Upcoming Series

TVB is in the midst of planning some upcoming series to be filmed. Today, they announced 2 that are in the works.

Disciplined Forces (December): Eddie Cheung, Kathy Chow, Michael Tse
Michael will play a villian.

Dayo Wong Series (To be filmed next year)
They are trying to get Dodo Cheng to film this series, but Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, and Fala Chen have all state that they would like to film opposite Dayo. Produced by Tsui Ching Hong

Previously announced:
OCT. Lam Chi Wah series- Roger Kwok, Selena Li, Sharon Chan, Joyce Tang, Raymond Cho, Johnson Li
NOV. Tsui Ching Hong series- Wayne Lai, Moses Chan, Jason Chan, Elliot Ngok
NOV/DEC. Chong Wai Kin series - Bobby Au Yeung, Esther Kwan, Ben Wong, Pierre Ngo
FEB. Poon Ka Tok- The Hippocratic Crush 2: Kenneth Ma, Lawrence Ng, Tavia Yeung
FEB. Lee Tim Sing- Rosy Business 3: Wayne Lai, Myolie Wu, Edwin Siu, Natalie Tong, Sire Ma

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