Bernice Liu & Kelly Clarkson

Woohoo! One of my favorite TVB actresses went to see my favorite singer, Kelly Clarkson! Here's the translated article.

Bernice Liu went to Central to watch Kelly Clarkson's mini concert. She stated that she is a fan, since watching the show American Idol she started to admire her singing talent. Although the scene was crowded, Bernice didn't wear a surgical mask to prevent getting the swine flu. She said "I am not worried, as long as you take care of your personal hygiene daily there shouldn't be any problem."

Source: On,cc
Translated by: Matchbox @

Here's a youtube clip of Kelly Clarkson in Hong Kong- I'm not sure if this is the one she went to though.

There are more but some of the videos were too wide. =( The guy doing the interview was super good at translating though!

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