Astro on Demand Awards 2012

Congratulations to all the winners! 

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My Favorite Drama Series
The Hippocratic Crush

My Favorite Actor in a Leading Role
Kenneth Ma for The Hippocratic Crush

My Favorite Actress in a Leading Role
Tavia Yeung for The Hippocratic Crush

My Favorite Classic Role (5-Year Anniversary Special Award)
Michael Tse as Laughing Gor in E.U.

My Favorite Actor in a Supporting Role
Him Law for The Hippocratic Crush

My Favorite Actress in a Supporting Role
Nancy Wu for Gloves Come Off

My Favorite On Screen Couple
Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung in The Hippocratic Crush

My Favorite Promising Actor
Oscar Leung for L’Escargot

My Favorite Promising Actress
Mandy Wong for L’Escargot

My Favorite TV Theme Song
“End of Innocence” ๅนผ็จšๅฎŒ by Raymond Lam
Highs and Lows ending theme

Top 15 My Favorite Characters
Him Law as Dr. Yeung Pui Chung om The Hippocratic Crush

Ron Ng as Ting Koon Fung in L’Escargot

Linda Chung as Hailey Kiu in Witness Insecurity 
(didn't attend)

Kate Tsui as Pat Chan in Highs and Lows

Michael Tse as Gordon “A1″ Lam in Sergeant Tabloid

Kenneth Ma as Dr. Cheung Yat Kin in The Hippocratic Crush

Roger Kwok as King Suen of Chai in Queens of Diamonds and Hearts

Tavia Yeung as Dr. Fan Tsz Yu in The Hippocratic Crush

Raymond Lam as Senior Inspector Wai Sai Lok (Happy Sir) in Highs and Lows

Wayne Lai as Li Lianying in The Confidant

Kevin Cheng as Tong Sap Yat in Gloves Come Off

Bosco Wong as Inspector Hui Wai Sam in Witness Insecurity
(didn't attend)

Myolie Wu as Kris Wong in Ghetto Justice II

Ruco Chan as Alex Mo in No Good Either Way
(didn't attend)

Moses Chan as Ivan Cheung in Master of Play

My Favorite Popularity King
Koo Ming Wah for Divas in Distress

Bonus Pic
(haha, I love this picture)

Comments: I'm happy for all the winners and would not be disappointed if the TVB awards on the 17th had the same results (well, except for Him. There are many more qualified actors for a "Best" Supporting Actor award. I did not expect most of the ladies to be wearing white! Koo Ming Wah stands out in the bright pink suit. With Nancy's win for Supporting Actress here, and her win (or at least I think she won since she will be attending) at the Asian Awards for the same role, it leads me to think she might end up winning the TVB award as well! However, I'm not totally sure if Kenneth and Tavia can repeat at the upcoming awards since there is a different fanbase in Hong Kong, and the media is heavily favoring Fala. 

Source: weibo and oriental daily


Anonymous said...

Do u notice our girl myolie is always matching with Kevin ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

AC said...

I think it's cute how they matched! (even though most of the girls were also wearing white.. haha) Their looks were a little more casual/trendy though. :)

Anonymous said...

Kate tsui u are my idol!

Anonymous said...

So sad that Selena li is not there!!!

Anonymous said...

Love Tavia Yeung!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So sad Bosco died in the last episode of the drama

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