Myolie Wu

I think my favorite actress is Myolie Wu. She is probably the reason why I started watching all these TVB series. One of the first series I watched was Golden Faith and she didn't catch my eye at first because she didn't do too much in the beginning. However, when it got to the court scene near the end of the series, her performance took me by surprise. It was very powerful and believable and I actually cried! I do not cry easily either. Ever since then, I wanted to watch every series that she was in and from then on, it created a chain reaction. From watching her series, I began to like other actors and want to watch their other shows such as Raymond Lam and Ron Ng. That's how I got hooked!

War of In Laws: This is one of my favorite series of hers. When I first saw a picture of her hair in the series, I thought it was very ugly but when I saw the actual series, it looked very cute on her! Her and Bosco had a very natural chemistry and their love story was very cute. Her acting was very good portraying a tomboy who tried to pretend to be sweet in front of her mother in law. I also liked the scenes where she had to argue with Liza and her jealously when Bosco was pretending to flirt with the other girl. I honestly think that this series would not have worked out and become a hit without her, Bosco, and Liza in their parts.

Golden Faith: She had a breakthrough role here. It's very easy to overdo this role but she does a great job and makes her character very believable. She won the Most Improved Award for this which is much deserved because I think she stole the show with a lot of her scenes.
Survivor's Law: One of my other favorite series. A lot of people complain about her hair but I didn't find it that big of a problem. It could be because I only had Golden Faith to compare it to so it didn't seem that bad to me. She had awesome chemistry with Raymond and that's why
Raymond became my favorite actors. Looking at other forums and stuff, I know some may not agree with me, but I really think that Raymond and Myolie will be the Big Brother and Big Sister of TVB in a few years. They both can really act (both in comedy and drama), are good criers, and they have chemistry with a lot of their costars. Anyways, I also love her outfits in this series.

Lost in the Chamber of Love: From what I've read, Michelle was supposed to be the bigger lead but it's so obvious that it's all about Myolie. The scenes where she got hit were truly heartbreaking because I can really feel her pain. She also looked very cute in this series because I like their outfits.

Triumph in The Skies: I really wanted her to end up with Ron in this series and I really thought that it might end that way. I like Flora but her crying scenes were kinda scary.

To Grow With Love: I don't think this series was as bad as everyone thought. It was cutesy but I think one of the bigger problems was the costar. To me, Andy looked really old for her and I think it might have been better if they cast a "pretty boy" actor to show that someone really good looking can go for someone "fat." Yeah, I know she gained a lot of weight, but I wouldn't consider that fat.

Net Deception: I was hesitant to watch this series only because of the ugly hair! Dreadlocks do not look nice on anyone. I really liked her with Jack Wu and I'm actually surprised that this was warehoused. It had a really good storyline. I also really liked Jack in this series and I can't believe he's not being promoted more because he went from a leading role to small supporting roles. He's also a very good actor.

When Rules Turn Loose: I thought Myolie looked super skinny here and I didn't really like her hair in this. Yes, I didn't mind Survivor's Law hair but didn't like this. Anyways, I thought she had good chemistry with Liza and Ha Yu. I liked her with Sammul but I don't know if I can get over the fact that he had prettier hair than her in this.

Dreams of Colour: I liked this series but did not like the guy she was paired with, Tse Kwan Ho. Why must she always be paired with the older actors? I actually thought she would have looked cute with Kenneth but that didn't happen. =( Also, it could be because I pay too much attention but you would think for a fashion series, she would have more outfits to wear!

Eternal Happiness: She had a very small role here and you probably didn't like her character if you watched this series; I know I didn't!

War and Destiny: In the beginning I really wanted her and Ron together but I was really happy she ended up with Sunny. At first, I thought he would be too old for her but they actually interacted really well together, especially in the scenes that they acted like a couple. It could also be because Sunny looks like he did not age since Detective 4.

Scavenger's Paradise: She did a really good job but not one of my favorites. I'm not a fan of this era and how they talked.

The Gateau Affairs: Why did Joe Ma have to be in this series? Yeah, he's not one of my favorite actors but him and Myolie had no chemistry at all. The storyline was also lacking but at least the cakes look pretty.

Family Man: Very cute in this series- love the hair, the character, how she dresses.

At Point Blank: I actually liked her with Michael Tse. I would actually like to see them be in another series together now that Michael is a lot more popular. He is a very talented actor, and I wouldn't have thought that he would become as big as he is watching this series but I'm very happy he is.

The Awakening Story: Another small role but didn't like the pairing of her and Patrick Tang.

A Colorful Life and Doomed to Oblivion: The only 2 series I did not watch of hers. I have Doomed to Oblivion and do plan on renting A Colorful Life one day but I like her in leading roles a lot more.
What do you think? What's your favorite series of hers? What's your favorite character?

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