New scenes for Sergeant Tabloid?

Sergeant Tabloid has already aired overseas but has yet to air in Hong Kong. Niki Chow is back in her policewoman outfit to re-film some scenes that were seen towards the end of the series. It looks like they're re-shooting the storyline that involves a lady from Mainland China going to Hong Kong to have her baby, but now with Macy Chan as the mother and Evergreen Mak doing a guest appearance. It looks like there will only be alterations to one storyline and not the actual ending but I guess we'll have to watch to find out! This seems like a smart idea since it's easy for people to access this series online, and fresh scenes will bring in more viewers. I'm thinking this will air soon with the new filming. There is already talk of a sequel before this has even aired, and Michael Tse is rumored to get a push so that he can win Best Actor this year.

A few more pictures-

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