The King Of Snooker

I wasn't actually that excited about seeing this series before, but watching the themevideo has changed my mind. I think the reason I didn't care too much about it before was because there was no hearthrob guy in this series (I know that's superficial of me but Patrick Tang does not seem like a good younger lead actor to me). It also reminds me of those old gambling type of series where they use a bunch of (unrealistic) tricks, but this is based on pool instead. I like all the graphics in the themevideo since it all ties it together, and I'm even more excited to see Derek Kwok in this series since he seems to be getting bigger roles now. It shows that actors who keep working hard at whatever roles they are given will one day get a chance to shine, like how Wayne Lai and Michael Tse is now doing. I'm also happy to see Joyce Tang in this since I think she's gotten prettier and better at acting since her return to TVB last year.


Hani said...

I agree with you :D but I still feel sorry for Derek. He has been in TVB since 1986 ("The Great Canal"). Sometimes I'm just mad at TVB for being so blind. It's the same case with Wayne Lai, Liu Kai Chi and many more great actors, who has been over 25 years in TVB and get their recognition so late or they never get any.

P.S.: sorry for my bad english >.<

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I decided I won't waste my time on this. Don't like pool at all. Frankly, from the previews, it seemed that Derek and Joyce are stealing the limelight. They make a great pair and deserve more recognition. NIki and Patrick just don't seem to fit together, sorry!

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