L'Escargot Sub Theme Song and Promo Event

Sub-Theme Song by Linda Chung and Ron Ng

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I'm looking forward to seeing Linda and Ron together in this series. 

Pictures from Promo event:

The Great Eunuch 大太監 Blessing Ceremony

Cast: Wayne Lai, Michelle Yim, Maggie Siu, Raymond Wong, Aimee Chan, Nancy Wu, Natalie Tong, Power Chan, Elliot Yue, Raymond Cho, Cheung Kwok Keung, Edwin Siu, Henry Lo, Fred Cheng, Jones Lee, Yetta Tse, Mikako Leung, So Yan Chee, Vincent Cheung, Mason Chiu, Wong Tak Kei, Kelvin Lee, Andy Sui, Yu Chi Ming, Kwong Chor Fai, Yeung Chi Long, Jackie Cheng, Dolby Kwan, Oscar Chan, Chiu Lok Yin, Eddie Ho, Hui Ming Chi, Andy Wong, Mark Ma, Annie Chong, Helen Ma, Lydia Law, Janice Shum, Moses Cheng, Josephine Shum, Ngai Wai Mun, Tong Chun Ming, Milkson Fong, Lai Tung Hong, King Sir, Tsui Wing, Oscar Leung, Angel Chiang, Jimmy Au

Thoughts: I'm excited to see this series because of Wayne- I think he excels more in more character based roles. Other than Wayne, it'll be interesting to see him interact with Michelle and Maggie. I'm also excited to see Nancy, Raymond, and Oscar Leung. The headpieces look really high, although their hairstyles look easier to prepare compared to other ancient series. Also, I always thought that Aimee and Christine Kuo looked alike but I really thought that it was Christine and not Aimee in the pictures!

More pictures:

Wish and Switch Official Poster

I think TVB needs better graphic artists. LOL

L'Escargot Promo Clip #4 & 5

Promo Clip #4

Promo Clip #5

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Wish and Switch (More promo clips)

Promo Clip #4

Promo Clip #5

Longer Trailer

Opening Theme Song

Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu Event

Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu attended an event for the opening of a new store. Myolie clarified that she is not pregnant and only went to see a Chinese doctor for traditional Chinese wedding. If she were to get married or have a baby, she will then let people know. Kevin joked that she is better off since she is at least dating and she suggested that he can always beat her to the alter by having a "flash" wedding. 

Nancy Wu in Tsuen Wan

Nancy Wu attended a mall event in Tsuen Wan the other day. Because filming of The Great Eunuch just started, she's missing out on opportunities to earn more money from events during the Christmas and New Year time. However, she is happy to collaborate with Wayne Lai for the third time. (Actually, wouldn't it be her 4th time since she collaborated with him in Rosy Business, No Regrets, and Forensic Heroes 3?)

Source: Oriental Daily

Sharon Chan Christmas Event

Sharon Chan attended a promotional event on Dec. 26 and her fans made her a doll to reflect her character in Ghetto Justice, complete with a French setting. So cute!

Angela Tong and Chin Ka Lok Engaged?

According to weibo and ihktv, Angela Tong and Chin Ka Lok are engaged and set to marry in May of 2012. Congratulations!

edit: Angela clarified on her weibo that the article was incorrect. Well, I hope they get engaged and married soon then! :)

Yahoo!Buzz Awards (捜尋人氣大獎) 2011

Congratulations to the winners of the Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2011. The following are winners from TVB.

Myolie Wu and Moses Chan: Popular Female/Male TV Artist

Raymond Lam won 3 awards: Popular Dance Song, Popular Singers Image Search, and Popular TV Series Theme Song

credit to weibo

More pictures from Sina

Linda Chung at ribbon-cutting ceremony

Linda Chung attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new beauty store and says that she likes natural beauty and would not consider getting any plastic surgery. Although artists are constantly busy, she knows that they also have to maintain a good appearance. She will make sure to put aside time to put on skin care products and sleep as well as drinking lots of water and doing some exercise.

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LAUGHING GOR之潜罪犯 Special Premiere

The cast of LAUGHING GOR之潜罪犯 attended the special premiere for the movie opening including: Michael Tse, Francis Ng, Bosco Wong, Chapman To, Evergreen Mak, Kate Tsui, Janice Man, and Rebecca Zhu. Raymond Lam also went to support his friends but it was probably also to bring some extra publicity to the event.  

TVB Couples

The below are currently some of the official couples at TVB. Both of the people either currently film for TVB or have worked for them in the past few years. There are probably more couples out there but these are the only ones I can think of offhand. I didn't include any rumored couples since there are probably many people in TVB that are dating that no one knows about. As you can see, most of these relationships started on set!

