Alice Chan will film for TVB

Alice Chan is a former ATV artist but she will join TVB and film a series for them starting in April called 法網追擊. There are no other names attached to this series so far, but Alice is one of many former ATV artists that have joined TVB. Some other former ATV artists include Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, Crystal Tin, and Elena Kong who have all had big supporting and leading roles.

I think this is great news. A lot of the older TVB fadans have left- Charmaine is on a per-year contract, Jessica has been exploring the market outside of Hong Kong, and Maggie and Kenix will be filming for the newly formed CTI. The current crop of popular fadans (Myolie, Tavia, Linda, Fala, Kate) are all in their late 20s/early 30s and they are usually paired up with someone much older because TVB lacks a lot of leading actresses in their late 30s/early 40s. Although CTI is offering a high pay to lure artists to their side, people should take into account the whole picture. Having a series through TVB allows them to have more exposure since their series are shown internationally which can lead them to gaining more endorsement deals and promotional events. 

I wonder who they're going to pair Alice up with. I'd like to see her paired up with Kevin since I think they would make a gorgeous on-screen couple but he will be filming in China still. Who would you want to see her film with?


LynneD. said...

Alice Chan's return!! I am excited for her series! I personally would like to see her with Ruco Chan :D

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