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Do you recognize the TVB stars for the upcoming movie?

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Here are the ones from TVB that I recognize: (going from left to right): Chin Ka Lok, Louis Yuen, Joyce Tang, Bosco Wong, Bernice Liu, Oscar Leung, Ka Ki Leung, Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung, Raymond Lam, Anita Yuen, Wong Cho Lam, Michael Tse, Tracy Ip, Ben Wong, and Joe Ma. I know that there are a lot more but I either can't recognize/see them in the picture, or they're not shown.

2009 TVB Series (July- December)

Title: A Bride For a Ride
Episodes: 21
Main Stars: Chin Ka Lok, Louisa So, Sammul Chan, Nancy Wu
Recommendation: NO
Other Comments: This series is an ancient comedy. You wouldn't really miss anything if you didn't watch it. Sammul as a girl is kinda cute but I wish they didn't dub his female voice.

Title: You're Hired
Episodes: 20
Main Stars: Dayo Wong, Charmaine Sheh, Michael Tse
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: The series is more like 2 different storylines: the first revolves more around Benz Hui while the second part showcases Michael Tse. Overall, I think it's very cute especially the scenes with Dayo and Charmaine.

Title: Burning Flame 3
Episodes: 31
Main Stars: Wong Hei, Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: Wong Hei's charcter is super annoying in this series! I thought the whole series in general is really good though. There's a good balance between the action scenes and the storyline and you'll like it if you like dramatic storylines.

Title: D.I.E. Again
Episodes: 24
Main Stars: Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Derek Kwok, Nancy Wu
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: Watch it if you liked the original since it's basically a continuation. It is a little sillier though.

Title: The Stew of Life
Episodes: 30
Main Stars: Louisa Lee, Christine Ng, Fala Chen
Recommendation: NO
Other Comments: The storyline is a little boring and drags. I don't know why they made the series so long. I also do not get why they gave Fala such an ugly wig. Putting that on and glasses does not make someone automatically a nerd.

Title: In The Chamber of Bliss
Episodes: 20
Main Stars: Damian Lau, Kathy Chow, Kenneth Ma
Recommendation: NO
Other Comments: I was barely paying attention since it was soooooo slow. Unless you really love the main characters, I would skip this series because it is also very deppressing.

Title: Born Rich
Episodes: 41
Main Stars: Gallen Lo, Ray Lui, Kenix Kwok, Anita Yuen, Joe Ma, Jamie Chik
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: I liked this series okay even though I liked some storylines more than others. I love Anita and Joe together and I would have never thought I would have. They should have replace Nancy Sit with a better dramatic actress though.

Title: Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Episodes: 33
Main Stars: Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: I really liked this series. I do wish that they focused on the females more because the storyline involving mainly the guys was not that interesting. If they showed more turmoil between the ladies, I think it could have been the next War & Beauty.

Title: A Chip Off the Old Block
Episodes: 21
Main Stars: Sunny Chan, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: It was a very cute series but they could have developed it a lot more, like how Ron having to adjust more to the past. I think the relationships are very sweet though. Some may also not like the ending but I really the whole series.

2009 TVB series (Jan-June)

Title: The Gem Of Life
Episodes: 82
Main Stars: Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, Maggie Siu, Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Wong Hei, Linda Chung, Bosco Wong
Recommendation: NO unless you have a LOT of time to watch this
Other Comments: The first half is really boring and there's a lot of business talk. It gets a little more interesting in the end so if they had managed to cut the whole series in half, it would have been better. Even for such a long series, they don't really develop the characters and the storyline properly. My favorite story line involved Wong Hei and Linda Chung but that's only a tiny portion of the series. Ada is really good here though.

Title: E.U.
Episodes: 30
Main Stars: Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Michael Miu, Michael Tse, Kathy Chow
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: I think this is my favorite series of the year. The whole story was really great and the acting is pretty good as well. This was also another breakout series for Michael Tse because his character got so popular that they based a movie around him!

Title: The Winter Melon Tale
Episodes: 20
Main Stars: Sunny Chan, Louisa So
Recommendation: NO
Other Comments: It's an ancient series revolving a fairy tale. If you liked, Ten Brothers, you'll probably like it but the whole thing was kind of silly. I did think it was cute but other people would probably not care for it much.

Title: The King of Snooker
Episodes: 20
Main Stars: Adam Cheng, Niki Chow, Patrick Tang, Joyce Tang
Recommendation: NO
Other Comments: If they had replaced Patrick Tang with a more handsome and better actor, it might have been more interesting because his acting is too bland to bring some life to this series. The couples were boring too and I barely remember what happened.

Title: Rosy Business
Episodes: 25
Main Stars: Wayne Lai, Sheren Teng, Ron Ng
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: This is one series where most of the people can really act. Wayne and Sheren really deserved their Best Actor and Actress award! The story revolves around 4 wives fighting for power and Wayne tries and stand by Sheren through the whole thing. It's a great series that had me at the edge of my seat and there will be characters that you hate, that you love, and that you will cry and root for.

Title: Man In Charge
Episodes: 20
Main Stars: Kenneth Ma, Leila Tong, Kate Tsui
Recommendation: NO
Other Comments: This was filmed a long time ago as evidenced by Kate's really short bangs and chubbier face (and bad acting). I can't even remember how this ends but if you're a fan of Kenneth and Leila, then you should watch it.

Title: Just Love II
Episodes: 25
Main Stars: Jessica Hsuan, Sunny Chan, Joyce Tang, Johnson Lee
Recommendation: YES if you liked the first part
Other Comments: To be honest, I don't know why they chose this series of any of the TVB series to make a sequel for. Patrick Tang and Selena Li make a cameo in a few episodes in the beginning and the rest of the series is reminiscent of the first series in which cases are interwined with their family drama.

Title: The Threshold of A Persona
Episodes: 26
Main Stars: Roger Kwok, Yoyo Mung
Recommendation: NO
Other Comments: This is another boring series so I would only recommend it if you are a fan of the stars. The story revolves around working in immigration, which isn't really the most fascinating topic.

Title: Sweetness in the Salt
Episodes: 25
Main Stars: Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Wong
Recommendation: YES
Other Comments: I love this series! My only gripe would be that they could have cut the series down to 20 episodes but other than that, I love the whole progression of the story. The love triange between the 3 main leads is one of the best I've seen TVB do because they don't make anyone the villian just so you would root for one side more than the other. I wish this series got better ratings because Raymond Wong did such a fantastic job with his character.

The Year in Review: 2009 Warehoused Series

The year is almost over so I thought I would give some super short reviews of all the TVB shows I've watched and let you know if I would recommend watching it. I'll start off with the warehoused series, and then I'll move on to the others within the next few days.

Title: A Great Way to Care
Episodes: 20
Main Stars: Alex Fong, Kate Tsui, Raymond Wong
Recommendation: NO unless you are a fan of Raymond Wong
Other Comments: This was a pretty boring series. The only entertaining parts was the parts revolving around Raymond and Vivien Yeo. It's kind of like Placebo Cure but not as interesting.

