The Truth of His Father (pics)

Here are some scans from TVB Weekly 612. From other pictures I've seen, it looks like Myolie will be dressing up as a lot of characters. It looks cute and I really like the Sunny-Myolie pairing!

The King Of Snooker

I wasn't actually that excited about seeing this series before, but watching the themevideo has changed my mind. I think the reason I didn't care too much about it before was because there was no hearthrob guy in this series (I know that's superficial of me but Patrick Tang does not seem like a good younger lead actor to me). It also reminds me of those old gambling type of series where they use a bunch of (unrealistic) tricks, but this is based on pool instead. I like all the graphics in the themevideo since it all ties it together, and I'm even more excited to see Derek Kwok in this series since he seems to be getting bigger roles now. It shows that actors who keep working hard at whatever roles they are given will one day get a chance to shine, like how Wayne Lai and Michael Tse is now doing. I'm also happy to see Joyce Tang in this since I think she's gotten prettier and better at acting since her return to TVB last year.

I Love E.U.

Finally! TVB gives me a series to cheer about! I loved it.. a post will come soon with my thoughts!

Bosco and Myolie at a Hair Show

I found this clip on youtube and it's creepy and funny at the same time! I don't know how some people kept a straight face. Myolie is supposed to be a witch? While I'm guessing Bosco is supposed to be an elf? I actually knew someone that too part in one of these shows as a hair model and they can cut or style their hair any way they feel like and you get no input at all. Just imagine an Asian girl coming back with short, somewhat spiky, blonde hair. It was not a pretty sight. Anyways, I consider Bosco and Myolie some of the more edgy artists at TVB because they always seem to be willing to try out different fashions and hairstyles. Sometimes the results are not always good, but other times, they do end up looking more fashionable and you have to appreciate that they are willing to take that risk.

(More) Grace Wong

Here are some more scans of Grace Wong from TVB Weekly. I wanted to put these up only because I love her earring collection!

Kate Tsui's New Song

I found Kate Tsui's new song on Youtube, and yikes! Not to sound like a total Kate hater since I am definitely not, but I still don't get why they are trying to make her a singer. Her voice is basically manipulated through auto-tune, effects, and over production to disguise her voice since this song could have been by anyone. It'll be interesting to see what she would sound like live since you can't really tell what her voice is like here. However, when I first heard about Kate entering the music industry, I already knew that she'd probably be doing fast songs since she's a good dancer. TVB already has their "jade girl" with Linda Chung and Myolie was supposed to be a little edgier with her short hair and rock-girl look.

I actually don't mind when TVB artists enter the music industry since most of them have been pretty good and I like to support them. There are instances where it can backfire on them and put a halt on their otherwise rising popularity. I think Ron Ng is the best example. I liked Ron's cd but he was also heavily criticized for his singing which made his popularity go down. After that, he wasn't in TVB series as much and it isn't until recently that he's making a big return since he has a lot of upcoming series to be released and filmed. He does have another album coming out this year but I have confidence that he has gained a lot of maturity and confidence from last time that he will be able to manage both a singing and acting career at the same time.

I think Kate should have concentrated more on movies if she wanted to venture out. The other TVB artists that have released albums already have a big built in fan-base and I'm actually not sure if Kate has it. I guess we'll just see how the response is when it's released.

徐子珊 - 讀心術

現在你 望著我 用直覺 別用視覺
讓偽裝 花紙般撕破 (看看我的秘密願望)
漠視你 待慢你 或是我 在做戲
若是你 不要敷衍我 (你會看出很多驚喜)
*從來讀心最易 為何未可發現
U never see, u never feel
不懂透視 肢體的語言 很秘密 的暗示
U never see, u never feel
不敢正視 彼此的故事 早已是 超友誼
眉和眼 像在笑 言辭卻 淡若雪
未洞悉 假正經真心意 (你更困憂更是混亂)
男孩有 萬萬個 誰人會 明暸我
或是我 早揭穿得太多 (怕這晚紙包不到火)
Repeat *
Hey boy u stare at me
U want me be your baby
I'll be direct n' tell you
Yes n' NO or maybe so
Please ...after my soul
nothing about figural
com'on now n' read my mind
Forever be your sweet angel
許多訊號 眉梢中可的到
想猜透我 你不必 智力要很高
許多訊號 從呼吸感覺到
請猜透我 你不必 說話再討好
U never see, u never feel
不懂透視 肢體的語言 很秘密 的暗示
U never see, u never feel
不敢正視 彼此的故事 早已是 超友誼
See what u see, feel what u feel
可否正視 彼此的故事 早已是 超友誼

One last thought: I wonder if TVB is releasing Man In Charge (w/ Kenneth and Leila) to build up her popularity before her album release. Maybe that means The Beauty of the Game (w/ Christine Ng and Sharon Chan) will be released soon too?

