Books by TVB Artists

The Hong Kong Book Fair is a yearly event that exhibits and sells books. The past few years had an influx of wannabe models trying to sell their own book of themselves "modeling" aka dressing skimpy to get guys to buy their books. Many other celebrities attend the book fair to sell their own books but they're probably not as scandalous. haha.

Here is a short list of some TVB artists releasing their books. I'll add a yesasia link in case you want to buy them, but I couldn't find all the books listed. Are you going to buy any?

Raymond Lam- It's LF: Photo collection of himself throughout the years. It will include many pictures of him in the various TVB series that he was in. (YesAsia)

More TVB artists:

Samantha Ko- A story about her life. She wanted to tell people more about the real her. I think most guys will be disappointed that it's not a photo collection of herself in a bikini. :P (YesAsia)

Sammy Leung- A story about his life (YesAsia)

Skye Chan- Parenting Book (I can't find a link on YesAsia.)

Suki Chui- Beauty tips and advice (YesAsia)

Do you plan on getting any of these books?

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