TVB Program Highlights

I just came back from my local TVB rental store and got a copy of the TVB Programme Highlights, Issue 1. They usually release one every quarter and it gives you an idea of what series are going to be released soon. I've scanned a copy and posted it here for you guys to check out.

My comments: Man In Charge and The King of Snookers are already set to air next. In the King of Snookers picture, I'm suprised that they didn't put Joyce Tang in the picture since she's one of the female leads but I'm happy that Derek is now recognized as an actor and is in the main picture. I'm not too excited for Man In Charge but I'm going to give it a chance because of Kenneth and Leila! Just Love 2 also seems to be releasing soon and even though I always thought it was weird to add a sequel to this series, I'm looking forward to it because I love Sunny Chan and it'll be good to see Jessica again. I didn't hear any buzz about The Threshold of a Persona when it was being filmed but it'll be nice to see Yoyo and Roger as a couple after Last One Standing. It's one of those series that incorporate a story along with informing us about a Hong Kong profession, but I hope it's more like Triumph In the Skies and not like Always Ready. The Beauty of the Game- there were rumors that Kate did not get along with most of the people in the series like Christine Ng and Kingdom Yuen so I want to see it just so I can watch them try and promote the series together and see if the drama is true! I love gossip. haha. Sharon Chan plays a villian in this series so I hope this is a breakthrough for her. Last but not least, there is Rosy Business which I am the most excited for! It has Wayne Lai and Sheren Teng, who I think are two of the best actors so I think the quality of the acting is already top notch. I'm also loving Ron Ng in E.U. right now and I'm hoping this will show another side to him. Wayne has said that one of the most promising actors in TVB is Ron after filming this series together and it makes me happy to know that Ron's acting has improved. I'm hoping that this will also solidfy Wayne Lai's position as a leading actor because it will be a shame if he has to be pushed back to supporting roles if this gets low ratings.


hyn5 said...

Thanks for the scans AC! Ron's place only posted the cover and "Rosey Business" yesterday. KuangAi posted a link to your blog for fans to enjoy! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the scan :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Do you know if the annual programme highlight came out yet? It is usually given free from the rental store too.

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