TVB Calendar- November

Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Wayne Lai, and Moses Chan recently took their calendar picture for the month of November. Kevin flew from China to participate while this is Wayne's first year participating. Here are some pictures outside before they took the pictures.

Here are the months so far:
January: Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Kate Tsui, Aimee Chan
February: Michael Miu, Roger Kwok, Michael Tse, Fala Chen, Tavia Yeung
April: Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Chris Lai, Vincent Wong, Him Law, and Edwin Siu
May: Louise Li, Susanna Kwan, Nancy Sit, Michelle Yim
July: Mandy Wong, Nancy Wu, Sharon Chan, Kristal Tin, Selena Li, Christine Kuo
August: Sonjia Kwok, Tracy Ip, Carat Cheung, Toby Chan, etc
September: Johnson Li, Louis Yuen, Wong Cho Lam, King Kong?, Amigo Chiu?
November: Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Wayne Lai, Moses Chan

Unknown month: Eliza Sam, Natalie Tong, Samantha Ko, Sire Ma, Vivien Yeo
Unknown month: (TVB Hosts) Liza Wang, Dodo Chen, Eric Tsang, Nat Chan, Astrid Chan, Patric Dunn
Unknown month: Raymond Wong, Ben Wong, Evergreen Mak, Lau Dan

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Upcoming Series

TVB is in the midst of planning some upcoming series to be filmed. Today, they announced 2 that are in the works.

Disciplined Forces (December): Eddie Cheung, Kathy Chow, Michael Tse
Michael will play a villian.

Dayo Wong Series (To be filmed next year)
They are trying to get Dodo Cheng to film this series, but Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, and Fala Chen have all state that they would like to film opposite Dayo. Produced by Tsui Ching Hong

Previously announced:
OCT. Lam Chi Wah series- Roger Kwok, Selena Li, Sharon Chan, Joyce Tang, Raymond Cho, Johnson Li
NOV. Tsui Ching Hong series- Wayne Lai, Moses Chan, Jason Chan, Elliot Ngok
NOV/DEC. Chong Wai Kin series - Bobby Au Yeung, Esther Kwan, Ben Wong, Pierre Ngo
FEB. Poon Ka Tok- The Hippocratic Crush 2: Kenneth Ma, Lawrence Ng, Tavia Yeung
FEB. Lee Tim Sing- Rosy Business 3: Wayne Lai, Myolie Wu, Edwin Siu, Natalie Tong, Sire Ma

Kevin Cheng Cosmopolitan Photo Shoot

Kevin is currently in China filming Ip Man. Check out his photoshoot for Cosmopolitan below. He looks really good!

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Highs and Lows Promotional Event #2

Highs and Lows had another promotional event over the weekend to prepare for the airing of this series.

I just finished watching the first episode and it makes me look forward to the rest of the series. 

TVB Anniversary Dates announced

The anniversary ceremony will be held on November 19 and the award ceremony will be on December 17, which is a few days after the anniversary series ends. 

Oscar Leung, Kristal Tin, and Natalie Tong were in Malaysia to help promote TVB and their series. Oscar hopes to win the Most Improved award this year. It has been a good year for Oscar and he enjoyed many benefits such as a salary increase. After he finishes filming for A Great Way to Care 2, he will finish off the year by filming 2 movies. One of them will be another Wong Jing remake of "Young and Dangerous." He will also be preparing for a special "Tiger Cubs" performance for the anniversary with Joe Ma and his other cast mates. 

via ihktv

To me, Oscar should definitely get the Most Improved award this year. He gained more fame through his roles in L'Escargot and Tiger Cubs and will be seen in the anniversary series, The Confidant. He has also participated in many of TVB's specials such as performances in TV Funny and the Miss Hong Kong special. He also joined Big Boys Club as one of their hosts. I would say his toughest opponent would be Him Law, but Oscar outshined him in both of the series they were in together (L'Escargot, Tiger Cubs) and he was outshined by Koo Ming Wah in Divas in Distress. 

Big Wheel Costume Fitting

Big Wheel had its costume fitting today and they are all dressed like they're back in the 90s because this series spans 20 years until it reaches present time. It will be a 30 episode grand production and they will go also be filming in Macau in November.

