Fred Cheng - Nobody Single (鄭俊弘- 無名氏)

Here is Fred Cheng's official single: Nobody. It was written by Eric Kwok, who was one of the judges on The Voice of Stars.


 It is now available on iTunes so I hope you all get it! You can even find it on the US itunes:

Business War 商戰 Costume Fitting

Business War 商戰
Cast: Wayne Lai, Raymond Wong, Edwin Siu, Power Chan, Raymond Cho, Elliot Yue, Nancy Wu, Maggie Siu, Susanna Kwan, Grace Chan, Sisley Choi, Jason Chan, Fred Cheng, Yoyo Chen, etc.

Raymond/Nancy/Power love triangle- Raymond will portray the villian of the series. 
Edwin/Grace/Sisley love triangle
Becky Li will portray Wayne's ex-wife. 
Elliot Yue will portray the richest man in Hong Kong and is married to Susanna Kwan. Power Chan will be his brother. His children include Wayne Lai, Raymond Cho (married to Yoyo Chen), Jason Chan, and Grace Chan.

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Walk With You 陪著你走 Costume Fitting

Walk With You 陪著你走
Cast: Moses Chan, Myolie Wu, Evergreen Mak, Elaine Yiu, Jonathan Cheung, Meini Cheung, Helen Ma, Chow Chung, Cilla Kung, Lily Ho, William Chak, etc.

Myolie will portray a business woman who becomes blind due to a disease. Moses will portray the love interest/boyfriend but there will not be any kissing scenes. This series is supposed to be sweet and inspirational.

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