Aimee Chan and Moses Chan- They started dating when they were filming War at Heart. In the beginning, Moses admitted that he was pursuing her although he said they were taking things slowly. They were often caught entering and leaving the same premises and Evergreen Mak exposed that Aimee did bring her boyfriend (Moses) to see her making them an official couple. Now, they take the opportunity to make a lot of extra money since they get invited to a lot of promotional events together.

More Cover

Here are pictures of Myolie Wu's More cover and pictures courtesy of Weibo.

Programme Presentation 2012 - TVB非凡夢想節目巡禮2012

Here is the sales presentation for 2012 series. I previously posted some youtube clips HERE, but this is the whole show that aired. The only difference is that they aired the clip for Flying Tigers and they added Rebecca Zhu to The Aristocratic Family clip and removed Fala Chen since she is no longer filming for it.

Dangerous Protection Blessing Ceremony

Linda Chung, Bosco Wong, Paul Chan, Queenie Chu and many others attended the blessing ceremony for the Miss Koo spinoff, which is tentatively titled "Dangerous Protection."

More pictures:

Myolie Promo Event and TVB Weekly Photoshoot

Myolie Wu and Johnson Li just had a photoshoot for TVB Weekly for their upcoming drama, Wish and Switch. I really like how she styled her new haircut here.

She was also at an event for the unveiling of a new massage chair.

Do you like her hair wavy or straight?

Pictures from on.cc and Weibo

Bowie Lam FHM Photoshoot

Bowie Lam recently took some pictures for FHM and I just wanted to post them because I really like the look of these shots.

Ghetto Justice 2 Filming Pictures

I love the weibo pictures of Jazz Lam, Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Sam Lee, and Raymond Cho. You can just tell how they got even closer with each other during the filming and I like how they took a picture on the roof overlooking the streets of Hong Kong.

There are also some Sina pictures of the actors on one of their last few days of filming. I can't wait to watch part 2 of this series!
More Pictures-

Fala, Kate, Tavia and Aimee at a Perfume Event

Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Tavia Yeung, and Aimee Chan attended a promotional event for the release of a perfume and I think they all looked very cute!

Hehe... They all look like they're naked from the back.

More pictures below:

Wish and Switch Promo #1

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If you the video isn't popping up, you can go here: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/mDS8uIYE1lM/

2011 TVB Weekly Magazine Covers

Below are all the covers for TVB Weekly for the year 2011. They can all be found at TVB.com if you want to look at the original image. You can also check out the entire cover story in .pdf format.

2011 Series Review

Below is my quick judgement on all the series released in 2011 by TVB. I'm not going to give a synopsis, so I'm just assuming that you know the basic plot for everything. I have actually watched every series that they released so far, but I don't necessarily give my review by comparing them to each other. I do have my own biases and preferences so take that into consideration if you read this. Also, beware of spoilers. I try not to give anything big away but there might be some plot points spoiled.

7 Days In Life: This series started out strong but I think the 7 days concept for this series was too limited to stretch out to 20 episodes. Only some of the characters were interesting so when it focused on others, I found myself really bored. My favorite scenes involve Bosco and Joyce (who may not be the best actress but is very cute in this role). I found Steven Ma's character to be really annoying (even though he had a motive) and didn't really find him believable as this playboy type.

Rest of the 2011 Series-

Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng Interviews

Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng did some joint interviews after their Best Actor and Best Actress win. The first one was immediately after the awards.

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The second video is their VIP interview which occurred the day after.

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Wayne Lai taking pictures for a health ad

I have always liked Wayne, but he became one of my favorite actors when I saw him in The Gentle Crackdown 2. He basically stole the show and I have been rooting for him ever since. His popularity soared since starring in Rosy Business and No Regrets and got him back to back Best Actor wins for the TVB awards. Although Wayne has gotten many offers to film in mainland, he prefers to stay in Hong Kong because he doesn't want to be away from his son for too long. He also doesn't have to worry that much about money since he gets many endorsement deals, such as the one for the health ad below.

More pictures:

Charmaine Li Wedding Photoshoot

Charmaine Li and her DJ boyfriend of 10 months is getting married soon! Check out their wedding shoot pictures they released. The dog on top of the cow is funny, and they look to be a very happy and cute couple.

Raymond Lam and Myolie Wu Jewelry Ads

It's pretty much well known that acting in TVB doesn't pay that well, but it gives them great exposure to get paid through functions or through advertisements. Below is some new ads from Raymond Lam and Myolie Wu.

