Kate Tsui's New Song

I found Kate Tsui's new song on Youtube, and yikes! Not to sound like a total Kate hater since I am definitely not, but I still don't get why they are trying to make her a singer. Her voice is basically manipulated through auto-tune, effects, and over production to disguise her voice since this song could have been by anyone. It'll be interesting to see what she would sound like live since you can't really tell what her voice is like here. However, when I first heard about Kate entering the music industry, I already knew that she'd probably be doing fast songs since she's a good dancer. TVB already has their "jade girl" with Linda Chung and Myolie was supposed to be a little edgier with her short hair and rock-girl look.

I actually don't mind when TVB artists enter the music industry since most of them have been pretty good and I like to support them. There are instances where it can backfire on them and put a halt on their otherwise rising popularity. I think Ron Ng is the best example. I liked Ron's cd but he was also heavily criticized for his singing which made his popularity go down. After that, he wasn't in TVB series as much and it isn't until recently that he's making a big return since he has a lot of upcoming series to be released and filmed. He does have another album coming out this year but I have confidence that he has gained a lot of maturity and confidence from last time that he will be able to manage both a singing and acting career at the same time.

I think Kate should have concentrated more on movies if she wanted to venture out. The other TVB artists that have released albums already have a big built in fan-base and I'm actually not sure if Kate has it. I guess we'll just see how the response is when it's released.

徐子珊 - 讀心術

現在你 望著我 用直覺 別用視覺
讓偽裝 花紙般撕破 (看看我的秘密願望)
漠視你 待慢你 或是我 在做戲
若是你 不要敷衍我 (你會看出很多驚喜)
*從來讀心最易 為何未可發現
U never see, u never feel
不懂透視 肢體的語言 很秘密 的暗示
U never see, u never feel
不敢正視 彼此的故事 早已是 超友誼
眉和眼 像在笑 言辭卻 淡若雪
未洞悉 假正經真心意 (你更困憂更是混亂)
男孩有 萬萬個 誰人會 明暸我
或是我 早揭穿得太多 (怕這晚紙包不到火)
Repeat *
Hey boy u stare at me
U want me be your baby
I'll be direct n' tell you
Yes n' NO or maybe so
Please ...after my soul
nothing about figural
com'on now n' read my mind
Forever be your sweet angel
許多訊號 眉梢中可的到
想猜透我 你不必 智力要很高
許多訊號 從呼吸感覺到
請猜透我 你不必 說話再討好
U never see, u never feel
不懂透視 肢體的語言 很秘密 的暗示
U never see, u never feel
不敢正視 彼此的故事 早已是 超友誼
See what u see, feel what u feel
可否正視 彼此的故事 早已是 超友誼

One last thought: I wonder if TVB is releasing Man In Charge (w/ Kenneth and Leila) to build up her popularity before her album release. Maybe that means The Beauty of the Game (w/ Christine Ng and Sharon Chan) will be released soon too?


Anonymous said...

The music has kind of overlapped her voice. ^^ I agree, Linda = Jade girl, Myolie = Rock star and now Kate = Disco fever?! :P

Lee said...

I'm gonna be biased and say that Kate's singing is better than Linda's. Don't know why, but I hate Linda o_o Is it considered a good thing or bad thing that Kate has the enhancements to overlap her voice? LOL!! And about your thoughts, if so, TVB would be kind of over-promoting her (album). It's too much.

AC said...

Haha.. I don't know if it's better to disguise her voice or not. I wonder how receptive they'll be of her in general though... hmm

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