Title: The Greatness of a Hero
Episodes: 20
Main Stars: Kent Cheng, Sunny Chan, Sonija Kwok, Bernice Liu, Leila Tong, Wayne Lai
Recommendation: YES BUT...
Other Comments: the storyline gets weird in the end. The beginning and middle parts had a lot of potential but it just seemed like they didn't know how to end it so they made a mess of it.

一刀了斷- 張智霖 Julian Cheung & 胡杏兒 Myolie Wu

I love this duet by Myolie and Chilam. I really like the MV's storyline too and it makes me excited for the series that they will be in. It's probably because part of the story line is set in Japan, but I'm wondering if the series will be like The Seventh Day? The other similarity is that it focuses on 2 couples (Myolie & Chilam and Tavia & Michael Tse while The Seventh Day had Niki & Kevin and Bosco & Natalie). Either way, I can't wait for it to be released because they finally cast Myolie in a serious drama. I love her in comedies but I think they stick her with these roles because that's what she's known for, but I don't think these really show what a great actress Myolie is.

Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣-暗示(原裝MV)

I recently got Linda's new CD, My Love Story, and I really like it. Here is my favorite song off the album:

New Myolie MV! 光明日

I really like this MV and the song. When's her new cd coming out?!

Also, I think a lot of people may be confused at the ending so here are my thoughts: She does not go through with it, and then one day she finally sees the light that she can move on again.

Christine Ng in The Stew of Life

In most TVB series, the characters ages are never revealed. For the most part, the slightly older females tend to play younger characters. Those in their 40s play someone in the early 30s while ladies in the 30s would play characters in their 20s. In The Stew of Life, Christine Ng not only plays someone close to her age, she also plays someone older! In the series, she is 45, although in real life she is only 40. I was just surprised to see this because age seems like a sensitive matter in Hong Kong and some female actresses would never want to reveal their real age or play someone older than they actually are because of vanity issues. By the way, I think Christine Ng is gorgeous and she still looks as young (and possibly even better) than she was in Cold Blood Warm Heart and other older series that she was in.

Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu

This is only an advertisement for a brand of bird's nest, but Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu are putting their romance rumors to good use by doing this promotion together. I think they look super cute together and I would be happy for them if they did end up coming out as a couple.

Raymond Wong (from TVB Weekly 636)

Here is a scan of Raymond Wong in the Linda/Wong-Hei series- Crossing the Boundary of Exploration. It is rumored that Raymond will soon be taking up bigger roles since he might be playing the other male lead along with Kent Cheng in an upcoming series. I hope this is true because this guy is very talented and I want TVB to cherish him, especially since they are lacking in the male lead department.

Aimee Chan

From TVB Issue 632

I think that once Off Pedder is finished, you'll be seeing a lot more of her in other TVB series. She still needs improvement in her enunciation and acting but I do see potential in her.

Nancy Wu: Cover of TVB Life

Nancy looks so pretty here!

Marriages Revealed

Wow, I didn't realize that so many Hong Kong stars hide their marriages and relationships. To be honest, I don't think it should affect their image as much anymore as it did even 10 years ago. A lot of people seem to enjoy pairings (for me, I really want Bosco and Myolie together in real life) and I think their fans would be happy for them. Here are a few recent relationships I found out about.

1. Miriam Yeung and Real Ting (married in Las Vegas)
2. Leon Lai and Gaile Lok (married a year and a half ago)
3. Andy Lau and Carol Zhu (rumored for 20 years but only recently had a picture of them holding hands; they are now married and she is most likely pregnant)
4. Jade Kwan will get married soon
5. Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong (still rumored to be together after going on vacation together along with a group of friends)
5. Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen (tabloid pictures of them kissing by the pool; now rumored to be living together)

Those are just a few of them but there are a lot of TVB actors that are rumored together that I hope is true. I want them to find happiness and it's hard to find someone that would understand their lifestyle so I think 2 actors would work well together.

Michael Tse (info)

If you're watching "You're Hired" and wondering when Michael Tse appears, he finally shows up on episode 11! It's only 22 episodes long so I was kinda surprised that he only appears in half the series. Perhaps it's because he became that much more popular now, they are using him to promote the series. So far, the whole storyline is pretty cute and it's a good series so hopefully the rest does not disappoint.

In other news, Michael Tse is joining the upcoming series with Chilam, Tavia, and Myolie! You guys have no idea how excited I am about this cast so far, especially since these are some of my favorites. Filming will start in October.

Also, I know that this is sort of old news but the Laughing Gor movie is now out and I'm still excited to watch it. I'm trying to avoid all other news of this since I hate spoilers but it's probably going to be a short while before they release this to the U.S.

有意 Kevin Cheng & Myolie Wu

This song actually had to grow on me because when I first heard it, I just thought it was okay. However, when you watch Burning Flames 3 and hear this song used throughout the series, it makes a lot of sense and I slowly began to fall in love with it. Go Kevolie!

Myolie MV- Love Delusion

This is Myolie's video for 戀愛妄想. Here are the 2 versions. The first one is TVB's version and the bottom is Neway's official version, which I like better. Which one do you like more?

I'm Back!

I haven't blogged in what feels like forever! I've been busy with work, but now I'm excited to go back to posting in a somewhat more regular basis. Here's a small preview of what I'm going to be posting soon:
  • Some TVB Magazine scans (these might be old since I have 6 issues that I haven't even looked at yet)
  • Quick thoughts on A Bride For A Ride and other series that I might have missed
  • Thoughts on Burning Flames 3 so far
  • Raymond Lam Concert DVD

Burning Flames 3

I've watched the first 2 episodes so far and no Myolie yet but here are some quick thoughts:
  • For TVB, they have some pretty good effects. It makes it more exciting, at least for me.
  • So far it seems like it really is 3 main male leads: Wong Hei, Kevin, and Bosco. However, it seems to me that Bosco is the main guy so far since he is the link between everything.
  • I like Bosco in this series because I like his hair (haha) and I like him more when he's in more when he plays a good guy.
  • Wong Hei plays the typical "Wong-Hei" role in that he plays a very cool guy who during certain scenes talks really fast when he wants to make a point. This isn't a bad thing though.
  • Kevin looks really cute here- he ages really well, meaning that it seems like he never ages!
  • Wow, the ratings for the first episode was 36 points with 38 at its peak? I never even knew that there was that much interest in this series since it didn't seem as heavily promoted.
  • I do like the series so far because it seems like a good start to set up the rest of the series.
  • My only problem with it so far (other than anticipating Myolie to show up) is that when they do flashbacks, they keep showing dates and when it comes pack to the present, it flashed the current date as if we wouldn't figure it out.
  • Hopefully the rest of the series lives up.

A Great Way To Care (Short Review)

*Spoilers so beware...

