Thoughts on Current TVB Series

I'm watching all three series that is currently airing on TVB now and I just wanted to give you my current thoughts. Please be aware of some spoilers, and my opinion can still change once I'm finished watching.

Come Home Love
I'm up to episode 79 and it was recently extended to 300 episodes. I hope this means they won't drag out some of the storylines though. The series centers around the Ma family and I think they're all really cute. I enjoy watching the family interactions more than the office storylines right now. Chris Lai's character is my favorite although I'm also anticipating Florence Kwok and Carlos Ng to finally get together. I find their episodes really sweet. I actually enjoyed the last sitcom more but this is enjoyable so far.

King Maker (eps 1-15)
The first few episodes were a little confusing and didn't really capture my attention. It only got more interesting when Kristal Tin and her gang appeared. I really liked the interactions between Wayne and them. I guess I'm finding most of the scenes of them in the palace a little boring, so I'm happy that Wayne and Pierre have left it again. I'm looking forward to seeing Wayne reunite with his family.

Divas in Distress (eps 1-5)
Ehhh.. I'm not really liking the series so far. For a comedy, it's completely over-dramatic. I find both Liza and Gigi's characters really annoying and I wish they switched characters. I think it would be more interesting to see Liza play a sloppy character instead. I like watching Chin Ka Lok hosting more than his acting and Eliza Sum is okay enough for a newbie and her facial expressions fit in for a comedy. However, I don't know why TVB insists on giving newbies big dramatic scenes when most of them can't handle it. Eliza's emotional scenes make me cringe. I also find Him's character a bit creepy. He's basically stalking Mandy and making her life miserable because he likes her. Am I supposed to find this cute?! My favorite character is "So Gei" so I hope to see more of him.

I'll see if I change my mind later.


lynne said...

haha I just caught up with Divas today (watched up to ep07). You're right, Him Law is basically a stalker in here :P lols I'm personally bias towards the couple though, so I ignored his creepiness and just enjoyed how he's crushing on her xD he isn't cute because he's mean, but cute in a way because he's secretly trying to seek her attention. haha xD

AC said...

I actually really like the Him and Mandy pairing too, especially in Suspects in Love, but I am really hating them in this series. lol. I blame it on the writers because the story is not so good.

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