Ghetto Justice 2 Dinner

The cast of Ghetto Justice 2 got together for dinner (paid by Kevin!) to watch the first episode together. It's really good so far and they link a bunch of little things to the original so there's consistency so far.

What'd you guys think of the first episode?
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New scenes for Sergeant Tabloid?

Sergeant Tabloid has already aired overseas but has yet to air in Hong Kong. Niki Chow is back in her policewoman outfit to re-film some scenes that were seen towards the end of the series. It looks like they're re-shooting the storyline that involves a lady from Mainland China going to Hong Kong to have her baby, but now with Macy Chan as the mother and Evergreen Mak doing a guest appearance. It looks like there will only be alterations to one storyline and not the actual ending but I guess we'll have to watch to find out! This seems like a smart idea since it's easy for people to access this series online, and fresh scenes will bring in more viewers. I'm thinking this will air soon with the new filming. There is already talk of a sequel before this has even aired, and Michael Tse is rumored to get a push so that he can win Best Actor this year.

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TVB Stars visit Malaysia

Krystal Tin, Ruco Chan, and Raymond Wong recently came back from Malaysia to do some press for TVB. They did a few events which included meeting with fans, singing some songs, and doing interviews. The thing I noticed was that all 3 used to film for ATV. hehe

You can check out some of their performances below... Krystal has a very nice voice!

Diamond Bachelors of TVB

Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, and Bosco Wong are 3 of TVB's top siu sangs but they are now all involved in scandals. Raymond is accused of being a playboy, Ron is accused of cheating on Viann, and there are rumors of a third party due to the Bosco and Myolie breakup. I think Ron has it the worse since there is actual audio and picture proof, but people seem to be blasting the other guys as well. However, not all TVB guys are embroiled in scandals. Here's who I think are the top 5 diamond bachelors right now. These guys are all single, or at least not confirmed to be dating anyone. 

1. Kenneth Ma- He is an all around nice guy and gentleman who is filial to his parents. He kids around to try and create some scandals for himself but people just smile at his stories since everyone knows that he is a good guy. His biggest rumor at the moment is that he is in a love triangle with Margie Tsang and Nancy Wu. Instead of seeming sleazy, he seems even more approachable since both ladies are well-liked and not the typical big-breasted bimbo that his peers seem to go for.

Other bachelors

Ghetto Justice 2 Promotional Event

Ghetto Justice 2 had its first promotional event the other day. The series is going up against the Olympics so the ratings might be affected, but I hope not. I really like the cast and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Kevin and Myolie, as well as the brotherhood between the 4 guys.

Before the promotional event, the media bombarded Myolie right as she entered the building, where she confirmed the breakup rumors. She hoped for some space during this time and that she felt bad for taking attention away from the promotional activity.

The cast gathered to introduce their characters and played games with the fans.

Myolie and Kevin pose for TVB Weekly

Ghetto Justice 2 will begin airing on Monday so Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng struck a pose for the cover of TVB Weekly. They look very cool together.

A Great Way To Care 2 Costume Fitting

A Great Way To Care 2 had it's costume fitting today. Although Tavia Yeung is not pictured due to being on vacation, the other leads Alex Fong and Yoyo Mung were there.

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Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu break up

Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu announce their breakup. You can read more about their breakup on Jaynestars or you can listen to Bosco's radio interview here or all the interviews including Myolie and Virginia Lok here.

They apparently broke up a few months ago but they're speaking about it now since one of the tabloid magazines found out. This actually makes me really sad because they've been together for so long. It seems like some incident happened that caused the breakup. But from the radio interview, Bosco admits that he wants to get back together with Myolie although no definite reason was given. :(

Raymond Lam dating 18-year old?

Raymond Lam is rumored to be dating Karena Ng, an 18-year old actress he met in April on the set of his last movie, Men Are Like Clothes.

Raymond did mention in an earlier interview that he was interested in someone and that he is taking it slowly. I don't know much about her, so I don't know if they are a good match or not, but there is a 14 year age difference between them! I do wish the best for Raymond though.

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Triumph in the Skies Costume Fitting

There are little details in the pilot hats and the stripes on their sleeves to distinguish the different levels of pilots. This also applies to the stewardesses in their suit and hat colors. 