Fitting Stars of Love

This is magazine scans from Fitting Stars of Love. My first instinct was to label this series as Sweetness in the Salt because of Steven and Tavia! I'm loving Michael Tse's look in this series. This is also part of Mandy Cho's return to TVB after taking a break for school. I wonder what kind of status she would have if she didn't take a break and stayed with TVB the whole time..

Source: TVB Weekly 606

Root of Evil Filming

Some more scans from TVB Weekly- it looks like Gallen kept the ugly goatee while Kenneth has the ugly mustache! =)

Grace Wong

From TVB Weekly Issue 610
I think the white background and thin paper made the other side visible, but I still wanted to post up these pics.

Yes, I will admit that I am a fan only because she is friends with Myolie! haha..

I don't think she does the "model" poses well because it just comes off as awkward. I like it more when she's just smiling to the camera.

TVB Life Covers

This is part of the TVB Weekly magazine as one of the inserts. Here's some recent covers with Linda and Moses. They both look so wholesome!

Jack Wu is getting married!

Source: The title and content were directly translated from The Sun
Translated by travelbug @

After secretly dating for 7 years, Jack Wu and June Chan are getting married next month, wedding banquet at Peninsula Hotel

Secretly dating for seven years, Jack Wu and June Chan (陳琪) are scheduled to hold their wedding banquet of 10 tables at Peninsula Hotel on the 27th of next month, they will also register their marriage there. About having a baby, the couple expressed that they will follow fate, June also praised her future husband has compassion and dedicated to her!

'Secret lovers' Jack and June have dated for seven years and are finally getting married, their wedding banquet of 10 tables will be at a Five Star hotel, many artists such as Raymond Cho, Margie Tsang, Halina Tam, Nancy Sit and Carlo Ng have been invited to attend. Groomsmen (兄弟團) mostly consist of friends from outside the entertainment circle, June has asked good friend Olivia Fu (傅楚卉) to be bridesmaid, June's sister will be maid of honor, and Jack invited an old colleague Chow Kwok Fung (周國豐) from radio station to be MC.

Continues with career, go with the flow on having a baby
Jack frankly said earlier he was busy with wedding preparations and is almost finished now, therefore he is not too nervous: "The company has found me a sponsor, but the venue can only provide 10 tables so I cannot invite many friends in the entertainment circle, I want to use this opportunity to say sorry!" Asked if he minds his wife to continue being an actress, Jack said: "She loves to act, I'll let her decide! Of course I don't mind!" Asked about having a baby, he said: "We love children, but we'll follow fate!" As for June, she also agreed to let nature take its course: "I don't resist but I don't know whether I can take good care of my baby! (Your husband can take good care!) It's true! He has compassion and also a Virgo, he is very dedicated to me and our home!"

Our reporter called Margie, she strongly praised Jack's good character: "I met him when I hosted a program, I treat him like a young kid! Jack has very good manners and knows how to respect others!" Asked if she has urged them to have a baby soon, Margie said: "I know they have dated for a long time! But can't say something so long term, I wish them a lot of happiness!"

My comments: Holy crap! I didn't expect this news at all since I never knew they were even dating! I also never knew June Chan's name even though I recognize her from a bunch of TVB series. I think the main one I associate her with is as "Money Jie" in Love Bond. It's also surprising since I noticed that many TVB actors/actresses marry at an older age for many different reasons. Congratulations to them both though!

Michael Tse- Drunk Driving

Comments: As a big Michael Tse fan, I was a little disappointed that he decided to drink and drive. It's a good thing that nothing serious happened because he could have injured or killed someone. However, I'm glad he took responsibility for his actions and I hope he decides to speak up more against drunk driving and use his mistake to help teach others. I also hope that TVB does not decide to freeze him or punish him only because there are a ton of TVB series that I see people drinking and driving! There are a few series that does end up showing the consequences but there are a lot more that show people drinking and then driving afterwards with nothing happening.

Also, the papparazzi looks crazy!

Tavia Yeung

I was going some of my old TVB magazines and decided to slowly post some of them up. The first is of Tavia Yeung when she was on the cover of one of their inserts TVB Weekly. I can't read Chinese so, sorry, no translations. Yes, I just like buying them for the pictures! haha. =)

Greatness of a Hero Review

Spoilers! Please do not continue since the ending is slightly given away!

