War and Beauty 2 Costume Fitting Pictures

The cast of War and Beauty 2 gathered for a costume fitting. There may be more to the cast who was not at the event today. 

Date: 2/27/2012
activity: "War and Beauty (II)" Modeling
artist: Sheren Tang, Ada Choi, Christine Ng, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong, Tracy Ip, Christine Kuo, Rachel Kan, Alice Chan, Wai Ka Hung, Katy Kung, Vivien Yeo, Raymond Cho, Kaki Leung, Mandy Lam, Rachel Poon, Eva Chan, Tina Shek, Lily Lee, Lily Liew, Kitty Lau, Kimmy Kwan, Joey Yau, Pauline Chow, Janice Shum, Snow Suen, Kibby Lau, Nicole Wan, Coffee Lam, Hebe Chan, Or Nam, Dou Yin Gor, Jackie Cheng, Louis Szeto, Akai Lee, Sunny Dai, Hugo Wong, Chan Dik Hak, Leo Tsang, Andy Sui, Kelvin Chan, Wong Wai Tak, Vin Choi, Stanley Cheung, Stephen Ho, Milkson Fong, Lai Tung Hong, Chiu Lok Yin, Wong Dak Kei, Fred Cheng, Eddie Kong, Cheung Yu Ang, Pan Dan
Time: 12:30
Venue: Tseung Kwan O TVB City, a plant Carpark

Queen of Diamond and Hearts Pictures

The cast of Queen of Diamonds and Hearts had a promotional event recently since their series will be aired in Hong Kong starting on Monday. 

Fala and Sharon looking at Roger and Cindy's son. This picture is so cute!

Kevin Cheng Joins EEG

Kevin Cheng has joined Raymond Lam and Leo Ku at EEG music group in which he will be releasing an album and hopefully a concert with them. There are also rumors that he might also be filming a movie as well. He originally joined the entertainment world as a singer in 1993 to Polygram but his career later fizzled out which made him move to Taiwan for further development. He joined TVB in 2002 and won the Best Actor award in 2006 for his role in Under The Canopy of Love. However, his popularity only recently skyrocketed last year due to the popularity in the China film, Bu Bu Jing Xin, and the TVB Series, Ghetto Justice.

Grace Wong and Chris Lai

I just liked these pictures. :)



King Kong and his rumored girlfriends

King Kong used to be rumored to be going out with former Miss Hong Kong Winner Kayi Cheung and now he is linked to someone a little older. King Kong is 31 and there are now rumors that he is dating host and DJ, Siu Yee who is 41. I wonder if either rumor is true.

TVB Top 10 On Screen Couples

TVB compiled fan votes for their favorite on screen couples and here are the results. I'm not surprised that most of them are couples from the past few years since they are fresher in people's mind.

1. (2005) War of In Laws- Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu

The rest of the top 10...

Yoyo Mung

Yoyo Mung will soon be seen in a RHTK series portraying a firefighter. She will soon participate in a TVB talk show called Lady's Talk with Koni Liu and DJ Vincci Cheuk.

I really like Yoyo and I hope to see her in more TVB series in the future. 

Selena Li and Kenneth Ma event

Selena Li and Kenneth Ma attended a promotional event together. When Selena first started, she was often paired up with Kenneth and that's why many rumors came out of them dating.

Oscar Leung

Oscar Leung has recently gotten more popular due to his role in L'escargot. He hopes to get married soon but as of now, he is still working hard to bring in more money first. He clarifies that he was recently caught on camera working at his cousin's restaurant because he wants to learn the business and make an investment in it.

I really like Oscar. I know it's probably too early to talk about awards, but I can see him winning either Most Improved or Best Supporting Actor next year.

Alice Chan to film War and Beauty 2

Alice Chan updated her weibo and said that she will start filming for War and Beauty 2 soon! She joins Sheren Teng, Ada Choi, and Christine Ng as the lead females. When I first heard of Alice joining TVB, I was hoping that she would film for this series! One of the main reasons she wanted to film for TVB was to get a bigger audience since ATV series usually have lower ratings and it looks like she'll get her wish.

The Hippocratic Crush Official Poster

I did not even realize that was Derek Kwok in those dorky glasses and hair. haha

Kevin and Myolie at a BMW car event

Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu attended a BMW car event the other day. It seems like this pairing is still quite popular, especially after they won TVB King and Queen!

Star Shine Spring Dinner

Star Shine contains many faces that are familiar to the TVB audience. Fala Chen is currently working on her album and Elanne Kong will be releasing an album at the same time. Other artists include The Voice contestants Alfred Hui and Hubert Hu, Joyce Cheng, and Cilla Kung.

Tina Shek Magazine Spread

Tina Shek recently took some pictures for a magazine and I just thought she looked really pretty.

Alice Chan will film for TVB

Alice Chan is a former ATV artist but she will join TVB and film a series for them starting in April called 法網追擊. There are no other names attached to this series so far, but Alice is one of many former ATV artists that have joined TVB. Some other former ATV artists include Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, Crystal Tin, and Elena Kong who have all had big supporting and leading roles.

I think this is great news. A lot of the older TVB fadans have left- Charmaine is on a per-year contract, Jessica has been exploring the market outside of Hong Kong, and Maggie and Kenix will be filming for the newly formed CTI. The current crop of popular fadans (Myolie, Tavia, Linda, Fala, Kate) are all in their late 20s/early 30s and they are usually paired up with someone much older because TVB lacks a lot of leading actresses in their late 30s/early 40s. Although CTI is offering a high pay to lure artists to their side, people should take into account the whole picture. Having a series through TVB allows them to have more exposure since their series are shown internationally which can lead them to gaining more endorsement deals and promotional events. 

I wonder who they're going to pair Alice up with. I'd like to see her paired up with Kevin since I think they would make a gorgeous on-screen couple but he will be filming in China still. Who would you want to see her film with?