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Books by TVB Artists

The Hong Kong Book Fair is a yearly event that exhibits and sells books. The past few years had an influx of wannabe models trying to sell their own book of themselves "modeling" aka dressing skimpy to get guys to buy their books. Many other celebrities attend the book fair to sell their own books but they're probably not as scandalous. haha.

Here is a short list of some TVB artists releasing their books. I'll add a yesasia link in case you want to buy them, but I couldn't find all the books listed. Are you going to buy any?

Raymond Lam- It's LF: Photo collection of himself throughout the years. It will include many pictures of him in the various TVB series that he was in. (YesAsia)

More TVB artists:

Upcoming Series: 一切從心開始

30 Episode Series: 一切從心開始 (Translation: Start Over From The Beginning)
All Start From The Heart
Director: Nelson Cheung
Artists so far include: Michael Miu, Joey Meng, Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Niki Chow, and Vincent Wong

Michael Miu will play a triad leader who is married to Joey Meng. Due to an accident, Michael will have to undergo heart surgery, which causes him to rethink life and become a better person. Bosco will take advantage of this time to try and take his place.


King Makers Official Poster

I don't really get all that water at the bottom of the poster. I also keep confusing this series with The Big Eunuch since Wayne is in both. I'm thinking this is airing soon so that there is enough of a gap for  The Big Eunuch to be an anniversary series. 

Triumph in the Skies Costume Fitting tomorrow!

Date: 7/24/2012
Some of the artists attending include: Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Nancy Wu, Him La, Elena Kong, Rebecca Zhu, Kelly Fu, Patrick Dunn, Adrian Chau, Jess Sum, Skye Chan, etc. 

Triumph in the Skies II Press Conference

This is only the partial cast since this is just a press conference for Triumph in the Skies 2, and not the actual costume fitting. 
  • Myolie will play 2 different characters. She will reprise Zoe who dies within the first few episodes as well as a mechanic who likes Ron. (I'm personally excited for this since I thought they had a lot of chemistry as Zoe and Isaac.) The newer character is also supposed to play Chilam's sister.
  • Francis, Fala, and Chilam will have some sort of love triangle.
  • Kenneth and Elena will have an older woman/younger man relationship.
  • Nancy Wu and Him Law will play a pair (not pictured).

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TVB Group Photo

329 artists gathered for their 45th Anniversary group photo. There are a few people missing where they stand usually reflects their status at TVB. Of course, it is best to be in the first 2 rows where they are most visible, but you can see some of their other cherished artists grouped in the center as well.

First Row: Alfred Hui, Aimee Chan, Raymond Wong, Selena Li, Ruco Chan, Susanna Kwan, Kenneth Ma, Nancy Sit, Wayne Lai, Roger Kwok, Nat Chan, Liza Wang, Dodo Cheng, Eric Tsang, Moses Chan, Myolie Wu, Raymond Lam, Fala Chen, Michael Tse, Linda Chung, Ron Ng, Kate Tsui, Jason Chan, King Kong

Second Row: Patrick Tang, Shirley Yeung, Elena Kong, Edwin Siu, Christine Kuo, Rebecca Zhu, Ben Wong, Amigo Chui, Sammy Leung, Krystal Tin, Wu Fong, Louis Yuen, Johnson Li, Evergreen Mak, Pierre Ngo, Nancy Wu, Mandy Wong, Lai Lok Yi, Natalie Tong, Joey Meng, Sire Ma, Kitty Lai

I actually can't see clearly past the third row but I do see the veterans in the third row as well as Alice Chan, Benjamin Yuen, and Vincent Wong. 

The first row consists of their first line fadans and siu sangs. The closest to the hosts are former Best Actor winners Wayne Lai, Roger Kwok and Moses Chan and the current Best Actress winner Myolie Wu. The only people that I would question in the first row is Aimee Chan and Jason Chan. They are currently on the rise but their acting leaves a lot to be desired. I think if Tavia Yeung and Bosco Wong were there today, they would have moved up a row. 

Other observations: 
Former ATV actresses Elena Kong is 2nd row left, Krystal Tin is 2nd row center, Joey Meng is 2nd row right, and Alice Chan is 3rd row center. 
The "green leaf" actors seem to be getting better placement as a lot of them are in the 3rd row instead of pushed to the back.
In the 5th row is JJ Jia with only a few people separating her and her rumored ex-boyfriend Sammy Shum.