I had so much hope for this series since it had a pretty big cast with a grand theme. I was also questioning why they would warehouse this series and show The Winter Melon Tale since that looks less interesting. Well, after completing the series, I now know why. This series had such great promise in the beginning! Some people like non-typical endings, but I like happy endings. I like my series complete and for series to give me a sense of satisfaction when I'm done, but this made me feel sad (and not in a good way!) since more than half the people in the above opening picture dies! I don't mind when they kill a character if it makes it a good part of the story and it makes sense, but the deaths that happened just made everything really tragic with no happy ending for any of the couples. They tried to make the ending seem happy by having the empress finally choose the heir to the throne and say that the sacrifices were worth it, but I didn't care! It just made me feel bitter and cold.

  • Why why why?!? did they have to kill Sunny? He dies because he sees someone disguised as a granny crying, but it turned out to be someone who was hired to kill Sunny. He gets killed by a hair pick and that's the end you see of him. If he was going to die, couldn't he at least get a better death? Couldn't he have some big battle scene? Couldn't he be crying out and thinking of Bernice right before he dies? Instead, it was just unexpected and quite meanlingless to kill him off if you ask me.
  • I loved Sunny and Bernice together! They have a lot of cute scenes together so it makes it even more tragic they couldn't even end up together.
  • Bernice's acting has greatly improved since her Virtues of Harmony days! In the past, she read all her lines flat and you could tell she had no idea what she was saying. This time, she showed emotion, enunciated properly, and acted well at the same time! I don't think she'll ever be the best actor TVB has, mainly because she only began to learn Chinese when she entered TVB, but she has that "it" factor and a charm about her that is undeniable.
  • Sonjia death was also sad. Is it mean that I think the grandma should have died? Her character is just a slightly nicer version of the grandma in Moonlight Resonance.
  • The almost battle scene looked so fake. It looked like they cut the clip from an older series that already had the scene and pasted it into this series. The quality of those clips look a lot older than the cleaner crisp visuals of the rest of the series.
  • I think they had a lot of small side storylines that they added in which felt incomplete since this series was only 20 episodes. Most of the problems get resolved within one episode. It wasn't like it was fast paced- more like that they didn't bother to develop the storyline anymore.
  • Wayne is a good villian but it's weird that he's paired with Rosanne Liu.
  • Matthey Ko's acting has also made some improvements. It's not as wooden and flat as before.
  • The costumes are pretty.
  • I like the theme song by Hins Cheung.
  • Ugh, they could have made a better and more dramatic ending. Instead it just seems like the writers got lazy and figured that the only way to spice things up was to kill people off.
Would I recommend this series? It's hard to say since the beginning had promise but I would say yes if you're a fan of Bernice and don't mind sad endings.

TVB Program Highlights

I just came back from my local TVB rental store and got a copy of the TVB Programme Highlights, Issue 1. They usually release one every quarter and it gives you an idea of what series are going to be released soon. I've scanned a copy and posted it here for you guys to check out.

My comments: Man In Charge and The King of Snookers are already set to air next. In the King of Snookers picture, I'm suprised that they didn't put Joyce Tang in the picture since she's one of the female leads but I'm happy that Derek is now recognized as an actor and is in the main picture. I'm not too excited for Man In Charge but I'm going to give it a chance because of Kenneth and Leila! Just Love 2 also seems to be releasing soon and even though I always thought it was weird to add a sequel to this series, I'm looking forward to it because I love Sunny Chan and it'll be good to see Jessica again. I didn't hear any buzz about The Threshold of a Persona when it was being filmed but it'll be nice to see Yoyo and Roger as a couple after Last One Standing. It's one of those series that incorporate a story along with informing us about a Hong Kong profession, but I hope it's more like Triumph In the Skies and not like Always Ready. The Beauty of the Game- there were rumors that Kate did not get along with most of the people in the series like Christine Ng and Kingdom Yuen so I want to see it just so I can watch them try and promote the series together and see if the drama is true! I love gossip. haha. Sharon Chan plays a villian in this series so I hope this is a breakthrough for her. Last but not least, there is Rosy Business which I am the most excited for! It has Wayne Lai and Sheren Teng, who I think are two of the best actors so I think the quality of the acting is already top notch. I'm also loving Ron Ng in E.U. right now and I'm hoping this will show another side to him. Wayne has said that one of the most promising actors in TVB is Ron after filming this series together and it makes me happy to know that Ron's acting has improved. I'm hoping that this will also solidfy Wayne Lai's position as a leading actor because it will be a shame if he has to be pushed back to supporting roles if this gets low ratings.

E.U. Episode 12

Spoiler Alert!

I'm love E.U. so far, but I just have a small gripe in this episode. Kathy Chow was in the police station and saw Sammul and Kaki and she has a flashback!! of how they both had a hand in killing her husband? How is that possible if she was not at the scene?

That's all, but I know these type of mistakes happen often, but they really should have someone pay more attention to detail!