2012 TVB Sales Presentation Clips

Astro In Demand aired some sales clips for the upcoming 2012 year.

4 In Love

I'm not really a fan of Jonathan Chik's series since he tends to use a lot of the same cast, so I never really feel any anticipation to watch a lot of his series.

Rest of the clips:

Aristocratic Father 名媛望族

I'm looking forward to seeing the scenes with Damian and Kenneth. 

Dazzling Dance of Chang'an 耀舞長安

I'm excited to see the dancing in the series and all of their costumes look really pretty. The combination of Bobby, Myolie, Linda, and Evergreen is really interesting.

Detective Columbo 神探高倫布

I really hope that they film this because Wayne gets to play a funny character again! Ever since Wayne got promoted to lead actor, most of his characters are really serious or dramatic, and I miss the days when he would also show off his comedic chops. I also like Tavia's character here because it seems like something new for her and she'll be show off her funny side as well.

The King Makers 造王者

Although I think the clip is made really well, it doesn't make me excited to want to watch it.

Lucky Father 當旺爸爸

This looks like a typical family comedy with another Linda and Steven pairing. For some reason, I never get tired of them together though.

Miscellaneous Morsels From Youyang 酉陽雜俎

If this series actually gets made, they need to change out the female lead. Aimee's pronunciation is not very good at all, and it might be passable in modern series, but it seems to weird for ancient ones. I wish they would also change out the whole concept and make a wuxia series instead. I miss them!

On Call 36小時

This series looks really boring to me, but that might be because I'm not a fan of medical dramas. Also, Tavia's crying scene reminds me of her crying scene in Mysteries of Love when Raymond broke up with her.

Thunderous Drug Raid 雷霆掃毒

Michael Miu is the only one confirmed for the series so far and I hope that Roger and Kevin will film this as well because I like the whole clip and cast for this.

Triumph In The Skies 2 衝上雲霄II

This clip actually looks pretty horrible. It focuses on all the pairings and there doesn't seem to be a real storyline at all. I still want to get this made only because I want to see Raymond and Myolie pair up again.

War and Beauty 2 金枝慾孽 II

This is actually a pretty cool concept for a sequel. They could actually bring back the original cast for this in a logical way. Also, the pairing of Sheren and Ada is intriguing and I'm interested in seeing how this turns out.

videos via HoangHD91

I wonder why they chose to show these clips for their sales presentations. There are some other series that I think would generate some excitement such as Return to the Three Kingdoms since it has Raymond Lam in it as well as Ghetto Justice 2 due to the popularity of the original. They would have had enough to put together a decent sales clip.
I think the series I'm most interesting in watching based on these clips are: Dazzing Dance of Chang'an, Thunderous Drug Raid, and Detective Columbo. What are you looking forward to?


Anonymous said...

I'm actually looking forward to Triumph in the Skies II, even though I do agree with u..the trailer was pretty dull-looking! But I'm always interested in dramas related to planes/airport so I hope it will turn out well :)

AC said...

Yeah, I hope it will turn out well too. I really liked the first one!

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