I just finished watching A Great Way to Care and it's not as bad as the other Marco Law produced series- Building Blocks of Life. That said, the series was just okay. Basically, Alex Fong plays a psychiatrist and Kate Tsui plays a cop and the story revolves around small cases that delve into the mind and psychology. In between all of this Alex and Kate start liking each other and become a couple but there's nothing that interesting about this pairing. *Major spoiler alert on the ending: They break up in one of the last episodes and so there is supposed to be a little awkward silence and so one of them asks if all they have to talk about is the different cases. Skip to the very ending and they are together and you know what they're talking about? Yup, another case. Uhh? What?

Kate's acting has improved in this series and even though she's the main female lead, the story revolves around Alex Fong. I think this is Kate's best look- with these cool boots and she looks really pretty in this series. I think she's better playing characters who are tough because she does make a pretty believable cop (even though I'm sure that most of them do not look like a Miss HK. haha).

The best and only good part I like about this series is Raymond Wong and Vivien Yeo. Okay, so I usually don't like it when people overact, but Vivien does in this series and kinda overacts her "cuteness" but it fits the character she plays. To me, she's very lovable and this is the first time I've liked her in a series. Once again, Raymond Wong steals the spotlight in this series even though he is just a supporting character. Raymond plays a somewhat geeky nurse who meets Vivien when she is overweight and depressed and he takes her in his care and help her get better. It's all very sweet and innocent- too bad they didn't give them more screentime because the series would have been a lot better with it. I think the best part of their pairing is that Raymond would have loved her no matter what she looked like and did see the beauty inside her. I hate other TVB series where someone transforms from an ugly duckling to a swan and that's the point when someone falls in love with them, and makes it seem like it is all about the looks.

Would I recommend this series? I say yes to fans of the leads or Raymond Wong. However for people who are more picky in watching their series I would tell them to wait for something else. If you do decide to watch it, just make sure that you do not watch Threshold of a Persona at the same time! I did, and since most of the supporting actors are the same, I was getting confused about the characters!

Quick Thoughts

Omg, I'm watching Threshold of a Persona and A Great Way to Care, but I didn't expect some of these scenes to be so bloody! Ahh! I literally gasped in one scene where you see someone get run over by a car. I know it's fake but still.. I'm used to happy TVB series! haha

Off Pedder Episode 166

This is one of my favorite episodes so far. I think we are getting closer to seeing Wayne and Teresa get together! Fans of this pairing would really like this episode and watching it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ha!

I love Raymond but...

Omg, why is he wearing a "t-back" (around the 2:30 mark)... on purpose?! Eek, that is totally not hot. I think he'll look back on that and regret it. hehe. Or am I wrong? Are male thongs showing hot? It's not even hot for females. I still love him though.

Raymond Lam "If Time Has Come"

Omg, I feel so lost in my Raymond news. I didn't realize there was this other song too.

Raymond Lam "Let's Get Wet" MV

A few comments:
  • I wish they got rid of the Rihanna-esque "eh-eh-ehs"
  • I kept expecting those guys to start dancing. Why else have them there? Unless they're there to make Raymond Lam look even more handsome in comparison? hehe
  • Raymond shirtless!

My Favorite Series (Ever!)

My favorite series of all time is Survivor's Law. It was the perfect combination of drama and comedy and it also had a great cast. There were four main characters (Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Sammul Chan, and Bernice Liu) in which the series showcased each character's strengths and weaknesses and made you care about all of them. It also had a great love triangle/square that progressed quite nicely. This series is the main reason that I am a BIG Rayolie fan! Everything about them was so cute and I loved every scene they were in together. I was always anxious to watch what was next even if nothing "big" was happening because it's more character driven rather thn plot drive. In fact, the whole storyline was that way because it never seemed like the pace went too slow or too fast, where cases are interwoven in an interesting way. While a lot of detective/lawyer series have individual cases, the characters are somewhat forgotten to solve the mystery. For these cases, they move along the whole story while revealing why each character is the way they are.

Because I love this series so much, I can overlook some of the weaker acting (Bernice), and that's why the four of them are some of my favorite actors. I could go over my favorite parts of the series but then I would just be repeating the whole thing! There are so many highlights for me but I guess the main one would be when Raymond is trying to knit Myolie's purse and scarf! So cute!

The ending was also perfect to me, and that's why I choose to ignore that Survivor's Law 2 ever happened. haha. I hated the sequel for many reasons, though I'm sure if I never watched the first one, I might have enjoyed it more. The main thing was that it ruined the happily ever after when they could have just done a sequel with all new characters or something. Also, Sammul's hair is hideous in the second one!

In general, if you've never seen this series before, I highly reccommend it! Here's the summary from Yesasia (since I'm bad at summarizing! hehe):

From Files of Justice to Legal Entanglement, TVB has found quite a bit of success with legal dramas, and one of the most memorable recent entries in the genre has to be the 2003 series Survivor's Law. Featuring four up-and-coming stars in the leading roles, Survivor's Law turned into a surprisingly big hit, confirming the rise of TVB's next generation. Raymond Lam, Sammul Chan, Myolie Wu, and Bernice Liu star as rookie lawyers of very different backgrounds and personalities who end up at the same law firm and battle out challenging court cases together. The entertaining drama's great supporting cast includes veterans Hui Siu Hung, Liu Kai Chi, Felix Lok, and Helen Tam; other young stars like Sharon Chan, Chris Lai, Kenneth Ma, and singer Juno Mak in his one TVB drama; and movie actress Ruby Wong in a rare television appearance. Survivor's Law returned for a second season in 2007 with a slightly different cast.

With his casual dress, unconventional work methods, and laidback attitude, Lok Bun (Raymond Lam) doesn't exactly fit into the usual image of a lawyer, but he has a warm heart and a head full of unexpected ideas. The polar opposite of Lok Bun, Ching Ling (Myolie Wu) is extremely serious and thorough about her work, but sometimes lets emotions affect her judgment. A rising star in the field, the ambitious and strong-minded Wai Ming (Sammul Chan) becomes colleagues with Lok Bun and Ching Ling because he wants to escape the restrictions and hierarchy of a big firm. Completing the team is timid Si Ga (Bernice Liu) who puts love before work. The four young lawyers go through the trials and triumphs of practicing law together, but their friendship is put to the test by romantic conflicts, career ambitions, and cases that hit too close to home.

Currently Watching

I'm currently watching Off Pedder (up to about episode 150), A Great Way to Care (episode 4), and The Threshold of a Persona (episode 8). Which one am I liking the most so far? Off Pedder!

Off Pedder
I am currently really loving this series! Maybe it's because of my infatuation with everything Wayne Lai (haha), but when I rent my series, this is always the first one I pop in. Him and Teresa Mo have really good chemistry and I'm currently waiting for their relationship to develop further. Also, I'm beginning to really like Aimee Chan. I have a feeling she's going to be TVB's next fadan they will push, especially since she's following in Bernice Liu and Linda Chung's path of starting off in a long sitcom first.

