Wish and Switch Series Thoughts

Short review (includes spoilers)
  • I really liked the cast for the most part. Even though the series wasn't filled with biggest names, I thought that Myolie's family had really good chemistry. Selena and Vincent were also pretty cute together. 
  • I have mixed feelings about Johnson Li in this series. I did think he looked right for the role and thought that it was a good casting decision based on what his character is supposed to be like. However, when watching the series, he came across as pretty bland and did not stand out. He wasn't particularly funny or likable and doesn't really have the charm of a leading actor. I actually think Sunny Chan would have been a much better casting decision for this role.
  • I liked the first part of the series more than the second half. There were a lot of funny moments that made me really laugh and enjoyed the light hearted moments. I also liked when Myolie and Selena finally switched lives. 
  • I did not like the last few episodes because it turned quite dark and it seemed like they forgot they were supposed to be a comedy! I see this problem in a lot of TVB comedies where they start of really good and funny and then they end up sucking the fun out a series by adding some really dramatic elements. I really hated Johnson's character towards the end and became really annoyed with him. 
  • I was happy for Selena and Vincent to get together at the end, but I was sad that they got the perfect happy ending while Myolie and Johnson had the more tragic ending with Myolie dying. However, I though the scene at the hospital with her dead body was really well done and was glad to see that everyone around her grew up and became a little more responsible after her death.
  • The last few seconds after the credits rolled can be interpreted in many different ways. My thought was that since Johnson finally learned his lesson to not use the wish and switch website, that website also gave Myolie back to him and it's up to him to make her remember their relationship, like how Myolie had to work to make Johnson remember that he actually loves her. 
  • The scene where Myolie was seducing her husband in the office was shocking only because I didn't know that she had it in her. She pulled off that scene while also being really funny. I especially loved when she started talking in Mandarin. I thought the whole thing was hilarious.
  • Overall, I liked, not loved the series. The first half was really enjoyable to watch and I just wish it maintained the lightheartedness throughout the whole series.
What did you think of the series?

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