New Lee Tim Sing series w/ Wayne, Myolie, and Edwin

Lee Tim Sing is planning for a new "Rosy Business" installment, even though the storyline is completely independent of the first 2 series. The only thing that will be constant is Wayne Lai as the male lead. Tim Gor was satisfied with the pairing of Wayne and Sheren and doesn't feel like there is any more story for him to tell between the two.

The new story will be very romantic with a new combination of Wayne Lai, Myolie Wu, and Edwin Siu. Instead of having just one male and female protagonist, he feels that there is a better story with 3 people.

Why Myolie?
Tim Gor said that Myolie is the rising star that he wants the most, but her schedule has always been difficult to book. Her acting has always been very good, but he feels that there are a few areas that she can work on but no one has pointed it out to her. As a producer, he hopes to bring out a different Myolie. He has also talked to Myolie about the collaboration and she has expressed that she is very willing to learn more and looking forward to working together.

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Very excited for this new combination! Myolie has been paired with older actors (Francis Ng, Sunny Chan, Tse Kwan Ho, etc.) many times already so I don't think the age difference is that bad. It'll also be the first time that she is paired with Edwin which I look forward to. Actually, she rarely gets the chance to film for Catherine Tsangs' side since she is considered part of Tommy Leung's side, so I never expected that she would film for Lee Tim Sing. I like what he said about working with her on her acting because although I feel that she is a very good actress, I think that every actor has something that they can work on. It's good that he's willing to take time to work with his actors. 

I remember Tim Gor also mentioning that he wanted to work with Raymond Lam and I hope that happens before he retires! I think Raymond is one of the best younger actors out there but he hasn't had any good roles lately. I think a new collaboration and perspective would bring something out in Raymond so that he really shines. 

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