A Great Way To Care
As I mentioned earlier, the theme song really creeps me out! This series is a mix of Placebo Cure and any random detective/police series in which they mix the two to solve some mysteries by exploring the workings of the human mind or psychological issues. The cast is kinda blah but there is Raymond Wong here to be my eye candy. I'll wait a while to see if the story is any good, because it's not looking great so far.However, watching this confuses me when I'm watch Threshold of a Persona since a few of the supporting characters are the same.

The Threshold of a Persona
The story is okay so far. I'm just waiting to see how they get rid of Roger's wife because I'm anxious to see how he and Yoyo Mung get together (hehe). I'm really trying to recall what has happened so far but I can't remember much- that's not a good thing! The storyline is basically mixed in with a lot of immigration issues and investigations, but nothing that exciting is happening right now to get me really into the series. Oh! The one thing that stands out for me is Roger's hair- why is it curly?

Am I the only one totally loving Off Pedder? I wonder if the other people are finding the other 2 series more interesting..

A Great Way To Care

I'm starting to watch this right now as I write this but from the opening theme video, I don't know why it just seems kinda scary. Maybe it's the song? I think the only thing I'm excited for is to see Raymond Wong. I find Alex Fong totally boring! And I hated his last series- the dreary The Building Blocks of Life (and this one has Timmy Hung as well- is that a bad sign?).

Just Love 2 Pairings

Other than Jessica Hsuan and Sunny Chan (cute!), there are some other pairings in this sequel that are not as cute. I'm going to be really shallow here and say that the guys paired with Natalie Tong and Casper Chan are... not as pretty as they are. Natalie and Casper are both really young ladies and they are paired with older guys and there is no chemistry that I see between them. I guess that's what happens when there are more gals than guys in TVB. They couldn't find any better male actors?

You might not be able to tell from this picture, but the guy has a ponytail! Not hot.

Total Mismatch

Myolie Wu and Kate Tsui

This is a short little clip of Myolie and Kate and the person behind the camera is Stephen Chan. It's cute because they really seem to get along with each other. Other than hugging, there are other little gestures such as Myolie knowing Kate's dance move and Kate fixing Myolie's jacket.

Joyce Tang

Joyce Tang returned to TVB last year in War of In Laws 2 after about a 3 year absence from TVB after a highly publicized breakup from Marco Ngai. I say good for her because ever since her return, she somehow looks even younger and preetier and I think her acting has also improved. Before her break, she was most known for her leading role in the Armed Reaction series as well as some lead and supporting roles in various series. I always thought her acting was just okay and nothing that special. I think maybe that's due to her being in some really bad series- I did not like Armed Reaction IV because of the ending and I hated Summer Heat.

Now, she seems like she is back with a vengence. Most of her roles are second lead and not main lead but she has a lot more spark in her newer roles. I kind of like her in these type of bitchy roles because she brings a lot of attitude to them and she no longer plays these wallflower types. Her fake/real romance with Derek Kwok is really cute and they had a lot of chemistry in War of In Laws 2. My favorite scene is probably how he proposed to her- adorable! I'm currently watching her in Just Love 2 and though she doesn't have too much screen time, she's very interesting to watch. Did I mention that she's gorgeous? Her best look so far was in King of Snookers with her long curly hair, and she was my favorite (maybe the only thing I liked) from that series. I'm looking forward to seeing more from her in the future and hopefully she gets back to main lead soon!

Crossing the Boundary of Exploration

I am so excited that Wong Hei and Linda Chung will be filming another series together. I loved them in Gem of Life (one of the few things that I actually liked about that series) and am happy that I will get to see them paired up again. I'm also happy that Linda will get to pair up with someone other than just Steven Ma and Raymond Lam. I always like new pairings, especially ones that involves actors that I like. I'm already looking forward to this series.

TVB Rental Store

Sigh.. my nearest TVB rental store is closing soon! I'm so sad because they were the closest to me and they were super nice. Now, I have to go check out these 2 other rental stores and check out the prices and stuff. I'm trying to avoid having to rent it in Chinatown just because even though it's close to my work, it would be a hassle to take the bus there during my lunch. Also, the big one has hella rude salespeople! They give a bad vibe! Anyways, I wonder if that store is closing because of sales increases GekTV? GekTV is like a cable box where you pay a monthly charge to watch shows but if you want to watch the newest one right away, I think its a $1 per episode. Well, at least nothing good is being released next so I have a little time to explore.

Bernice Liu & Kelly Clarkson

Woohoo! One of my favorite TVB actresses went to see my favorite singer, Kelly Clarkson! Here's the translated article.

Bernice Liu went to Central to watch Kelly Clarkson's mini concert. She stated that she is a fan, since watching the show American Idol she started to admire her singing talent. Although the scene was crowded, Bernice didn't wear a surgical mask to prevent getting the swine flu. She said "I am not worried, as long as you take care of your personal hygiene daily there shouldn't be any problem."

Source: On,cc
Translated by: Matchbox @ mediachamber.net

Here's a youtube clip of Kelly Clarkson in Hong Kong- I'm not sure if this is the one she went to though.

There are more but some of the videos were too wide. =( The guy doing the interview was super good at translating though!

Myolie Wu- Love Delusion

Myolie has a new song! The english title is Love Delusion and it's pretty catchy, very pop. To me, it's more catchy than her first single from the first album. I'm so excited that she's releasing something new!

TVB Programme Information 2009

This is the Program for this year but it doesn't include all the series that are being released. It's nice to look at the pictures (and the weird English translations!).

Born Rich: I wish that Bernice was in this series since she was originally going to be paired up with Kenneth, but I like Sharon Chan though. I didn't like them together in Dream of Colours but Sharon probably doesn't play as mean a character here. Other than those 2, the only person I'm really a big fan of is Gallen Lo so I'll watch it for that.

Beyond The Realm of Conscience: This is quite possibly the most anticipated series to be released because of the cast and some possible breakthrough roles because a bunch of them play "evil" characters. This will either be super great or a big letdown but I'm hoping it's good!

The King of Snookers: This series was a little on the boring side. They try to correlate snooker with real life lessons and it didn't quite mesh. My favorite character was Joyce Tang but I don't get why she's not on the poster!

The Beauty of The Game: I like that Lai Lok Yi is the male lead since I like him but I'm not that excited for this series either. It looks like they're trying to blend their fake story with real TVB series by making it seem like the characters filmed past popular series such as War and Beauty. It'll come off as cheesy or cute.

Just Love II: Very cute so far. How is it possible that Sunny and Jessica looks like they didn't age?! The little boy is really cute too!

The Threshold of a Persona: The storyline looks a little boring but Roger and Yoyo is in it!

A Great Way to Care: This looks a little boring too but maybe because I find Alex Fong a little boring.

A Watchdog's Tale: Another Steven and Linda series- it's a good thing I like them!

You're Hired: I bet they're regretting not putting Michael Tse on this poster as promotion since they probably didn't realize how big he would get. I bet that they're going to put him nice and big on the real poster when this series comes out. I'm looking forward to this series because I'm hoping that it will be funny.

