Laughing Cast Poll

So I can't read Chinese but I'm not sure if this is a poll for fun or if the results will actually have any bearing on the real cast. Here's a look at the results so far but here's the link if you want to give your input:

I can't recognize some of the girls but I think the second one is Macy Chan, then Nancy Wu, Kate Tsui, and Aimee Chan. That's kinda interesting that TVB puts those actresses into consideration and it kinda shows who they might promote. Nancy is my favorite of those actresses but I much prefer that they cast Aimee Chan as the girlfriend for continuity's sake. She might not be the best actress but I think she's good enough and has been improving in Off Pedder. This is also a chance for TVB to promote someone else. I don't want Kate because she played Ron's (annoying) cousin in On The First Beat and I think a lot of people will complain about that.


hyn5 said...

This is only for netizens to have fun. (Even though Anthony Wong is confirmed to play the Triad Boss.)

Here is the translation for the voting categories.

1. Triad Boss
Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, Nick Cheung, Eric Tsang, Simon Yam, Tony Leung Ka Fai, and Lam Suet.

2. Superintendent of Police
Simon Yam, Dominic Lam, Alex Fong Chung Sun, Liu Kai Chi, Francis Ng, Anthony Wong, and Kent Cheng.

3. Laughing's Girlfriend
Karena Lam, Macy Chan, Nancy Wu, Kate Tsui, Aimee Chan, Annie Liu, and JJ Jia.

AC said...

thanks hyn5!

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