2014 TVB Calendar

Former rumored couple Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh returned to TVB studios today to take pictures for the 2014 calendar. They will both be filming for TVB next year with Charmaine rumored to be the female lead in the Tony Leung series. Other people taking the calendar picture today include Roger Kwok, Ben Wong, and Jason Chan although nothing is known if any of the artists are in any group shots together.

source: ihktv

I'm excited for the new calendar! Can't wait to see who is grouped together. 

Sniper Standoff Official Poster

This series actually seems like a mix of the old ATV drama "Gun and Glory" and Tiger Cubs, especially now that Tiger Cubs 2 is filming and I see pictures from the set. Still, I'm looking forward to watching this series just for the 4 people on the bottom of the poster.

Myolie Wu and Ron Ng at the China International Film and TV Festival

Myolie Wu and Ron Ng were just 2 of the TVB stars to attend the China International Film and TV Festival. They were interviewed together for their series, Triumph in the Skies 2. I love this pairing in this series and thought that their matching outfits are just so cute! They look like a film negative copy of each other with Myolie in a black jacket, pants and shoes with white shirt and Ron in a white jacket, pants, and shoes and a black shirt. Below are a bunch of pictures that I found on weibo.

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TVB Program from China International Film and TV Festival

TVB participated in the China International Film and TV Festival and handed out their program for the upcoming year. Thank you to the kind person who took pictures and uploaded it on weibo! 

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Midas Touch 點金勝手 Costume Fitting

Title: Midas Touch 點金勝手
Produced by Chong Wai Kin
Starring: Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Nancy Wu, Sharon Chan, Ben Wong, Elena Kong, Toby Leung, Jazz Lam, Fred Cheung, etc.

Financial Industry setting
Bosco is married to Nancy with Kate trying to get revenge on Bosco.
Ben/Sharon/Elena love triangle

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New Golden Couples

Not including the veterans, I would say that the current most popular artists at TVB are the Four Fadans (not including Fala since she is no longer signed to them): Myolie Wu, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, and Kate Tsui and these Four Siu Sangs: Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, and Kenneth Ma. Part of what made them popular is that they were part of a golden pairing due to their on and off screen chemistry, which would make them popular for functions to bring in money for themselves and the company. Other than Kenneth and Linda (unless you count a few seconds of them together in Yes Sir, Sorry Sir), they have all been paired up together in different series.

Old pairings

I would say previous "golden" couples were:
Raymond and Linda (Heart of Greed, Moonlight Resonance)- Raymond was only a guest star in Heart of Greed but people loved the pairing so much that Raymond became one of the main stars of the sequel so that he can pair up with Linda. They were once rumored together but it's most likely not true since she seems to have been dating Phillip Ng for a number of years.
Bosco and Myolie (War of In Laws I & II)- They had great comedic chemistry with each and all the sweet moments in the series made people think they were really a couple, and they were. They dated for 7 years before breaking up.
Ron and Tavia (The Academy)- I think they only paired up once in The Academy but they would always celebrate their birthday together with their fans since it was so close together. There were never any serious rumors of them dating but their fans really liked them together.
Kenneth and Kate (La Femme Desperado, Speech of Silence)- I admit, I only put these 2 together because they are the last 2 left but they did show some nice chemistry in their series together.

New pairings

In the past 2 years, I would say that there's a shift in the popular pairings. 
Ron and Myolie- They have actually been in many series together as friends, romantic partners, and even a possible mom/son situation. They can currently be seen in Triumph in the Skies 2 where they have a very sweet chemistry and will next be paired up in the grand production of Vinegar Lady in November.
Raymond and Kate- They were previously paired together in The Four but they became more popular together after Highs and Lows. They have a brother/sister relationship due to sharing the same manager and Kate is often a guest for his concerts.
Kenneth and Tavia- 2012 seemed like the year for Kenneth and Tavia since they were in 2 big series together, but most people loved them together in The Hippocratic Crush. A sequel has been filmed and will air as part of TVB's anniversary.
Bosco and Linda- Witness Security was the highest rated series in 2012 mainly due to this pairing. This is actually a spin-off of Linda's Yes Sir, Sorry Sir character and many people wanted her to finally have a happy ending. Even though this series had a tragic ending, Bosco and Linda remained a popular pairing.

What are your favorite pairings between these 2 people?

2013 Starhub TVB Award Nominations

Singapore has its own TVB awards called the Starhub TVB Awards, which is a joint partnership between Starhub and TVB. Together, they decided the nominations (which I think is pretty obvious when you look at all those nominated) and voting is open online as well as select magazines and newspapers. I read the fine print and those votes count for 70% while the other 30% is professional judges who will be present at the award ceremony. I'm basically excited because I like seeing these stars dressed up.

I'll pick out my choice in each category, so it will obviously be biased. :P

My choice: Myolie! She won last year for Ghetto Justice so I'm not sure what her chances are this year, but I love her as Zoe/Summer in Triumph in the Skies 2.

