More ATV artists to TVB

Vincent Lam and Amy Fan are both former ATV artists and they have both signed contracts to start filming for TVB. They will debut in Thunderous Drug Raid where Vincent will play a villian and Amy will be involved in a love triangle with Michael Miu.

Although TVB has lost some artists due to the poaching crisis, they have been active in recruiting former ATV artists. It seems like a lot of former ATV artists are eager to join TVB. I once watched this interview with Elena Kong where she talks about her experience making the switch. Although ATV paid more (which led to a lot of their financial issues), TVB provided her with a lot more recognition when she premiered in Beauty Knows No Pain. Ruco Chan also talked about how the last few years at ATV were difficult because of all the management changes and their paychecks did not always come in time. It seems like these people are looking for something more stable and to show their acting skills to a wider audience. I'm sure that TVB are now paying these people more, but probably not as much as their competitors. However, they provide a lot of exposure which leads to being booked for events to bring in more money. 

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