D.I.E. Again: I like the english title- it's very cute! I liked the first part so I'm looking forward to more silly mysteries.
Burning Flame III: I think this is my most anticipated series only because my fave actress in this- Myolie! I have a feeling that all I will think about is Boscolie because why put them in a series together if you don't put them together? I've read somewhere that Kevin and Myolie will be singing the subtheme so I'm looking forward to that too.

Man In Charge: This series was okay. I barely remembered what happened in this series and I just finished watching it 2 weeks ago!

Rosy Business: Pretty exciting so far! This has 3 of my favorite actors in it- Wayne, Sheren, and Ron. If you want to see great acting, you've got to watch this series.

A Bride For A Ride: This series looks pretty funny. I can't wait to see Sammul as a woman!

Rosy Business- Quick Thoughts

I'm starting episode 3 of Rosy Business but here are a few quick thoughts and reactions:
  • More Ron please!
  • Sheren's wigs are very ugly and fake looking! It's very shiny.
  • I like Kara Hui.
  • The dog scene creeped me out.
  • Wayne Lai scares me! =)

TVB Rumored Couples Earnings

This is just a rumored salary list of artist's earnings to appear at functions, either alone or together.

Kevin Cheng (alone): $50,000
Charmaine Sheh (alone): $60,000
As a couple: $130,000

Moses Chan (alone): $70.000
Bernice Liu (alone): $70,000
As a couple: $180,000

Raymond Lam (alone): $80,000
Linda Chung (alone) $50,000
As a couple: $170,000

Bosco Wong (alone): $60,000
Myolie Wu (alone): $60,000
As a couple: $150,000

No wonder these couples usually answer a little slyly when asked if their romance is true- they make a lot of money! I'm surprised that Kevin doesn't make that much and that Charmaine makes the same as Bosco and Myolie. I would have thought that that she would have made more since she is considered the top fadan at TVB. This is also why I don't think TVB doesn't mind if their artists are actually going out, since they get a big cut of their earnings. Actually, they probably only don't mind if the 2 rumored artistes are popular. For example, Shirley would probably make more money if she were to be paired up with Ron instead of her longtime boyfriend who is more of an extra. Now that Kenneth and Nancy are rumored to be going out, who is Kate going to be paired with? Only popular fadans can be paired with popular siu sangs!

Source: Sudden Weekly Issue 717
Credits: RaymondLam.org

Upcoming Series

Rosy Business
Title: 《巾幗梟雄》(前名《妻妾成群》、《紅粉商人》)

Broadcast Period: April 2009 to May 2009.

播出時期 2009年4月27日-2009年5月29日

播出時間 逢星期一至五 21:30-22:30

Episodes: 25

Genre: Ancient 清裝


Elliot Yue (岳華)
Susan Tse (謝雪心)
Kara Hui (惠英紅)
Kiki Sheung (商天娥)
Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯)
Pierre Ngo (敖嘉年)
Ron Ng (吳卓羲)
Kelvin Leung (梁証嘉)
Wayne Lai (黎耀祥)
Nancy Wu (胡定欣)
Suki Chui (徐淑敏)
Cheung Yick (張翼)
Lee Sing Cheung (李成昌)
Suet Nay (雪妮)
Helen Ma (馬海倫)
Angel Chiang (蔣家旻)
Samuel Kwok (郭峰)
Jessie Sum (沈卓盈)
Wong Fung King (黃鳳瓊)
Wong Chi Wai (黃梓瑋)
Chang Yuen Sa (曾婉莎)
Lam Ying Hung (林影紅)
Chan Wing Kei (陳榮峻)


一 場天災,粉碎了本是小家碧玉康寶琦與無錫米王蔣喬的婚約;一次斷糧,滅絕了她全家的性命而淪落為朝廷欽犯。多年來,在寶琦的內心只惦念著當年棄約的蔣喬, 總在設法親自求證自己所愛之人絕非無情之士,直至一次偶然的機會,寶琦與蔣喬再遇,得以再續前緣,順利嫁入蔣家成了四姨太。自入門後,寶琦常遭大奶奶殷鳳 儀及二少奶彭嬌的無理加害,但她心思慎密、不拘小節,眼觀全局,總是化危為機。喬深明大義,心裡由衷敬佩寶琦的識見及堅持,當他病危離世前決將米業交由她 託管,希望她找出最適當的接任人。

這個千斤重任令寶琦腹背受敵,但她不負所託,竭力掌管家業及細心尋覓接任人,終讓她發現外表只管吃喝玩 樂的二子蔣必正原是為人正直、重情重義之士,且在米行內極具親和力,寶琦便一面扶植必正上位,一面力擋當年在蔣家受盡折磨,存心報仇的柴九。柴九事事衝著 蔣家而來,處處對蔣家不利,二人鬥智鬥力,時而短兵相接,時而拳腳交加,最終強強相對後,二人竟變成惺惺相惜,柴九更因而對寶琦產生傾慕之情..


Hong Po Kei's engagement with Wuxi rice baron Tseung Kiu broke off many years ago when a natural disaster hit the country. Later when the country was running out of food supply her whole family was killed and she become a criminal. Over the years, Kei has never got over Kiu. She has been trying to prove he is not as heartless as the others think. Fate has it that they meet again and she becomes his fourth wife. Kiu's first and second wives, Yan Fung Yee and Pang Kiu, always make things difficult for Kei. Kei, who is an extremely clever person who never wastes time on trivial things, turns every threat into an opportunity. This makes Kiu appreciate her wisdom and persistence. He entrusts his business to her and tells her to find a suitable successor for him before he dies.

Despite all the attacks in the family, Kei manages to keep the business in good shape. She has never forgotten Kiu's last wish, too. By chance, she discovers that Tseung Pit Ching, Kiu's second son, is not really a playboy but an upright person loved by everyone in the shop. She therefore guides and helps him in every possible way, but her efforts are met with Chai Kau's challenges. Kau seeks vengeance for being mistreated and wants a pay back from Tseung family. After rounds after rounds of battle wits and actual fights, Kei and Kau begin to appreciate each other. Kau even falls for Kei as time goes by.

Just Love 2
Title: 老婆大人II

演出:宣 萱、陳錦鴻、滕麗名、李思捷、唐詩詠、許紹雄、鄧健泓、李詩韻

Broadcast Period: May 2009 to June 2009.

