New TVB ratings method

TVB held a press conference to announce a new cross-platform ratings system that will count television viewing as well as online on-demand ( myTV viewing). It will not count views on websites like youku since they also count overseas and mainland viewers, and will only add myTV views since those are for Hong Kong residents only. This will reflect the current times since a lot of people also watch shows on their computer, tablets, and smartphones. This new method has been recognized by independent market researcher, Nielsen, who is known for reporting ratings.

(For the week of 7/22- 7/28)
With the new ratings system, Triumph in the Skies had a television rating of 30.2 plus a 5.4 cross-platform rating for a total rating of 35.6.

Karma Rider had a total of 24.8 with 24.1 television and .7 cross-platform. 

The Voice of the Stars: 24.3 total, 23 television, 1.4 cross-platform

Come Home Love: 25.2 total, 24.2 tv, 1 cross-platform (This is higher than Karma Rider.)

They also used this methodology on all of this year's series so now 3 other series have an average of around 30 points. The cast and crew of: Friendly Fire, Sergeant Tabloid, and A Great Way To Care 2 will be taken out to dinner to celebrate.

Overall ratings so far:
1. Triumph in the Skies: 30.8 television ratings + 5.6 cross-platform ratings = 36.4 points
2. Inbound Troubles: 30 television ratings + 4.6 cross-platform ratings = 34.6 points
3. Friendly Fire: 28.5 television ratings + 2.8 cross-platform ratings = 31.3 points
4. Sergeant Tabloid: 27.8 television ratings + 2.1 cross-platform ratings = 29.9 points
5. A Great Way to Care II: 27.5 television ratings + 2.3 cross-platform ratings = 29.8 points

There are more and more ways to watch television shows since you can now catch it both live and later on your smartphone or computer. It's smart of them to finally catch up with the increasing technology since there are still ads when you watch it on their official website, and this will help them with their ad rates. Also, it looks better in general when there is more than 2 series that have passed the 30 point mark! I'm glad they back-tracked this method to all of this year's series so far.


miriamfanz said...

I think it makes sense that myTV views are counted since a lot of ppl do watch online, but also pretty clear TVB desperately wants to boost ratings numbers.

AC said...

Yeah, especially since with the new adjusted ratings technically only made Friendly Fire increase their ratings to hit the 30 point mark. It's kinda sad when you look at all the other series ratings for the year.

I think most tv stations would want to boost their ratings though. In the U.S., they began to count dvr views (as long as you watch it within the week) into their total ratings which did stop some series from being canceled.

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