TVB Programme Information 2009

This is the Program for this year but it doesn't include all the series that are being released. It's nice to look at the pictures (and the weird English translations!).

Born Rich: I wish that Bernice was in this series since she was originally going to be paired up with Kenneth, but I like Sharon Chan though. I didn't like them together in Dream of Colours but Sharon probably doesn't play as mean a character here. Other than those 2, the only person I'm really a big fan of is Gallen Lo so I'll watch it for that.

Beyond The Realm of Conscience: This is quite possibly the most anticipated series to be released because of the cast and some possible breakthrough roles because a bunch of them play "evil" characters. This will either be super great or a big letdown but I'm hoping it's good!

The King of Snookers: This series was a little on the boring side. They try to correlate snooker with real life lessons and it didn't quite mesh. My favorite character was Joyce Tang but I don't get why she's not on the poster!

The Beauty of The Game: I like that Lai Lok Yi is the male lead since I like him but I'm not that excited for this series either. It looks like they're trying to blend their fake story with real TVB series by making it seem like the characters filmed past popular series such as War and Beauty. It'll come off as cheesy or cute.

Just Love II: Very cute so far. How is it possible that Sunny and Jessica looks like they didn't age?! The little boy is really cute too!

The Threshold of a Persona: The storyline looks a little boring but Roger and Yoyo is in it!

A Great Way to Care: This looks a little boring too but maybe because I find Alex Fong a little boring.

A Watchdog's Tale: Another Steven and Linda series- it's a good thing I like them!

You're Hired: I bet they're regretting not putting Michael Tse on this poster as promotion since they probably didn't realize how big he would get. I bet that they're going to put him nice and big on the real poster when this series comes out. I'm looking forward to this series because I'm hoping that it will be funny.

D.I.E. Again: I like the english title- it's very cute! I liked the first part so I'm looking forward to more silly mysteries.
Burning Flame III: I think this is my most anticipated series only because my fave actress in this- Myolie! I have a feeling that all I will think about is Boscolie because why put them in a series together if you don't put them together? I've read somewhere that Kevin and Myolie will be singing the subtheme so I'm looking forward to that too.

Man In Charge: This series was okay. I barely remembered what happened in this series and I just finished watching it 2 weeks ago!

Rosy Business: Pretty exciting so far! This has 3 of my favorite actors in it- Wayne, Sheren, and Ron. If you want to see great acting, you've got to watch this series.

A Bride For A Ride: This series looks pretty funny. I can't wait to see Sammul as a woman!


Anonymous said...

wo all of these series look wonderful but i cant wait to watch beyond the realm of conscience, die again, and burning flame 3

Anonymous said...

born rich is scary

Anonymous said...

Gallen Lo & Tavia Yeung are the villans in beyond the realm of conscience(Tavia)and born rich(Gallen).

Anonymous said...

yatming... i mean sa fu loi/gallen lo is really getting on my nerves. he is so scary!

Anonymous said...

it's a good thing that gallen lo didn't break a building at Hong Kong, in the movie Born Rich. believe it or not, he's pretty scary to be to be the main villan

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