播出時期 2009年5月4日-2009年6月5日

播出時間 逢星期一至五 20:30-21:30

Episodes: 25

Genre: Modern 時裝


裁 判官高希敏婚後得到廿四孝丈夫葛國光的無限量支持,在事業上愈戰愈勇,縱然面對法庭內刁鑽棘手的案件及千奇百怪的對手也無畏無懼,全因她堅守"法律面前人 人平等"的信念;在家庭上無牽無掛,縱然面對家婆的無聲抗議及千篇一律的家務瑣事也從容自在,全因她奉行"男主內,女主外"的理念;她把一切看作理所當然 之時,命運讓她經歷了一次又一次不能單用法理去解釋的嚴峻考驗。

一名患有輕度精神病的何秀秀,因希敏對她的身世起了憐憫之心,竟大開門戶 讓她闖進其生活圈子,為她製造無限進佔自己家庭、甚至取替其作為妻子及母親地位的機會;繼而是國光因車禍入院重傷,被親戚葛德云教唆接連欺騙希敏,令兩夫 妻陷入分裂邊緣;最後是不打不相識的騙徒何時富,一個在希敏眼中低下卑鄙的流氓,竟然是堂堂高官的親生父親..



Career-minded magistrate Ko Hei Man gains full support from her loyal husband Kot Kwok Kwong so that she is able to concentrate fully on her works. At court, Man strongly believes that everyone is equal before the law and she tackles every challenge confidently. At home, she never bothers about the household duties which are all taken by husband and any complaints filed by mother-in-law. Man just takes things for granted but fate continuously to convince her that law cannot be applied to every situation.

Man feels sympathized with Ho Sau Sau who suffers from slight mental disorders. Trying to help, Man allows her to come into her family but this creates an opportunity for Sau to replace Man's role as a wife and a mother completely. Kwong is seriously injured during a car accident. His relative Kot Tak Wan lectures Kwong how to fight against Man and this leads to serious communication breakdown between the couple. Swindler Ho Shi Fu appears in Man's life as a hopeless villain from the lower class but he is in fact the father of a senior official.

"Just Love II" is a story about law and human nature. How would the couple tide over the difficulties?

My thoughts: I'm excited for both series. Each one has one of my favorite actors: Wayne Lai and Sunny Chan! I'm hoping that Rosy Business is really good and I'm thinking it will be. It has 2 of TVB's best actors: Sheren Teng and Wayne Lai- is this going to be the year that Sheren wins Best Actress? I liked Just Love okay enough but I didn't think it needed a sequel, but I'm still looking forward to this because I miss Jessica. I hope these 2 boost the TVB ratings up!

Laughing Cast Poll

So I can't read Chinese but I'm not sure if this is a poll for fun or if the results will actually have any bearing on the real cast. Here's a look at the results so far but here's the link if you want to give your input: http://event.tvb.com/laughing/polling/cast/

I can't recognize some of the girls but I think the second one is Macy Chan, then Nancy Wu, Kate Tsui, and Aimee Chan. That's kinda interesting that TVB puts those actresses into consideration and it kinda shows who they might promote. Nancy is my favorite of those actresses but I much prefer that they cast Aimee Chan as the girlfriend for continuity's sake. She might not be the best actress but I think she's good enough and has been improving in Off Pedder. This is also a chance for TVB to promote someone else. I don't want Kate because she played Ron's (annoying) cousin in On The First Beat and I think a lot of people will complain about that.

TVB Blog Update- Myolie's No. 1!

I was looking at TVB's blog and I have been seeing that Myolie's No. 1! I've been seeing that a few times recently but I keep missing the opportunity to make a screencap of it since it changes quite often, but I was very happy for her! I was also wondering how Gigi stays in the Top 10 for so long when she hasn't posted in a long time. She must have some really dedicated fans!

Source: http://artiste.tvb.com

E.U. (Best Series Ever!) Review

Spoiler Alert! Please don't read until after you're done with the series since I don't want to ruin anything and I think this is THE series to watch.

E.U. is not only the best series of the year so far, it is also now one of my favorite series ever. It had a strong beginning, middle and end and captured my attention that made me excited to watch every episode. It had a nice even pace in which it rarely got boring, unlike other series where it can have a slow buildup or where only certain episodes were good. Not only did it have a memorable storyline, it had interesting characters that I cared about with a lot of good character development which made it easier to relate to the different people. I would have to say that this is the best one of The Academy series and one of my favorite series ever. I have to commend the whole production from the cast to the crew who did a wonderful job with the cinematography, to the consistency of the storyline where every scene makes sense and plays into the overall storyline.

I think they could have easily made this movie to be like Infernal Affairs, but you could tell that they worked hard to make this story different with its own twists.

The Cast:
The Originals:

Ron Ng: His character is still the same guy who reacts without thinking but you can still see that he has matured. I've never had a problem with his acting in which others considered it too wooden, but I thought he did a really good job this time, especially his crying scene while holding Michael Tse and the ending when he was reading Elanne's last message to him. I think his romance with Elanne was very sweet, but I was actually happy that they didn't end up together at the end. I don't think I had high hopes for this couple only because I knew that it would never work out with all the lies that were told. It didn't leave a deep impression to me, but maybe I'm still holding on to the hope that he gets back together with Tavia! ha! I love his bromance with Sammul the best only because you can see how much their friendship has grown and gotten closer over the years. Even though they are polar opposites, they reminded me of an old married couple who still loves each other even when they fight. I like the development of their friendship from the first one where they didn't like each other in the beginning, to the second one where their friendship was more fragile and easily broken because of jealousy and petty fights, to this one where there friendship is strong. When Ron had to break off his friendships, I'm glad that Sammul still believed in him because he knew who the real Ron was.

Sammul Chan- He kept his straight-laced demeanor while also loosening up because he is now able to get along with his coworkers and was even able to break a rule, when before he would do everything by the book. I think his character is more boring compared to the other characters because of how he is, but the last half of the series gave more time for Sammul to shine. I liked when his character toughens up instead of just being a goody-goody since it adds more to the role. I think one of my favorite scenes of his is when he calls Joel Chan's bluff about having a bomb in the bowling bag because that was the turning point in which I got more invested in his character. His romance with Kaki Leung was just okay since anyone is going to take a backseat for his love for Ron. I kid.. =). At least Sammul has a "type" that he looks for in girls- weak ones who needs his help. I think the reason he fell for her is because she reminds him of Fiona Sit's character in which she looked up to him and needed his help to improve her skills to become a police officer. Even though their romance moved too quickly, it also makes sense because he longs for a family, which would be the only thing missing in his life.

The Love Interests: Elanne Kong vs Kaki Leung
Who did a better job? It would have to be Elanne by a mile, but it's also due to the fact that she had a more interesting character. Elanne was surprisingly good for her debut TVB series since it was very natural for the most part and she's very cute. Kaki had the more annoying role because she's so boring and weak, but she did an okay job with it. I've never heard of her before so I don't know how she got such a plum role, but I kinda wish it was another actress because I think someone with better acting skills could have brought more to the role and add to the chemistry with Sammul. In my head, Leila Tong would have been perfect for this role, but even Kaki could not make me think anything less of this series. Before this series, there was a lot of negative rumors around Elanne, but most of it has been erased with this role. Now, I see her on a ton of magazine covers and I could tell her popularity has grown.

