The Purple Hairpin Romance

The Purple Hairpin Romance will be aired on TVB starting on 9/4 every day at 11:55. This series is produced by Michelle Yip's production company and reunites her with Raymond Lam. TVB bought the rights to air it and it looks we'll hear both Raymond and Michelle's real voice since they dubbed it back to Cantonese.


I'm going to try watching this series since I'm glad they're going to use Raymond's actual voice in this series and it's been a while since I've seen him. Also, I liked Michelle but was never a big fan of her acting and I don't think the trailer is doing her any favors. 


miriamfanz said...

Even with their own voice dubbing, it's weird since it doesn't match the shape of their mouth. I've got plenty of dramas to keep me busy for now, perhaps I'll save this for later.

AC said...

Yeah, the voice dubbing is a little weird. I'm hoping I get used to it after a few episodes and that it's good enough that it will keep my attention.

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