Producer: Amy Wong
Cast includes: Ruco Chan, Linda Chung, Kristal Tin, Louise Lee, Susan Tse, Louis Yuen, Louis Cheung, Ankie Beilke, Leanne Li, Edwin Siu, Roseanne Lui, Angelina Lo, Becky Lee, Lee Kwok Lun, Lau Kong, Chun Wong, Anthony Ho, Yvonne Ho, Yu Chi Ming, Raymond Chiu, Yeung Ying Wai, Vin Choi, Casper Chan, Akai Lee, Timothy Cheng, Au Sui Wai, Gregory Lee, CTI Ho, Adam Ip, Eddie Ho, Stephen Wong and Producer Amy Wong Sum Wai

Haha, Ruco and Edwin's hair is very 90s and it reminds me of Aaron Kwok's hair back then. Edwin replaces Moses Chan in this series so I wonder if there will be any changes to the story. This is also Louis Cheung's second series with TVB. I don't know much about him other than that he's married to Kay Tse, but I can this boosting up his popularity when the series airs. It has helped other singers who have filmed for TVB such as Niki Chow, Ella Koon, and Elanne Kong. 

Other pictures:

Highs and Lows Promotional Event

The cast of Highs and Lows (Michael Miu, Raymond Lam, Ella Koon, Kate Tsui, Ben Wong, etc.) gathered for a promotional event since their series will air soon. Check out the pictures below.

Esther Kwan and Bobby Au Yeung to reunite in series

It's official! Esther Kwan will return to TVB to film one series with Bobby Au Yeung. It will be a 30 episode drama directed by Chong Wai Kin and it will be a love story that span a thousand years. It will being in the Song Dynasty where Esther will portray a talented woman in ancient times, a 1950s big sister, and a modern day Oprah. Bobby will portray Justice Pao, a 1950s detective, and a police officer. Esther was moved by TVB's sincerity since they offered to extend the filming period (so that there is more time to relax) and will try and give them a script earlier than usual.

The series sound really interesting and I can't wait to see Bobby and Esther together in a series again!

Return of the TVB Calendar

After a 3 year break, TVB will be making a calendar for the 2013 year. I used to look forward to this every year and was sad when they decided to stop due to financial reasons. I'm not sure if it was free in Hong Kong, but it used to be free for me since I used to rent the TVB discs. They're most likely doing this again due to the upcoming competition from other stations, and this is a good way for households to think of TVB if they have a calendar hung up on their walls.

Earlier this year, they already had a big group picture for the cover and now they are starting on the months.

January's theme will be a New Year's party atmosphere with Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Kate Tsui, and Aimee Chan.
February will be a red festive color theme with Michael Miu, Roger Kwok, Michael Tse, Fala Chen, and Tavia Yeung.
The upcoming months have not been announced yet but I would expect the people in the first 2 rows to be seen in the various months.

Miss Hong Kong theme which would include: Sonjia Kwok, Tracy Ip, Carat Cheung, and Toby Chan. Since Kate and Aimee are already in January, other former winners they might include in this month would be Shirley Yeung and Rebecca Zhu. (Not confirmed)
April: Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Chris Lai, Vincent Wong, Him Law, and Edwin Siu (rugged dirt theme?)
Another month: Myolie Wu, Moses Chan, Wayne Lai, Kevin Cheng
Another month: Mandy Wong, Nancy Wu, Sharon Chan, Kristal Tin, Selena Li, Christine Kuo- rooftop setting with elegant gowns
August: Eliza Sam, Natalie Tong, Samantha Ko, Sire Ma, Vivien Yeo

Sneak peek of February's outfits...

Triumph 2 filming in Hainan, China

Some of the cast members of Triumph in the Skies 2 recently flew to Hainan, China to film some location scenes. These cast members include: Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Nancy Wu, Him Law, Elena Kong, Kelly Fu, Adrian Chau, Chiu Hoi Yeung, Rocky Cheng, Quinn Ho, Kibby Lau, Snow Suen, Eliza Sam, and Rebecca Zhu.

More pictures on locations (via weibo)

Three Kingdoms RPG Celebration Dinner

Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan, Ruco Chan and many others attended the celebration dinner for Three Kingdoms RPG. 

