More Triumph 2 filming scenes

Chilam Cheung was filming another scene for Triumph in the Skies 2. The scene talks about how Chilam finds out the water in his shower is not working, so he goes outside to check what's wrong. He gets mistaken for a pervert and gets thrown a bag of vegetables to his face.

More pictures of Chilam and Ron & Myolie filming more bike scenes...

Chilam had to lower his shorts to make it seem like he's naked underneath.

Later on, Myolie and Ron joined him to film some other scenes. The reporters asked Myolie if she was sad that she missed out on his shirtless scenes, but she said no since she already saw him shirtless when filming The Rippling Blossom. 

Ron and Myolie were also seen filming some more biking scenes in which the pair are competing in a race.

I just started watching the original Triumph the other day, and it's making me more exited to watch the sequel. Even though there a lot of original characters missing, I'm glad that Francis, Kenneth, Nancy, and Myolie (even though she's playing a new character) are returning and I do like the new addition of Chilam. Even though Ron would probably be listed behind Francis and Chilam, I view him as the central character in the series because he's connected to everyone. 

Source: Oriental Daily and ihktv


Frmcoasttocoast said...

cant wait for this new series. i kinda wish flora chan to be in this series.

AC said...

Same here! I'm hoping that Flora at least makes a guest cameo.

Anonymous said...

What episode is this ?

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