TVB Rental Store

Sigh.. my nearest TVB rental store is closing soon! I'm so sad because they were the closest to me and they were super nice. Now, I have to go check out these 2 other rental stores and check out the prices and stuff. I'm trying to avoid having to rent it in Chinatown just because even though it's close to my work, it would be a hassle to take the bus there during my lunch. Also, the big one has hella rude salespeople! They give a bad vibe! Anyways, I wonder if that store is closing because of sales increases GekTV? GekTV is like a cable box where you pay a monthly charge to watch shows but if you want to watch the newest one right away, I think its a $1 per episode. Well, at least nothing good is being released next so I have a little time to explore.


hyn5 said...

I remember when my video store closed down. I had to rent in another city.

AC said...

Yeah, now I have to drive a little further but the only good thing is that I don't have to return it the next day because the newer place has more discs available. The bad news is that it's more expensive!

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