Astro on Demand Awards 2012

Malaysia will be having their annual Astro on Demand Awards on December 2, 2012. Below are the nominees and my own personal opinion on who my choice is, not necessarily who I predict will win. Voting is only open to Malaysia residents

My Favorite TV Actor in a Leading Role 
Bosco Wong (Witness Insecurity)
Michael Tse (Sergeant Tabloid)
Kevin Cheng (Gloves Come Off)
Moses Chan (Master of Play)
Kenneth Ma (The Hippocratic Crush)
Raymond Wong (Gloves Come Off)
Ruco Chan (No Good Either Way)
Raymond Lam (Highs And Lows)
Michael Miu (Highs And Lows)
Damian Lau (Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles)
Wayne Lai (The Confidant)
Roger Kwok (Queens of Diamonds and Hearts)

Highs and Lows has not completed airing yet but I am enjoying Raymond Lam as Happy Sir. Of the completed series, I would choose Kenneth Ma. I'm surprised Kevin Cheng is not nominated for Ghetto Justice 2 instead.

A Masters Understanding Costume Fitting

Raymond Wong's bald cap looks horrible. He had to wear one since he is still filming Fifth Day Revelation. Although I like Raymond, the cast as a whole does not make the series very appealing to me.

A Masters Understanding (New Series)

Costume Fitting: October 25
Cast: Raymond Wong, Priscilla Wong, Evergreen Mak, Owen Cheung, Cilla Kung, Kaki Leung, Yoyo Chen, Rachel Kan, etc..

No idea what this series is about but the cast doesn't seem very appealing to me right now. 

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles Official Poster

I'm excited to see this series, but I'm sad that Fala isn't in this like originally planned. It would have boosted the star power of the younger love triangle with Ron and Kenneth. 

法網囂雄 Costume Filming (Arrogant Man of Justice)

  • Roger Kwok will play an arrogant lawyer.
  • Sharon Chan is a single mom who has a kid with Stephen Wong who handed her kid to Joyce to take care of. 
  • Raymond Cho and Joyce Tang will play a pair.
  • Selena Li and Johnson Li will play a married couple and Grace Wong will try and get in the way of their relationship.

I didn't expect Sharon to be the female lead in this since I thought it would have been Selena. Also, what is with their wardrobe? It looks like a mix of decades. 

The Hippocratic Crush 2 Sales Presentation Filming

The cast of The Hippocratic Crush 2 gathered to film some scenes for the sales presentation. Official filming will not begin until February. 
  • Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung will continue their storyline as a married couple.
  • Lawrence Ng will not be reprising his Healing Hands character.
  • Eliza Sam will join the cast and there will be a love triangle with Him Law and Candy Chang.
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Crazy Historical Tutorial Center Variety Show

Due to Koo Ming Wah's popularity from Divas in Distress, he will soon begin filming a variety show with Jerry Lamb, Shirley Yeung, and Fama. Its direct translation is Crazy Historical Tutorial Center and will air in February, Monday-Friday at the 10:30 pm time slot.

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Happy for Koo Ming Wah. I'm pretty sure that he's going to get the Best Supporting Actor Award now since TVB is developing him in other areas to keep up his popularity.

Gunslinger Sniper 2013 Sales Presentation Filming

Gunslinger Sniper 2013 is a modern police drama that will feature Eddie Cheung, Kathy Chow, Michael Tse, and Kate Tsui. Filming does not start until December but they gathered yesterday to film a sales clip. 

Food For The Slaves 食為奴 Sales Presentation Filming

Please note that this is for presentation purposes only and the cast is not official. Taking part in the clip will be Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Fala Chen, Sharon Chan, and Nancy Wu. It will be a palace drama.

Triumph in the Skies 2 filming at the beach

Ron Ng, Kelly Fu, and Myolie Wu filmed a scene at the beach in which Ron's character makes a heart out of glass bottles for Myolie. Kelly mistakes that it is for her and embraces Ron.

I think Myolie and Ron looks cute together. I can't wait to watch them together in this series.

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情逆三世緣 Sales Presentation Filming

Bobby Au Yeung, Esther Kwan, and Ben Wong gathered at TVB to film their sales presentation clip for 情逆三世緣. Also joining the cast will be Pierre Ngo and JJ Jia. 

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Rosy Business 3 Sales Clip Filming

Wayne Lai, Myolie Wu, and Edwin Siu gathered together to film a sales presentation clip for Rosy Business 3. Myolie admits to feeling the pressure because she doesn't want it to seem like she's replacing Sheren Teng, but says she will still do her best. Although she would like a change in the title, Wayne does not think it is necessary. There were angry comments when it seemed like he was replacing Bobby in the Forensic Heroes series, but it turned out okay in the end. 
Although the story is still being worked out, Myolie and Wayne will portray work partners while her and Edwin will be childhood sweethearts.
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I really hate that wig on Myolie! Short bangs do not look good on anyone. Wayne looks pretty weird in this picture too. Myolie looks so much prettier in the picture below so hopefully she will have this look for most of the series. :)

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TVB 45th Anniversary Lighting Ceremony

The cast of Highs and Lows, The Last Steep Ascent, Come Home Love, Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles, and The Confidant gathered at the 45th Lighting Ceremony to promote their series. They were joined by other musical acts to perform numbers and skits which will be aired later. I can't wait for more anniversary stuff so that I can look at their fashion and get a sneak peak at the upcoming series for next year.

2 Legal Dramas to be filmed soon

The first legal series is a grand production that revolves around inheritances. The cast consists of Wayne Lai, Moses Chan, Jason Chan, and Elliot Yue. The female cast will be Maggie Siu and Fala Chen.

The other legal series will begin filming in November with Roger Kwok, Sharon Chan, Selena Li, Joyce Tang, Raymond Cho, and Johnson Li. Roger will play a cooler character who has many pauses when he speaks.

It seems like Triumph in the Skies 2 will be wrapping up before the end of the year since the Wayne/Moses series will begin filming in Nov/Dec. I'm hoping that Fala pairs up with Jason in that series because I think she'll look more like a little sister if paired with Wayne or Moses. 
I'm thinking the female lead with Roger is Selena since she seems the most promoted out of the other females.