I just want to say that the top picture of Raymond looks horrible because it's so overly photoshopped, and he now looks a little like Ron Ng. haha

2011 Asian Television Awards

A few of TVB's stars are flying to Singapore for the Asian Television Awards. I believe that TVB is only allowed one entrant per category. Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice) is nominated for Best Actor (and he's against Bobby Au-Yeung for his China series- Ghost Catcher), Charmaine Sheh (Can't Buy Me Love) is nominated for Best Actress, Evergreen Mak (No Regrets) is nominated for Best Supporting Actor, and Fala Chen (No Regrets) is nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Good luck to all of them and I hope they all win!

Updated news: Congrats to them all! TVB made a sweep in the acting categories and they all won!

Award Celebration Party

After the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards, Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng and many others held a celebration party that lasted until past 4AM. Many of the other winners, friends, and even family members went to the party.

More pictures and some video clips-

Ron Ng Weibo Scandal

Ron Ng's rumored girlfriend, Viann Zhang sent out a picture of herself using Ron's Weibo. At that time, Ron was attending Toby Leung's wedding so it was obvious that he wasn't the one sending the picture. Viann has access to Ron's weibo account but did she do it on purpose to show off her relationship with him? It seems like she's quite eager to tell everyone about their relationship because she seems quite possessive and wants to make sure that other girls don't flirt with him. She was really catty towards Kate Tsui saying that her lips look like sausage just because she was having rumors with Ron, and I'm pretty sure she also deleted a lot of Ron's female friends from his weibo. Or do you think it was truly an accident and she forgot to switch back to her own account?

There is also a function for the filming of The Aristocratic Family and Ron was missing because he's "sick". 

2011 TVB Anniversary Award Winners

Link to watch the complete show for 萬千星輝頒獎典禮2011:  http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/g28Jz3LOds4/


Curse of the Royal Harem Finale Event and Ratings

Curse of the Royal Harem had its finale promotional event the other night and some of their stars showed up such as Myolie Wu, Sunny Chan, Nancy Wu, Gigi Wong, Elena Kong, Vivian Yeo, Jess Sum, Sire Ma, Charmaine Li, KK Cheung, and Ben Wong. I really liked both Myolie and Nancy's dresses! So pretty!

The average ratings for the 2 hour finale was 39.4 with a peak of 43 points! It is the highest rated series for for the 8:30 timeslot in Hong Kong.

I thought the series as a whole was really great. The storyline made sense and everything happened for a reason. The acting was also superb and all the lead and supporting actors and characters had a time to shine. I would definitely recommend this series. 

More photos from ihktv and weibo below:

My Astro On Demand 我的最爱颁奖典礼2011 Complete Show

Link here: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/hpw1btTuBEk/

Make sure to watch it or download it in case someone takes it down later.

2012 TVB Sales Presentation Clips

Astro In Demand aired some sales clips for the upcoming 2012 year.

4 In Love

I'm not really a fan of Jonathan Chik's series since he tends to use a lot of the same cast, so I never really feel any anticipation to watch a lot of his series.

Rest of the clips:

50 TVB artists reveal their pick for Best TVB Actor and Actress

The 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards are almost here. Reporters asked 50 different TVB artists who their vote would go to for TVB King and Queen and Myolie had the most votes with 32. The next highest for the females were Fala Chen and Charmaine Sheh with 4 each. For the guys, Kevin Cheng received the most votes with 20, Michael Tse was close with 17, and Bosco Wong and Wayne Lai received 5 each.

The votes for supporting actor and actress are not shown here but Sharon Chan got the most Supporting Actress votes with 17 and Ben Wong received the most Supporting Actor votes with 16.

English Translation:

Current Top 5- Best Actor/Actress/Series

According to the audience votes, here is the current top 5 for the following categories (via Scoop):

Best Actor: Moses Chan, Michael Tse, Wayne Lai, Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong
Best Actress: Linda Chung, Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Maggie Cheung
Best Series: Yes Sir Sorry Sir, The Other Truth, Forensic Heroes 3, Ghetto Justice, Lives of Omission

Here are the current vote tallies from the TVB Fun app:
Best Actor: 1. Kevin Cheng, 2. Michael Tse, 3. Wayne Lai
Best Actress: 1. Myolie Wu, 2. Fala Chen, 3. Linda Chung

Toby Leung Wedding Photo Shoot

I love her wedding shoot photos. Toby and her future husband make a very cute couple. Congrats!
On a separate note, I hope that Toby continues acting. She's made such great improvement in the series that she was in this year! (Wax and Wane, Sister Fa)

Koni Lui and Dickson Wong Wedding Pictures

Koni Lui and her longtime boyfriend, Dickson Wong, will be getting married. Dickson surprised Koni with this photo shoot to take some wedding pictures. I think they look gorgeous.

via Oriental Daily and Weibo