Myolie and Kevin winning another award

Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng were present at the LETV awards ceremony where they received best RTHK Actor and Actress. I think Myolie's dress is pretty cool and interesting.

More pictures of Myolie's dress:

Joey Meng joining TVB

Joey Meng is the latest former ATV artist to join TVB. She is probably one of my favorite ATV actresses since I love the My Date With A Vampire series. She will star in a comedy written by actor and musician Wong Cho Lam, and she will be paired up with Roger Kwok. I am really looking forward to this series!

Sergeant Tabloid

Sergeant Tabloid, starring Niki Chow and Michael Tse, just finished shooting but it will begin to be aired overseas before being aired in Hong Kong. The stars said they are not worried about ratings because it will be slightly different when it does air.

Next TV Award Results

Top 10 Artists: 
1. Moses Chan
2. Charmaine Sheh
3. Myolie Wu
4. Maggie Cheung
5. Linda Chung
6. Bosco Wong
7. Kenneth Ma
8. Tavia Yeung
9. Kevin Cheng
10. Fala Chen

Promising Male: Stanley Cheung
Promising Female: Cilla Kung

Supporting Actor: Ben Wong
Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan

More pictures:

Miss Hong Kong promotion

Myolie Wu and Kate Tsui recently posed with their old Miss Hong Kong crowns to promote the Miss Hong Kong pageant. Myolie placed 2nd runner up to the winner Sonjia Kwok and Kate won her year. I think they look better now than their pageant days, although Kate looks weird in this one picture.

New rumored couple

Recently Sammy Shum was rumored to be with Kate Tsui since they took dance classes together, but now it is rumored that he is actually dating JJ Jia! They were recently spotted having dinner and shopping together. 

Laughing and Law Ba crossover movie?

There are currently plans to put together a Laughing (from the successful series and movies) and Law Ba (Ghetto Justice) movie. I guess this means that Laughing didn't die in the last movie? haha. They are still in the planning stages but Michael Tse and Kevin Cheng will obviously be the stars although other characters have not been set yet. Kevin is also quite busy filming a series in China and then he will be filming the TVB-Mainland collaboration so they need to figure out time to squeeze it in. You can find out more info from the clip HERE. What do you think of the crossover movie? I think it's a pretty clever idea. They should think about creating some sequels like that!

The Hippocratic Crush Sequel

Due to high ratings, The Hippocratic Crush will have a sequel. They hope to film with the original cast and as soon as possible. Kenneth Ma is slated to film Triumph in the Skies 2 in May and Tavia will film The Strike of Justice in April so I'm thinking that they will film at the end of the year. Nancy Wu made a tiny cameo and she was asked if she will participate with her ex-boyfriend in the series. She did not mind and will do it if cast. (Maybe they will add Nancy for a love triangle?)

HK Filmart Sales Clips

TVB presented 6 different clips of some of their most anticipated series.

Silver Spoon, Silver Shackles 名媛望族

The rest of the clips

More ATV artists to TVB

Vincent Lam and Amy Fan are both former ATV artists and they have both signed contracts to start filming for TVB. They will debut in Thunderous Drug Raid where Vincent will play a villian and Amy will be involved in a love triangle with Michael Miu.

Although TVB has lost some artists due to the poaching crisis, they have been active in recruiting former ATV artists. It seems like a lot of former ATV artists are eager to join TVB. I once watched this interview with Elena Kong where she talks about her experience making the switch. Although ATV paid more (which led to a lot of their financial issues), TVB provided her with a lot more recognition when she premiered in Beauty Knows No Pain. Ruco Chan also talked about how the last few years at ATV were difficult because of all the management changes and their paychecks did not always come in time. It seems like these people are looking for something more stable and to show their acting skills to a wider audience. I'm sure that TVB are now paying these people more, but probably not as much as their competitors. However, they provide a lot of exposure which leads to being booked for events to bring in more money. 

Nancy Wu Wedding Event

Nancy Wu was a model at a wedding event the other day. She was asked about her small cameo in The Hippocratic Crush in which she portrayed a surgeon for a few seconds. She just happened to be in the studio and volunteered to do the small guest role and did not expect people to recognize her. When asked if there is a chance of reconciliation with Kenneth Ma, she did not answer directly. They are still friends and will let things go with the flow. 

Bosco Mall Event

Bosco Wong attended an event where he received a present with his last name and Myolie's last name on it. He said that he will be spending White Valentine's Day alone, but he does want her to finish filming and come back home.

Daddy Good Deeds Official Poster

Cute poster! I wonder if Edwin has a really big role in this series since he's featured in the front of the official poster. I do know that he's singing the theme or sub-themesong for this series so they are promoting him this year.

The Great Eunuch 大太監 Dinner

The Great Eunuch just finished filming in Hong Kong so they gathered for a celebration dinner. They will soon be heading to China to finish filming. I'm excited to see this series. I wonder if this will be an anniversary series?

Shirley Yeung had a baby girl

From her weibo: Heartfelt thanks to friends from all walks of life, the media and fans during this time. I see your concern and sympathy, I miss you! I am very happy that I have successfully given birth to a girl, and my daughter is safe and healthy baby! Next, I will give the effort to take care of my baby! I hope to work again soon and meet all of you! I sincerely hope that the media friends to forgive me since I do not want to make any response on this issue and want to give me some space and bless me!

Flora Chan filming Triumph in the Skies 2

Flora Chan, 40, will soon be returning to filming full time. For the past few years, she has only taken on a few acting jobs, but because of her husband's bankruptcy, she is rumored to go back to TVB to film Triumph in the Skies 2.

Francis Ng has left his schedule clear for filming, while Chilam Cheung did not commit to the series yet since he was waiting for the script. Some of the confirmed cast members include Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, and Fala Chen. Flora will be involved in a romantic storyline with Francis, so I wonder who Myolie is going to end up with. I'm hoping it's Ron since I really liked them together in the first series, or maybe Chilam if he ends up joining!

Tavia and Ruco at a rugby event

Tavia Yeung and Ruco Chan were at a promotional event in rugby gear. Tavia's rumored boyfriend, Him Law, was seen shopping for a ring. Tavia denied that he gave her a ring.

I really like Tavia's hair pulled back like this. It looks so much better than when her short hair is really flat.

The Hippocratic Crush Promotional Event

The Hippocratic Crush had a promotional event the other day with most of its cast members. I'm really liking the drama so far and am happy that they're getting such good ratings. There is a mix of veterens, leading fadan/siu sang and upcoming or new actors and actresses. I'm really liking Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Benjamin Yuen, and Derek Kwok in this.

Mimi Lo's first concert

Mimi Lo started off as a singer but she's more recognized for her supporting roles in TVB series. Most people didn't even realize she could sing until a contestant on Hong Kong's version of The Voice chose her to be her duet partner to sing one of her old songs. From that moment on, she was praised for her great vocals and became a host for JSG where she could also do some singing. Next month, she'll hold her first concert in Hong Kong. I'm happy she's recognized for her talents!

Fight Crime filming pictures

Raymond Lam was filming for Fight Crime the other day and someone mistook him for Jerry Lamb which made him laugh.

Series airing in April

Boxing Champion (Kevin Cheng, Raymond Wong, Nancy Wu, Selena Li, Natalie Tong) will air on April 16 at the 9:30 timeslot.
House of Harmony and Vengeance (Bobby AuYeung, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, Evergreen Mak) will air on April 30 at the 8:30 timeslot.