The New Veterans:

Michael Miu- I think he was perfect for this role. I didn't mind at all that they put him back after dying in the first series because they did explain him as a brand new character. I liked how they introduced him because they made you think he might be a good guy, along with the fact that he "looks like" Sammul's dad from the first series, make you automatically like him. It was good that it showed the audience throughout the series why he is the way he ends up because he doesn't end up being just the villian that everyone hates. Even through all the bad deeds, I couldn't help but still like him and feel sorry for him. Also, I love Michael's cool look and thinks he is still so handsome!

Kathy Chow- This is her first series since returning to TVB and I thought she did a great job! Other TVB returns that were highly touted were Ida Chan and Anita Yuen, but both their debuts were really disappointing because honestly, their acting was not that great. Kathy did a fantastic job, even though some of her crying was a little weird to me but that's just my opinion. Her death was especially sad since she gave up everything to follow her heart. She forgave Michael for killing her first husband, for not trusting her, and even him killing her due to his mistrust. Even though she knew she was foolish for going back to him, she didn't regret it because at least she can die knowing that the man she loves also loves her back.

Michael Tse- I am saving the best for last. Michael Tse used his terrific acting skills to breathe life into his Laughing character to leave a deep impression on all the viewers. Everything about this was perfect, or at least for me it was. Laughing is like a clown because he laughs on the outside, but he has to mask his sadness and his real self ever since having to go undercover. From the moment he walked in, he was a scene stealer. Like Kathy, he had to give up everything in his life for one goal, which also led to his tragic death. Everything about him was so mysterious and I was always feeling like I had to question his motives. For instance, I could never tell if his feelings for Kathy was true or not. His intentions seemed real because of the looks he would give her and everything he did for her, but I realize he probably was only using her to get close to Michael Miu. In the end, he was relieved to finally be able to be with Aimee Chan in heaven since his feelings for her never disappeared.

In that sense, he was a much better undercover than Ron Ng because he didn't let his emotions get in the way of doing his job. Even when Ron thought that he figured out his identity, he didn't give himself away. When Ron followed him to the pier, Michael figures out his undercover status and beats him up. It would have been easy to admit to him that they are really working together, but by beating him up instead, it was his way of warning him that there is nothing glamorous about being an undercover and that he has to work harder at covering up his identity because if it was someone else, Ron would have been dead by now.

His death was very emotional and one of the best part of the series. No, of course I didn't want Laughing to die, but I think the way they did it was really good because it involved the characters we cared about and it moved the story along. I found other recent TVB deaths to be quite pointless other than to try and make it sad, but this one was sad because it pulled at the heartstrings. I loved the fact that they showed that Laughing was almost able to become a cop again, but he likes to leave things up to fate and his lucky coin which decided for him that he should go back undercover. The proud look on his face with his uniform on made it even more heartbreaking to know that he was so close to being recognized as a police officer but eventually died for the cause instead.

It doesn't matter if his death was real or not to me because the emotional impact was there. I'm also glad that the new TVB clip they filmed of Laughing left it up to the viewers whether they believed he was dead or alive instead of saying one or the other. If they had definitely said that he lives (which is what I think will happen if they film a 4th part), I think it would have made the series seem a little incomplete since I would have wanted to see some reactions to knowing that he's alive. I'm just happy that they didn't pull a "D.I.E." change in ending which was to make it totally ridiculous just to bring someone back to life.

Moments I Loved:
The ending- I was so excited throughout the whole series and the only thing that could have made me change my mind was the ending, and it did not disappoint. I liked how they brought everything full circle, from the way Michael Miu tried to dare Sammul to shoot him since killing him would be like killing his dad, to how Michael got run over. The reason he got captured was due to the drugs the kids were on, which is most likely ones that his triads sold them. I also like the very end where it shows that Ron and Sammul are back to working together again- it gave me a happy feeling.

The fun banter between Sammul and Ron in the first episode- they act like an old married couple.

I was glad that it only took a few episodes for Sammul to realize that Ron is an undercover but still believed in him before he did. I would have hated if there was enough trust between them now and let this tear up their friendship.

Ron never wavered between right and wrong and what his mission as an undercover was. It was due to the strong police training he had and the influence of Michael Tse and Lei Sir. He realized that his mentors had sacrificed their lives for what is right and he should follow in their example. His moral compass never wavered because of the strong influence they had on his life.

The love triangle between Michael Miu, Kathy Chow, and Michael Tse- At one point, Tse flipped a coin and left it to fate to show Kathy who she should choose. The winner of the coin toss would have been Tse, except that Kathy followed her heart and chose Miu instead. Because of this, she lost her life for the man she loved.

Things I Disliked:

There weren't that many, but there were a few characters that got annoying. To me, the ones I didn't like was Kaki Leung and the older officer who she looked up to. I get that it's supposed to represent the dynamics in the first series with how Michael Miu (as Sammul's dad) gave tough love to Ron and Sammul, but they just ended up bugging me instead. Other than that, there were a few minor things that I didn't like as well, but none of it mattered since the overall story was so good!

There are so many great moments to this series but if I listed it all, I would have basically retold the whole storyline. I really loved this whole series and I recommend this to everyone, especially those who might have given up on TVB series since a lot of them have been a let-down. The bad news is that this series was so good to me that the newer ones don't seem to live up to what a great series E.U. was.

(More) Michael Tse

Okay, I'm still working on my post for E.U. but I've been really busy. I have it mostly done, but I'm having a hard time expressing how much I love Michael Tse in this role! If I maintain my brain freeze on this item, I'll just post up my thoughts this weekend the way it is now. In the meantime, enjoy him on the cover of TVB Weekly! I can tell that the cover was originally going to be of Ron, Elanne, Michael Miu, and Kathy since there is another special feature of them inside. However, the popularity of Laughing pushed him to the front cover and I'm so happy for him!

From TVB Weekly Issue 613

E.U. Ending- DVD vs TV Ending

Since I only rent my TVB series, at first I only got to see the original DVD version of the ending where they did not add the Laughing ending yet. However, they recently released a 2nd disc that shows the last episode but this time with the last scene. Even though I found the last clip on Youtube, I still wanted to rent it again since I wanted to see if they made any other changes. The only thing that happened was that they cut off a few seconds starting from the 41 minute mark, such as any type of silent transitions that made the pace go slightly faster. Also the musical score was a little different which made Ron coming out to join Sammul's team a little less dramatic. Of course, they also added the scene where you see Michael in a police uniform saying that "whether Laughing is dead or alive, Laughing will never be gone. Once a cop, always a cop. There is nothing to fear in the police uniform, especially with all the other police officers that have your back. Remember my name- Laughing Sir!"

(I was about to post up the clip but they've been taken down already! Boo!)

Which one is better? I liked the original one because I like how it ends up with Sammul and Ron together, since they are technically the main stars of the shows. It also reminds me of how they ended On The First Beat in which it ends with the police still having to patrol.

