin Cheng was signed to EEG last year after his popularity soared due to Ghetto Justice and his mainland success and the music video for his mandarin song 說來話長 (Long Story) was just released. Check it out:

2014 TVB Calendar (Updated 10/1/13)

Sports Themes:
1) Tennis: Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng, Charmaine Sheh, Ben Wong, Jason Chan
2) Equestrian: Kenneth Ma, Steven Ma, Joe Ma, Sonjia Kwok, Louisa So, Elena Kong, Lin Xia Wei, Elaine Yiu (Steven was invited but was not able to join due to filming in Beijing.)
3) Swimming:. Him Law, Vincent Wong, Oscar Leung, Tracy Ip, Oceane Zhu, Vivien Yeo, Koni Lui, Jess Sum
4) Snooker: Joey Meng, Wayne Lai, Bobby Au Yeung, Nancy Wu, Flora Chan, Esther Kwan, Michelle Yim
5) Fencing: Dayo Wong, Raymond Lam, Michael Tse, Kate Tsui, Eliza Sam
6) Muay Thai Boxing: Myolie Wu, Raymond Wong, Kenny Wong, Stephen Wong, Ben Wong, Carlo Ng, Sammy Shum, Amigo Chui, Koo Ming Wah, Jack Wu
7) Basketball: Moses Chan, Edwin Siu, Dodo Cheng, Tavia Yeung, Matthew Ko, Lai Lok Yi, Fred Cheng, Matt Yeung
8) Soccer: Eric Tsang, Nat Chan, Lawrence Cheng, Ruco Chan, Evergreen Mak, Eddie Kwan, Patrick Dunn, Tony Hung, King Kong, Tsui Wing, Ronald Law
9) Bowling: Louise Lee, Nancy Sit, Lau Dan, Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Li, Louis Yuen, Astrid Chan, Skye Chan
10) Gymnastics: Chin Ka Lok, Timmy Hung, Shirley Yeung, Sharon Chan, Janis Chan, Queenie Chu, Samantha Ko, Rebecca Zhu
11) Cycling: Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Linda Chung, Priscilla Wong, Natalie Tong, Sire Ma, Mandy Wong, Christine Kuo
12) Golf: Ada Choi, Maggie Siu, Kristal Tin, Michael Miu, Lawrence Ng, Eddie Cheung

So glad that Elena Kong will be in the calendar this year! I just remember she was on vacation last year when the shoot was taking place. Elaine Yiu was also missing from the calendar last year so I'm glad she's in it this year. Charmaine recently signed with TVBC and will be filming a series for TVB early next year as will Kevin Cheng. Steven and Joe only has a per-series contract but they both have series airing next year.

eta: The last month is revealed and there's still quite a few people missing. Just to list some of the people from last year who is not listed for the calendar this year:  Selena Li, Raymond Cho, Katy Kung, Liza Wang, and Pierre Ngo. Most groups seem to have about 8 people so maybe the tennis and fencing group will end up with more people. 

Reality Check review

This series stars Ruco Chan as a tv producer who was abandoned by his biological mom (Rebecca Chan) so he is grateful and loyal to his adopted mom (Louise Lee). The first 5 episodes centers around Ruco producing a reality series when he brings a spoiled young kid (Hero Yuen) to the countryside to see how he will survive without electronics. Stanley Cheung, Evergreen Mak, and Priscilla Wong are part of the tv crew that comes along. The story is very cliche and predictable, but I still found it very enjoyable. It was sweet and had a nice moral and I liked how Hero ended up changing and was able to appreciate his father more afterwards.

The other 15 episodes is a love triangle of sorts but it involves Ruco and his two moms. Louise's husband passes away suddenly and she tries to pretend that everything is okay while her 2 biological kids are trying to rush her into selling away the apartment so that they can split the money. This leads to Louise having a gambling addiction since she feels alone without the support of her kids. I think they could have done a better job explaining why her kids became such jerks even though they were raised in a loving and supporting family. I also think they could have stretched out Louise's gambling addiction in the beginning instead of having Ruco discover it so quickly. It just seemed like she gambled a few times and all of a sudden had an addiction. Her gambling did come back later on but I felt like it would have a bigger impact if it built up more towards the end. The whole storyline just seemed a little repetitive the gambling, kids being mean, and repeat.

This was Priscilla's first role since joining TVB and her acting is just okay. Her voice just quivers through everything and she seems like she's going to constantly cry, but at least her cantonese is good? This was also Owen Cheung's first big role and he is seriously an ugly version of Bosco Wong. Of the newer people, I was most impressed by Hero Yuen. I see a lot of potential in him and I really liked his relationship with his dad in this series. I wish they showed more of them throughout the series after he returns from the countryside instead of just towards the end.

Overall, this series was just okay but I did enjoy the first 5 episodes the most.

Chilam and Jay Chou sing the Triumph in the Skies themesong

Jay Chou had a concert in Hong Kong the other night and invited Chilam Cheung as a guest to sing the original Triumph in the Skies themesong.


The crowd went crazy when Chilam appeared! So awesome.

Sequel to The Confidant Planned

Producer Marco Law is planning for the sequel for The Confidant with the five eunuchs. The story will begin with the fall of the Qing Dynasty in 1911 and will talk about how the eunuchs will have to leave the palace and start a new society and life.
Source: weibo

This is actually seems like a pretty good and original storyline. I don't know if there were any previous Hong Kong series that talk about eunuchs not in the palace? I hope the original cast will reunite with Wayne Lai, Raymond Cho, Raymond Wong, Edwin Siu, and Power Chan!

Man's Big Wedding Costume Fitting 男大當婚

Man's Big Wedding is a small production with 20 episodes. It stars Wayne Lai, Louisa So, Tony Hung, Chung King Fai, Natalie Tong, Ronald Law, Benjamin Yuen, Stanley Cheung, etc.

Chilam Cheung - Original Triumph In The Skies Themesong

Chilam Cheung will be releasing another album through Neway and this is his first single. They bought the rights to the original Triumph in the Skies themesong. I'm not really a fan of the new arrangement but maybe I just need to get used to it. Anyways, I'm happy for another Chilam album!

The Purple Hairpin Romance

The Purple Hairpin Romance will be aired on TVB starting on 9/4 every day at 11:55. This series is produced by Michelle Yip's production company and reunites her with Raymond Lam. TVB bought the rights to air it and it looks we'll hear both Raymond and Michelle's real voice since they dubbed it back to Cantonese.


I'm going to try watching this series since I'm glad they're going to use Raymond's actual voice in this series and it's been a while since I've seen him. Also, I liked Michelle but was never a big fan of her acting and I don't think the trailer is doing her any favors.