Come Home Love Celebration Dinner

The Assistant Manager took out the cast of Come Home Love for a celebration dinner for its steady ratings and positive feedback. 

Tsui Yu On said that he was pleasantly surprised by some of the actors which include Eileen Yeow, Griselda Yeung (Tavia's sister), and Max Cheung (ex-boyfriend of Best Host Luisa Leitao who she openly thanked in her speech).

I really like this series as well. I enjoy these sitcoms because it would give a chance for some stars to shine in their own storylines and lead their own episodes. They recently extended the series to 300 episodes. The only problem with that is that they tend to extend the romantic storylines and it doesn't seem like anyone would get together until the very end! I'm still waiting for Chris Lai & Queenie Chu to start liking each other since they're supposed to be a couple and Florence Kwok and Carlo Ng needs to get together already! 

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