Burning Flames 3

I've watched the first 2 episodes so far and no Myolie yet but here are some quick thoughts:
  • For TVB, they have some pretty good effects. It makes it more exciting, at least for me.
  • So far it seems like it really is 3 main male leads: Wong Hei, Kevin, and Bosco. However, it seems to me that Bosco is the main guy so far since he is the link between everything.
  • I like Bosco in this series because I like his hair (haha) and I like him more when he's in more when he plays a good guy.
  • Wong Hei plays the typical "Wong-Hei" role in that he plays a very cool guy who during certain scenes talks really fast when he wants to make a point. This isn't a bad thing though.
  • Kevin looks really cute here- he ages really well, meaning that it seems like he never ages!
  • Wow, the ratings for the first episode was 36 points with 38 at its peak? I never even knew that there was that much interest in this series since it didn't seem as heavily promoted.
  • I do like the series so far because it seems like a good start to set up the rest of the series.
  • My only problem with it so far (other than anticipating Myolie to show up) is that when they do flashbacks, they keep showing dates and when it comes pack to the present, it flashed the current date as if we wouldn't figure it out.
  • Hopefully the rest of the series lives up.

A Great Way To Care (Short Review)

*Spoilers so beware...

I just finished watching A Great Way to Care and it's not as bad as the other Marco Law produced series- Building Blocks of Life. That said, the series was just okay. Basically, Alex Fong plays a psychiatrist and Kate Tsui plays a cop and the story revolves around small cases that delve into the mind and psychology. In between all of this Alex and Kate start liking each other and become a couple but there's nothing that interesting about this pairing. *Major spoiler alert on the ending: They break up in one of the last episodes and so there is supposed to be a little awkward silence and so one of them asks if all they have to talk about is the different cases. Skip to the very ending and they are together and you know what they're talking about? Yup, another case. Uhh? What?

Kate's acting has improved in this series and even though she's the main female lead, the story revolves around Alex Fong. I think this is Kate's best look- with these cool boots and she looks really pretty in this series. I think she's better playing characters who are tough because she does make a pretty believable cop (even though I'm sure that most of them do not look like a Miss HK. haha).

The best and only good part I like about this series is Raymond Wong and Vivien Yeo. Okay, so I usually don't like it when people overact, but Vivien does in this series and kinda overacts her "cuteness" but it fits the character she plays. To me, she's very lovable and this is the first time I've liked her in a series. Once again, Raymond Wong steals the spotlight in this series even though he is just a supporting character. Raymond plays a somewhat geeky nurse who meets Vivien when she is overweight and depressed and he takes her in his care and help her get better. It's all very sweet and innocent- too bad they didn't give them more screentime because the series would have been a lot better with it. I think the best part of their pairing is that Raymond would have loved her no matter what she looked like and did see the beauty inside her. I hate other TVB series where someone transforms from an ugly duckling to a swan and that's the point when someone falls in love with them, and makes it seem like it is all about the looks.

Would I recommend this series? I say yes to fans of the leads or Raymond Wong. However for people who are more picky in watching their series I would tell them to wait for something else. If you do decide to watch it, just make sure that you do not watch Threshold of a Persona at the same time! I did, and since most of the supporting actors are the same, I was getting confused about the characters!