A Fistful of Stances reunion picture

Kevin Cheng is back in Hong Kong for a month and he took the time to reunite with his family from A Fistful of Stances. I really liked the series and am very happy to see this cast so close. I love seeing new pictures of them together.

From Jazz Lam's weibo: (Natalie Tong, Jazz Lam, Stephen Wong, Kenneth Ma, Kevin Cheng)


lynne said...

Aw that picture is so cute!!! Hehe loved Fistful :D Did not know that the casts got so close after that! xD

AC said...

@lynne Yup, Kevin is basically the leader of the group which started when he got them all new cell phones for Christmas while they were filming. Jazz has said in interviews that Kevin is the one that will call all of them to hang out so he is basically the glue of the group. That's why Jazz is always so protective when talking about Kevin. :)

lynne said...

@AC: Wow...haha that was very sweet of Kevin :) I don't know too much of Kevin, but it's great of him to try and keep their freindship going, especially since he've been quite busy in mainland.

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