TVB Rumored Couples Earnings

This is just a rumored salary list of artist's earnings to appear at functions, either alone or together.

Kevin Cheng (alone): $50,000
Charmaine Sheh (alone): $60,000
As a couple: $130,000

Moses Chan (alone): $70.000
Bernice Liu (alone): $70,000
As a couple: $180,000

Raymond Lam (alone): $80,000
Linda Chung (alone) $50,000
As a couple: $170,000

Bosco Wong (alone): $60,000
Myolie Wu (alone): $60,000
As a couple: $150,000

No wonder these couples usually answer a little slyly when asked if their romance is true- they make a lot of money! I'm surprised that Kevin doesn't make that much and that Charmaine makes the same as Bosco and Myolie. I would have thought that that she would have made more since she is considered the top fadan at TVB. This is also why I don't think TVB doesn't mind if their artists are actually going out, since they get a big cut of their earnings. Actually, they probably only don't mind if the 2 rumored artistes are popular. For example, Shirley would probably make more money if she were to be paired up with Ron instead of her longtime boyfriend who is more of an extra. Now that Kenneth and Nancy are rumored to be going out, who is Kate going to be paired with? Only popular fadans can be paired with popular siu sangs!

Source: Sudden Weekly Issue 717


hyn5 said...

When I first read this article in KuangAi, I wasn't surprised that Kevin Cheng & Charmaine doesn't make as much as the other rumoured couples. If you think about it, how many open events were they actually at as a couple?

IMO, the media don't really accept them as a money-making couple. Ha ha...

sehseh said...

Nah, don't take these tabloids on face value. One thing I learn (apart from their habit of making up stories), they never do their homework.

Charmaine & Kevin doesn't have a 'couple price', but I believe Charmaine's individual fee range around HKD100k. It's been reported on newspaper before (as in news coverage of her taking part in opening event) therefore it's more reliable.

AC said...

You know.. that's what I thought about Charmaine since I know she's one of the top moneymakers. Either way, at least they're making money other ways since I don't think TVB pays them that well!

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