I like Tavia with the longer hair and Sharon with the shorter hair. It looks good on them.
As for the series, I actually did not like it very much. I thought it was pretty boring and a waste of a good cast!

More pictures

Highs and Lows Official Poster

I really like poster! I'm excited for this series to start airing!

Best Actor/Actress Analysis

The TVB Anniversary awards are coming up soon, so I thought I would just take a look back on the previous winners. I'm only going to start from 2004, since that was the first year I started paying attention to the awards, and I'll begin with the Best Actor and Actress recipients. In the upcoming posts, I'll talk about the Supporting and Most Improved Awards. 

Bowie Lam and Gigi Lai
War and Beauty was a big hit this year. It dominated the award show and took up a lot of nominations. Bowie was no surprise but the Best Actress award was between Gigi, Sheren Teng, Maggie Cheung, and Charmaine Sheh. I think it was expected to go towards Sheren or Maggie so it was a shocker when Gigi got it instead. There was uproar and talks about how she traded a contract for the award since many people were upset she got it.

2005-2011 and other thoughts

Corinna Chamberlain

I randomly found this video of Corinna singing in Cantonese, and I'm really impressed! For those of you who do not recognize her, she's a TVB actress who mainly has a few small roles who plays the foreigner when needed. She has a bigger role in the Roger Kwok/Joey Meng/Wong Cho Lam comedy, Cousin, You Are Good.  Her Cantonese is really good, much better than a lot of newcomers from Miss Hong Kong. :P

Go check out her other videos here: Youtube Channel and tell me what you think!

Oscar Leung and Mandy Wong duet

Oscar Leung and Mandy Wong sing an old classic at a special Miss Hong Kong television special.

Mandy's voice is okay, but I really like Oscar's voice. I hope they win the Most Improved Awards together this year!

The Last Steep Ascent Official Poster

It's an interesting poster, but I prefer if it only had Maggie and Moses, or all of the cast on the poster. I wonder if Maggie will be at the promotional events since she is now signed to CTI, and we all know how TVB likes to hold a grudge. :P Actually, I wouldn't entirely blame them if they did not want Maggie there because the focus would turn to her and CTI and TVB would most likely not want to do any free promotion for their rival. 

More Triumph 2 filming scenes

Chilam Cheung was filming another scene for Triumph in the Skies 2. The scene talks about how Chilam finds out the water in his shower is not working, so he goes outside to check what's wrong. He gets mistaken for a pervert and gets thrown a bag of vegetables to his face.

More pictures of Chilam and Ron & Myolie filming more bike scenes...

Myolie and Koni at a Temporis Watch event

Myolie Wu and Koni Lui were at a promotional event for Temporis, in which Myolie has been their spokesperson for the past 4 years.

More pictures from the event:

Esther Kwan being courted to film a TVB series

Chong Wai Kin will be filming a new series starring Bobby Au Yueng, and Tommy Leung is trying to get Esther Kwan to return as the female lead of this series. It will be a 30-episode love story which spans over a thousand years beginning in the Song dynasty to the 50s-60s to present time. Bobby and Esther would play the leads in which Esther would die in the hands of someone she loves 3 times.

Esther is considering the series since she does like the concept, but she will need time to think about it. Bobby really wants Esther to film with him, so he called up Nick Cheung (Esther's husband) to tell him that he doesn't have to worry about rumors between the two of them since they are both happily married. He jokes that he is not Benny Chan. (haha) Other cast members include Ben Wong and Pierre Ngo.

I hope that Esther agrees to come back to film this series! It's been over 10 years since they have played a pair and I think Bobby will make her feel at ease if she returns to filming. 
The storyline reminds me a little of Maiden's Vow in which Joe and Charmaine played a couple in 4 different decades. However, I'm not sure if it's Bobby and Esther will play a pair in all the different storylines.

Other page of the article (via ihktv)

Fifth Day Revelation 初五啟市錄 Costume Fitting

Fifth Day Revelation had its costume fitting today. Cast members include Sonjia Kwok, Sunny Chan, Raymond Wong, Lin Xia Wei, Evergreen Mak, Mat Yeung, Tracy Ip, Vivien Yeo, Katy Kung, Cilla Kung, and many others.

