A Fistful of Stances reunion picture

Kevin Cheng is back in Hong Kong for a month and he took the time to reunite with his family from A Fistful of Stances. I really liked the series and am very happy to see this cast so close. I love seeing new pictures of them together.

From Jazz Lam's weibo: (Natalie Tong, Jazz Lam, Stephen Wong, Kenneth Ma, Kevin Cheng)

Missing You Official Poster

I liked the concept of the whole poster actually, but I really hate Jason's shirt. Their art dept should know by now that small prints hurts the eyes when we see it in print or on-screen!

Friendly Fire Official Poster

I'm pretty sure the bottom is not part of it, but this looks to be the official poster for Friendly Fire.

Three Eras of Fated Love Costume Fitting

I'm excited to watch this series! I'm also curious how the filming schedule will be since they will be revolving it around Esther.