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Inbound Troubles Review

Inbound Troubles is a story about 2 cousins, Wong Cho Lam and Roger Kwok, and their friends and family. Wong Cho Lam is from Mainland and he visits Hong Kong and it's supposed to show that although there are differences in their culture, the most important thing is to get along. There are good catchphrases, memorable characters, and an entertaining storyline so I will definitely recommend this as one to watch.

This is Joey Meng's first series with TVB so I was very excited to see this but I really enjoyed Ivana Wong, Louis Cheung, and Bob Lam in their debut TVB series as well! This series brought more fame to a lot of these actors. Ivana released a top-selling album as her character in this series and Bob Lam, Corina Chamberlain, and May Chan became more popular and gained money through more promotional appearances. Louis Cheung really surprised me because I only knew him as Kay Tse's husband but his popularity also shot up as the metrosexual boyfriend of Ivana. He recently said that his first love is actually acting and that's why he signed a 2 year contract with TVB. He's been give a lot of big supporting roles such as the upcoming Big Wheel and Vinegar Lady which will begin filming in November.

I know that I didn't say that much about the storyline, but what made me really like this series was all the characters. I do wish that they put in more of the China vs Hong Kong differences into the series though. Overall, you should go watch it!

Myolie Wu singing the original Triumph in the Skies Themesong

Myolie Wu was at a promotional event in Hong Kong and she sang the original Triumph in the Skies themesong by Eason Chan.

credit to Shirley Ng on youtube

New TVB ratings method

TVB held a press conference to announce a new cross-platform ratings system that will count television viewing as well as online on-demand (tvb.com myTV viewing). It will not count views on websites like youku since they also count overseas and mainland viewers, and will only add myTV views since those are for Hong Kong residents only. This will reflect the current times since a lot of people also watch shows on their computer, tablets, and smartphones. This new method has been recognized by independent market researcher, Nielsen, who is known for reporting ratings.

(For the week of 7/22- 7/28)
With the new ratings system, Triumph in the Skies had a television rating of 30.2 plus a 5.4 cross-platform rating for a total rating of 35.6.

Karma Rider had a total of 24.8 with 24.1 television and .7 cross-platform. 

The Voice of the Stars: 24.3 total, 23 television, 1.4 cross-platform

Come Home Love: 25.2 total, 24.2 tv, 1 cross-platform (This is higher than Karma Rider.)

They also used this methodology on all of this year's series so now 3 other series have an average of around 30 points. The cast and crew of: Friendly Fire, Sergeant Tabloid, and A Great Way To Care 2 will be taken out to dinner to celebrate.

Overall ratings so far:
1. Triumph in the Skies: 30.8 television ratings + 5.6 cross-platform ratings = 36.4 points
2. Inbound Troubles: 30 television ratings + 4.6 cross-platform ratings = 34.6 points
3. Friendly Fire: 28.5 television ratings + 2.8 cross-platform ratings = 31.3 points
4. Sergeant Tabloid: 27.8 television ratings + 2.1 cross-platform ratings = 29.9 points
5. A Great Way to Care II: 27.5 television ratings + 2.3 cross-platform ratings = 29.8 points

There are more and more ways to watch television shows since you can now catch it both live and later on your smartphone or computer. It's smart of them to finally catch up with the increasing technology since there are still ads when you watch it on their official website, and this will help them with their ad rates. Also, it looks better in general when there is more than 2 series that have passed the 30 point mark! I'm glad they back-tracked this method to all of this year's series so far.

Midas Touch Casting

Producer: Chong Wai Kin
Cast: Bosco Wong, Nancy Wu, Kate Tsui, Ben Wong, Sharon Chan, Elena Kong
Revolves around financial sector. Bosco and Nancy will be married and Kate will try an come in between their marriage. Michael Miu had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts so Bosco will now have more screentime. 30 episodes

Triumph in the Skies 2 NG reel

TVB recently uploaded some NG clips from Triumph in the Skies 2. I love when they crack up when they mess up their lines. *There are some spoilers in this clip.

Myolie admits to being a workaholic

Myolie Wu admits that she is a workaholic and rarely takes a day off. She splits her time filming between China and Hong Kong. She notes that there is a difference in the work culture of China such as having more staff which leads to more efficiency. However, she would never give up on the Hong Kong market since it is her home, and vows to work even harder to improve when she films for TVB.

Here are some pictures she did for a photo shoot: (I like her looks with the red lips.)

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忠奸人 Good and Evil People Costume Fitting

Good and Evil People costume fitting
Produced by: Amy Wong
Cast includes: Roger Kwok, Ron Ng, Kristal Tin, Louis Cheung, Kiki Sheung, Jason Chan, Leanne Li, Becky Lee, Vivien Yeo, etc.
Roger will be the villian and portray a lawyer, while Ron will be the good guy portraying a cop.

Kristal's wig actually looks pretty good!

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