Seasons of Love Costume Fitting

Seasons of Love is going to be 4 different love stories:
-Winter: Kenneth Ma and Myolie Wu
-Ron Ng and Kate Tsui
-Autumn Nancy Wu, Oscar Leung, and Vincent Wong love triangle- Nancy will have to choose between a hairstylist and a lawyer
-Him Law, Toby Leung

Ferris Wheel Happiness 幸福摩天輪

This series will be Jason Chan's first leading role. Although he looks young, he is actually 35 years old! He will be involved in a love triangle with Linda Chung and Lin Xia Wei. I'm not totally sure about Jason as a leading actor but he is very good-looking. Lin Xia Wei's first series was a sitcom and I think she's pretty talented. 

There will be some guest stars in this series such as Raymond Wong, Elaine Yiu, and Oscar Leung.

Master of Play poster

From the trailers, this series gives off a creepy vibe but I'm excited to watch it.

Tang Chi Wai concert

Tang Chi Wai is a composer for many songs including many of TVB's memorable theme songs. He recently had help from his friends to open a concert with many of them as special guests for his concert. Here's a video of Bosco Wong singing Myolie Wu's Fortunately and Leo Ku and Wayne Lai singing the theme for Rosy Business 2.
 Here are some pictures of the concert including Raymond Lam, Susanna Kwan, Wong Cho Lam and others. Other guest artists on the various days included Niki Chow and Linda Chung.

Detective Columbo 神探高倫布 Costume Fitting

Detective Columbo 神探高倫布 Costume Fitting
Producer: Lee Tim Sing
Cast: Wayne Lai, Natalie Tong, Edwin Siu, Sire Ma, Pierre Ngo