Jack Wu is getting married!

Source: The title and content were directly translated from The Sun
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After secretly dating for 7 years, Jack Wu and June Chan are getting married next month, wedding banquet at Peninsula Hotel

Secretly dating for seven years, Jack Wu and June Chan (陳琪) are scheduled to hold their wedding banquet of 10 tables at Peninsula Hotel on the 27th of next month, they will also register their marriage there. About having a baby, the couple expressed that they will follow fate, June also praised her future husband has compassion and dedicated to her!

'Secret lovers' Jack and June have dated for seven years and are finally getting married, their wedding banquet of 10 tables will be at a Five Star hotel, many artists such as Raymond Cho, Margie Tsang, Halina Tam, Nancy Sit and Carlo Ng have been invited to attend. Groomsmen (兄弟團) mostly consist of friends from outside the entertainment circle, June has asked good friend Olivia Fu (傅楚卉) to be bridesmaid, June's sister will be maid of honor, and Jack invited an old colleague Chow Kwok Fung (周國豐) from radio station to be MC.

Continues with career, go with the flow on having a baby
Jack frankly said earlier he was busy with wedding preparations and is almost finished now, therefore he is not too nervous: "The company has found me a sponsor, but the venue can only provide 10 tables so I cannot invite many friends in the entertainment circle, I want to use this opportunity to say sorry!" Asked if he minds his wife to continue being an actress, Jack said: "She loves to act, I'll let her decide! Of course I don't mind!" Asked about having a baby, he said: "We love children, but we'll follow fate!" As for June, she also agreed to let nature take its course: "I don't resist but I don't know whether I can take good care of my baby! (Your husband can take good care!) It's true! He has compassion and also a Virgo, he is very dedicated to me and our home!"

Our reporter called Margie, she strongly praised Jack's good character: "I met him when I hosted a program, I treat him like a young kid! Jack has very good manners and knows how to respect others!" Asked if she has urged them to have a baby soon, Margie said: "I know they have dated for a long time! But can't say something so long term, I wish them a lot of happiness!"

My comments: Holy crap! I didn't expect this news at all since I never knew they were even dating! I also never knew June Chan's name even though I recognize her from a bunch of TVB series. I think the main one I associate her with is as "Money Jie" in Love Bond. It's also surprising since I noticed that many TVB actors/actresses marry at an older age for many different reasons. Congratulations to them both though!


Anonymous said...

wow!! My Shirley + Jack are gone! ^^ Joking. I know who June is off Survivor's Law 2 hahas. Margie congrulated him too? Off that ingredients show right? :D

AC said...

I'm not sure if she's on that show but I think she hosts this fortune telling show and she was in DIE2 and When a Dog Loves a Cat.

I thought Shirley and Jack were cute together too! because they both look really petite and have a cute face!

Hani said...

oh this is really funny :)
I remember June played the big sister of Jack in "The King of Yesterday and Tomorow"
I have never expected that they will get married someday. Wish them only the best for the future

Anonymous said...

On April 2009, June Chan and Jack Wu git married. Two months after Jack said he will be a father soon.

Anonymous said...

Aww, My Jack + Nancy Cute Couple is Gone Now!!! TT^TT

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