I'm mainly excited about this series because I want to see Sunny Chan in another drama. After this, he will take another long break to go back to taking care of his son. It seems that Sunny and Sonjia will play a pair and Raymond and Lin Xia Wei will play a pair. 

More pictures...

New Lee Tim Sing series w/ Wayne, Myolie, and Edwin

Lee Tim Sing is planning for a new "Rosy Business" installment, even though the storyline is completely independent of the first 2 series. The only thing that will be constant is Wayne Lai as the male lead. Tim Gor was satisfied with the pairing of Wayne and Sheren and doesn't feel like there is any more story for him to tell between the two.

The new story will be very romantic with a new combination of Wayne Lai, Myolie Wu, and Edwin Siu. Instead of having just one male and female protagonist, he feels that there is a better story with 3 people.

Why Myolie?
Tim Gor said that Myolie is the rising star that he wants the most, but her schedule has always been difficult to book. Her acting has always been very good, but he feels that there are a few areas that she can work on but no one has pointed it out to her. As a producer, he hopes to bring out a different Myolie. He has also talked to Myolie about the collaboration and she has expressed that she is very willing to learn more and looking forward to working together.

via ihktv

Very excited for this new combination! Myolie has been paired with older actors (Francis Ng, Sunny Chan, Tse Kwan Ho, etc.) many times already so I don't think the age difference is that bad. It'll also be the first time that she is paired with Edwin which I look forward to. Actually, she rarely gets the chance to film for Catherine Tsangs' side since she is considered part of Tommy Leung's side, so I never expected that she would film for Lee Tim Sing. I like what he said about working with her on her acting because although I feel that she is a very good actress, I think that every actor has something that they can work on. It's good that he's willing to take time to work with his actors. 

I remember Tim Gor also mentioning that he wanted to work with Raymond Lam and I hope that happens before he retires! I think Raymond is one of the best younger actors out there but he hasn't had any good roles lately. I think a new collaboration and perspective would bring something out in Raymond so that he really shines. 

Mainland Series: Hero Poster

This is the poster for the Mainland series, Hero. It features Kevin Cheng and Michael Tse, who was filming this at the same time as Sergeant Tabloid. 

Thoughts on Current TVB Series

I'm watching all three series that is currently airing on TVB now and I just wanted to give you my current thoughts. Please be aware of some spoilers, and my opinion can still change once I'm finished watching.

Come Home Love
I'm up to episode 79 and it was recently extended to 300 episodes. I hope this means they won't drag out some of the storylines though. The series centers around the Ma family and I think they're all really cute. I enjoy watching the family interactions more than the office storylines right now. Chris Lai's character is my favorite although I'm also anticipating Florence Kwok and Carlos Ng to finally get together. I find their episodes really sweet. I actually enjoyed the last sitcom more but this is enjoyable so far.

King Maker (eps 1-15)
The first few episodes were a little confusing and didn't really capture my attention. It only got more interesting when Kristal Tin and her gang appeared. I really liked the interactions between Wayne and them. I guess I'm finding most of the scenes of them in the palace a little boring, so I'm happy that Wayne and Pierre have left it again. I'm looking forward to seeing Wayne reunite with his family.

Divas in Distress (eps 1-5)
Ehhh.. I'm not really liking the series so far. For a comedy, it's completely over-dramatic. I find both Liza and Gigi's characters really annoying and I wish they switched characters. I think it would be more interesting to see Liza play a sloppy character instead. I like watching Chin Ka Lok hosting more than his acting and Eliza Sum is okay enough for a newbie and her facial expressions fit in for a comedy. However, I don't know why TVB insists on giving newbies big dramatic scenes when most of them can't handle it. Eliza's emotional scenes make me cringe. I also find Him's character a bit creepy. He's basically stalking Mandy and making her life miserable because he likes her. Am I supposed to find this cute?! My favorite character is "So Gei" so I hope to see more of him.

I'll see if I change my mind later.

Highs and Lows Promo #1

I'm excited to watch this series!

Myolie and Chilam filming in the streets

Myolie Wu and Chilam Cheung were filming some scenes for Triumph in the Skies 2 yesterday. Go check out Chilam's new car! Very cool.

Some pictures below...