Return of the TVB Calendar

After a 3 year break, TVB will be making a calendar for the 2013 year. I used to look forward to this every year and was sad when they decided to stop due to financial reasons. I'm not sure if it was free in Hong Kong, but it used to be free for me since I used to rent the TVB discs. They're most likely doing this again due to the upcoming competition from other stations, and this is a good way for households to think of TVB if they have a calendar hung up on their walls.

Earlier this year, they already had a big group picture for the cover and now they are starting on the months.

January's theme will be a New Year's party atmosphere with Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Kate Tsui, and Aimee Chan.
February will be a red festive color theme with Michael Miu, Roger Kwok, Michael Tse, Fala Chen, and Tavia Yeung.
The upcoming months have not been announced yet but I would expect the people in the first 2 rows to be seen in the various months.

Miss Hong Kong theme which would include: Sonjia Kwok, Tracy Ip, Carat Cheung, and Toby Chan. Since Kate and Aimee are already in January, other former winners they might include in this month would be Shirley Yeung and Rebecca Zhu. (Not confirmed)
April: Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Chris Lai, Vincent Wong, Him Law, and Edwin Siu (rugged dirt theme?)
Another month: Myolie Wu, Moses Chan, Wayne Lai, Kevin Cheng
Another month: Mandy Wong, Nancy Wu, Sharon Chan, Kristal Tin, Selena Li, Christine Kuo- rooftop setting with elegant gowns
August: Eliza Sam, Natalie Tong, Samantha Ko, Sire Ma, Vivien Yeo

Sneak peek of February's outfits...

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