2013 Starhub Award Winners and Fashion Post

Congratulations to all the winners! 

(I can't find a big group picture so I'll just use this for now :P )

Some of the people should not be a surprise since all the attendees were award winners. The interesting thing to note is that Ron Ng was originally scheduled to show up but ended up having to cancel due to a scheduling conflict, but he ended up not winning any awards. He was nominated for the Favorite TVB Actor award and Best Onscreen Couple award. It is just my guess, but I think he would have gotten the Best Onscreen Couple award if he had shown. 

All the winners and the fashions...

My Favorite TVB Actor: Bosco Wong
My Favorite TVB Actress: Tavia Yeung

(This category had 6 winners.)

Niki Chow (A Change of Heart)

Michelle Yim (The Confidant)

Myolie Wu (Triumph in the Skies 2)

Linda Chung (Witness Insecurity)

Tavia Yeung (Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles)

Kate Tsui (Highs and Lows)


Kenneth Ma (Three Kingdoms RPG)

Bosco Wong (Witness Insecurity)

Ruco Chan (Slow Boat Home)

Raymond Lam (Highs and Lows)

The following 2 were not able to make it to the show:
Moses Chan (Beauty At War)
Chilam Cheung (Triumph in the Skies 2)

Best Female Newcomer: Christine Kuo
Wow, what a horrible choice. Do they dub her voice in Singapore because that's the only way I can see her winning. I don't get this choice.

Best Male Newcomer: Jason Chan
I'm sorry, but this is another horrible choice. He is a pretty stiff actor and he recites his lines like a tv host. Nothing about his movement or his speech is natural. Not shocked that these two won since I saw them as part of the guest list but there are just so many better options out there!

Most Improved TVB Female Artist: Mandy Wong

Most Improved TVB Male Artist: Him Law

My Favorite TVB Drama: Triumph in the Skies 2

My Favorite Mega TVB Special: TVB Golden Viva Spectacular
My Favorite TVB Variety Show: Lady First - Singapore
My Favorite TVB Variety Host: Pauline Lan

My Favorite TVB Onscreen Couple: Bosco Wong and Niki Chow (A Change of Heart)
Of the Bosco pairings, I would have preferred Bosco and Linda to win for Witness Insecurity, since I didn't really think Bosco and Niki had much chemistry. Even Bosco said that he wanted to win this award with Linda. :P

My Favorite TVB Themesong: Mag Lam- Little Something (Seasons of Love)

Media's Favorite TVB Drama: Triumph in the Skies 2

Classic TVB Character: Michael Miu (for various characters)

(Fluff awards)
Everlasting Glow Award : Linda Chung
Most Glamorous Female Award: Kate Tsui
Star of Perfect Poise: Raymond Lam
Best Dressed: Linda Chung


Mag Lam, Him Law, Mandy Wong
Mag looks cute although the color washes her out. Him looks handsome but I prefer the top half over the bottom half because I don't like the tight/cropped leather pants on him. I like the style of Mandy's dress but not the color. She seems to really like this lime green color since it's not the first time I've seen her in it.

Corinna Chamberlain, Yao Bin
Corinna's look is a little crazy but I like this crazy rocker look on her. I like the zipper detail on Yao's jacket.

Ronald Law, Grace Chan

I can't tell if Ronald is wearing tall boots in the picture but I'm hoping not since everything else on him looks good. Grace looks a little plain in this. 

Christine Kuo, Jason Chan
I like that Jason added a little color in the sea of black. Christine's dress does not look flattering on her. I know that there is constant criticism on her weight, and I do feel bad for her, but this dress does not look good on her body type. She should have worn something without all that extra fabric bunching around everywhere.

Linda Chung, Ruco Chan
They both look amazing. I love Linda's dress and the lace sleeves. 

Michael Miu, Jamie Chik
Jamie is not often seen in dresses so I like that she added the layers of necklaces to bling up her look. Michael looks handsome although his suit is a little too shiny.

Niki Chow, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung
I don't like the droopy front of Niki's dress. Bosco looks like a hot mess. That jacket would have been okay with a simple shirt and pants, but not with those shorts. You can't tell in this picture but he's also wearing bright pink shoes with socks which totally do not go with the pale pink jacket. Then he probably decided that his outfit was not bad enough so he decided to add on an ugly hat. Tavia is obviously trying to keep a space between herself and the fashion disasters. :P I like this simple, classic look on her. She looks very elegant. 

Kate Tsui, Raymond Lam
Oh Kate. Hate the hair, hate the dress. The top just looks so odd. Raymond looks good. 

Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma

Love the design and cut of Myolie's dress and I like all the sparkles cascading down on it. I like Kenneth's simple and clean look. 

Please feel free to leave your thoughts on any of the winners or the fashions of the night!

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