TVB Couples

The below are currently some of the official couples at TVB. Both of the people either currently film for TVB or have worked for them in the past few years. There are probably more couples out there but these are the only ones I can think of offhand. I didn't include any rumored couples since there are probably many people in TVB that are dating that no one knows about. As you can see, most of these relationships started on set!

Aimee Chan and Moses Chan- They started dating when they were filming War at Heart. In the beginning, Moses admitted that he was pursuing her although he said they were taking things slowly. They were often caught entering and leaving the same premises and Evergreen Mak exposed that Aimee did bring her boyfriend (Moses) to see her making them an official couple. Now, they take the opportunity to make a lot of extra money since they get invited to a lot of promotional events together.

Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong- They have been rumored together since War of In Laws because they had very cute chemistry together. For years, there was a lot of gossip about their relationship since he was rumored to have sent Myolie hundreds of SMS messages and there were many pictures of them together, including pictures of them going on vacation and paparazzi pictures of them together in his apartment. They maintained that they were just good friends, although they have been more open in the past year or so since Myolie admitted to giving him a diamond earring for his birthday and he admitted that she was one of two people who he told about his plans to open a restaurant in Malaysia. Myolie finally openly declared her relationship with him in her Best Actress speech. So cute!

Mimi Lo and Power Chan- They have often been paired together in TVB series and it was during the filming of Lofty Waters, Verdant Bow that Mimi took the initiative to chase after him! She is the more outgoing one but she was attracted to how serious Power was about his work. After a month of dating, Mimi suggested that they move in together to be closer to work and they got married in 2009. 

June Chan and Jack Wu- They dated for 7 years before they got married in 2009 and they currently have one daughter. You should watch this clip where they talk about their relationship. June's health was deteriorating during their relationship and she felt bad that Jack always had to take care of her. Jack thought it was his own fault since she was very healthy before their relationship and wasn't sure if it was because of his pets. I'm happy to hear that they are both very healthy.

Michael Miu and Jamie Chik- They have been married for over 20 years and met during the filming of a TVB series. Due to personality clashes, they broke up with each other for a little while before they eventually reunited, got married, and had 2 kids. I think I read an article where Michael Miu once admitted that there was a third party in their relationship although he didn't say who cheated, but they are now happily together. 

Roger Kwok and Cindy Au- They met in Korea (where I assume they were doing work for TVB) and they dated for 7 years before deciding to get married. They have a daughter together and I don't think Cindy has any plans to go back to TVB. Roger is still contracted with TVB although he also spends some time away filming in China.

Leanne Li and Wong Cho Lam- Although there were other rumors of Wong Cho Lam with taller women such as Ada Choi, it was still surprising when it was exposed that he is actually dating Wong Cho Lam! They were caught holding hands by the paparazzi and the next day, they confirmed that they were dating. Cho Lam would often teach her english while also pursuing her. It's rumored that he went to visit her parents in Canada recently to let them know his intentions to marry her so I won't be surprised if they end up getting married soon.

Yoyo Chen and Vincent Wong- They were often photographed together in intimate moments. First, there were poolside pictures of them kissing and then there were other pictures of them living together. They recently got married and she is also 3 months pregnant. 

What other TVB couples are there right now? Are there any rumored couples that you think are real?


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