The second one was good too because it brought back the popular Laughing character, which many fans wanted, but without making it too unrealistic like how they changed the ending for D.I.E. Even though it was short, it did give it a little more excitement and the ratings that TVB wanted. Also, I liked how they let you keep how your mind imagined if Laughing died or stayed alive by not definitively saying that he is back from the dead or not (well, not until they film the 4th series that is). It also keeps people wanting more because now a lot of people are anticipating the next part of the series which I like since I really liked all 3 parts so far and I like Ron and Sammul's character. I'm hoping they can merge The Academy series with the Detective Investigation Files series so that they can both give me a final ending! C'mon, Louis Koo still owes a few episodes and Sunny, Jessica, and Charmaine are still there! I can always hope, right?

Laughing Gor Movie! Yay!

Thanks to KTVB's latest post, I was pleasantly suprised to hear that there will be a movie about Michael Tse's character from E.U.- Laughing. From the clip, the movie will basically be a prequel to show how he went from becoming a cop to an undercover. I also wonder if Aimee Chan will be in this since she played his girlfriend when they were in the academy together. I think that this is the first time that I've heard of a role being so popular that there will be a movie made on this! I am super super excited because I think Michael is so talented and it shows how much power the fans can have since over 100,000 joined his character's facebook page. On the other hand, you can kinda see that the artists has no choice on what roles or shows they will be doing since they negotiated the deal without Michael's input but I disgress. Michael's reaction is so cute since he thinks it's an April Fools joke.

Man In Charge

This series does not look too exciting to me but I do want to see Leila and Kenneth together! You can tell that this was filmed a while ago because you can see the little baby fat in Kate's cheeks. Compare it to the promotional clips they filmed below.

Kenneth's character

Kate's character

Leila's character

I'm still in a giddy mood from E.U. and The Winter Melon Tale is really cute so far so I'm hoping that TVB is on a roll and the good shows continue!

The Truth of His Father (pics)

Here are some scans from TVB Weekly 612. From other pictures I've seen, it looks like Myolie will be dressing up as a lot of characters. It looks cute and I really like the Sunny-Myolie pairing!

The King Of Snooker

I wasn't actually that excited about seeing this series before, but watching the themevideo has changed my mind. I think the reason I didn't care too much about it before was because there was no hearthrob guy in this series (I know that's superficial of me but Patrick Tang does not seem like a good younger lead actor to me). It also reminds me of those old gambling type of series where they use a bunch of (unrealistic) tricks, but this is based on pool instead. I like all the graphics in the themevideo since it all ties it together, and I'm even more excited to see Derek Kwok in this series since he seems to be getting bigger roles now. It shows that actors who keep working hard at whatever roles they are given will one day get a chance to shine, like how Wayne Lai and Michael Tse is now doing. I'm also happy to see Joyce Tang in this since I think she's gotten prettier and better at acting since her return to TVB last year.

I Love E.U.

Finally! TVB gives me a series to cheer about! I loved it.. a post will come soon with my thoughts!

Bosco and Myolie at a Hair Show

I found this clip on youtube and it's creepy and funny at the same time! I don't know how some people kept a straight face. Myolie is supposed to be a witch? While I'm guessing Bosco is supposed to be an elf? I actually knew someone that too part in one of these shows as a hair model and they can cut or style their hair any way they feel like and you get no input at all. Just imagine an Asian girl coming back with short, somewhat spiky, blonde hair. It was not a pretty sight. Anyways, I consider Bosco and Myolie some of the more edgy artists at TVB because they always seem to be willing to try out different fashions and hairstyles. Sometimes the results are not always good, but other times, they do end up looking more fashionable and you have to appreciate that they are willing to take that risk.

(More) Grace Wong

Here are some more scans of Grace Wong from TVB Weekly. I wanted to put these up only because I love her earring collection!

Kate Tsui's New Song

I found Kate Tsui's new song on Youtube, and yikes! Not to sound like a total Kate hater since I am definitely not, but I still don't get why they are trying to make her a singer. Her voice is basically manipulated through auto-tune, effects, and over production to disguise her voice since this song could have been by anyone. It'll be interesting to see what she would sound like live since you can't really tell what her voice is like here. However, when I first heard about Kate entering the music industry, I already knew that she'd probably be doing fast songs since she's a good dancer. TVB already has their "jade girl" with Linda Chung and Myolie was supposed to be a little edgier with her short hair and rock-girl look.

I actually don't mind when TVB artists enter the music industry since most of them have been pretty good and I like to support them. There are instances where it can backfire on them and put a halt on their otherwise rising popularity. I think Ron Ng is the best example. I liked Ron's cd but he was also heavily criticized for his singing which made his popularity go down. After that, he wasn't in TVB series as much and it isn't until recently that he's making a big return since he has a lot of upcoming series to be released and filmed. He does have another album coming out this year but I have confidence that he has gained a lot of maturity and confidence from last time that he will be able to manage both a singing and acting career at the same time.

I think Kate should have concentrated more on movies if she wanted to venture out. The other TVB artists that have released albums already have a big built in fan-base and I'm actually not sure if Kate has it. I guess we'll just see how the response is when it's released.

徐子珊 - 讀心術

現在你 望著我 用直覺 別用視覺
讓偽裝 花紙般撕破 (看看我的秘密願望)
漠視你 待慢你 或是我 在做戲
若是你 不要敷衍我 (你會看出很多驚喜)
*從來讀心最易 為何未可發現
U never see, u never feel
不懂透視 肢體的語言 很秘密 的暗示
U never see, u never feel
不敢正視 彼此的故事 早已是 超友誼
眉和眼 像在笑 言辭卻 淡若雪
未洞悉 假正經真心意 (你更困憂更是混亂)
男孩有 萬萬個 誰人會 明暸我
或是我 早揭穿得太多 (怕這晚紙包不到火)
Repeat *
Hey boy u stare at me
U want me be your baby
I'll be direct n' tell you
Yes n' NO or maybe so
Please ...after my soul
nothing about figural
com'on now n' read my mind
Forever be your sweet angel
許多訊號 眉梢中可的到
想猜透我 你不必 智力要很高
許多訊號 從呼吸感覺到
請猜透我 你不必 說話再討好
U never see, u never feel
不懂透視 肢體的語言 很秘密 的暗示
U never see, u never feel
不敢正視 彼此的故事 早已是 超友誼
See what u see, feel what u feel
可否正視 彼此的故事 早已是 超友誼

One last thought: I wonder if TVB is releasing Man In Charge (w/ Kenneth and Leila) to build up her popularity before her album release. Maybe that means The Beauty of the Game (w/ Christine Ng and Sharon Chan) will be released soon too?

Fitting Stars of Love

This is magazine scans from Fitting Stars of Love. My first instinct was to label this series as Sweetness in the Salt because of Steven and Tavia! I'm loving Michael Tse's look in this series. This is also part of Mandy Cho's return to TVB after taking a break for school. I wonder what kind of status she would have if she didn't take a break and stayed with TVB the whole time..

Source: TVB Weekly 606