Christine Ng- War and Beauty 2

Christine Ng just finished recording the theme song for War and Beauty 2! I'm pleasantly surprised only because I thought they would go with a professional singer, and that I didn't think they valued Christine so much that they would give her this big opportunity. However, I do realize that TVB does treat her very well. After a year long absence to take care of her business, she returned with her own game show (w/ Louis Yuen) and was given leading roles in War & Beauty 2 as well as the upcoming series with Wayne Lai and Moses Chan.

Check out her old MV below.


lynne said...

WOW....Christine was also a singer?!?! I did not know that!!! o.O

AC said...

@lynne Yeah! I'm not sure how successful she was but she also sang some theme songs when she was at ATV.

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