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Rosy Business
Title: 《巾幗梟雄》(前名《妻妾成群》、《紅粉商人》)

Broadcast Period: April 2009 to May 2009.

播出時期 2009年4月27日-2009年5月29日

播出時間 逢星期一至五 21:30-22:30

Episodes: 25

Genre: Ancient 清裝


Elliot Yue (岳華)
Susan Tse (謝雪心)
Kara Hui (惠英紅)
Kiki Sheung (商天娥)
Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯)
Pierre Ngo (敖嘉年)
Ron Ng (吳卓羲)
Kelvin Leung (梁証嘉)
Wayne Lai (黎耀祥)
Nancy Wu (胡定欣)
Suki Chui (徐淑敏)
Cheung Yick (張翼)
Lee Sing Cheung (李成昌)
Suet Nay (雪妮)
Helen Ma (馬海倫)
Angel Chiang (蔣家旻)
Samuel Kwok (郭峰)
Jessie Sum (沈卓盈)
Wong Fung King (黃鳳瓊)
Wong Chi Wai (黃梓瑋)
Chang Yuen Sa (曾婉莎)
Lam Ying Hung (林影紅)
Chan Wing Kei (陳榮峻)


一 場天災,粉碎了本是小家碧玉康寶琦與無錫米王蔣喬的婚約;一次斷糧,滅絕了她全家的性命而淪落為朝廷欽犯。多年來,在寶琦的內心只惦念著當年棄約的蔣喬, 總在設法親自求證自己所愛之人絕非無情之士,直至一次偶然的機會,寶琦與蔣喬再遇,得以再續前緣,順利嫁入蔣家成了四姨太。自入門後,寶琦常遭大奶奶殷鳳 儀及二少奶彭嬌的無理加害,但她心思慎密、不拘小節,眼觀全局,總是化危為機。喬深明大義,心裡由衷敬佩寶琦的識見及堅持,當他病危離世前決將米業交由她 託管,希望她找出最適當的接任人。

這個千斤重任令寶琦腹背受敵,但她不負所託,竭力掌管家業及細心尋覓接任人,終讓她發現外表只管吃喝玩 樂的二子蔣必正原是為人正直、重情重義之士,且在米行內極具親和力,寶琦便一面扶植必正上位,一面力擋當年在蔣家受盡折磨,存心報仇的柴九。柴九事事衝著 蔣家而來,處處對蔣家不利,二人鬥智鬥力,時而短兵相接,時而拳腳交加,最終強強相對後,二人竟變成惺惺相惜,柴九更因而對寶琦產生傾慕之情..


Hong Po Kei's engagement with Wuxi rice baron Tseung Kiu broke off many years ago when a natural disaster hit the country. Later when the country was running out of food supply her whole family was killed and she become a criminal. Over the years, Kei has never got over Kiu. She has been trying to prove he is not as heartless as the others think. Fate has it that they meet again and she becomes his fourth wife. Kiu's first and second wives, Yan Fung Yee and Pang Kiu, always make things difficult for Kei. Kei, who is an extremely clever person who never wastes time on trivial things, turns every threat into an opportunity. This makes Kiu appreciate her wisdom and persistence. He entrusts his business to her and tells her to find a suitable successor for him before he dies.

Despite all the attacks in the family, Kei manages to keep the business in good shape. She has never forgotten Kiu's last wish, too. By chance, she discovers that Tseung Pit Ching, Kiu's second son, is not really a playboy but an upright person loved by everyone in the shop. She therefore guides and helps him in every possible way, but her efforts are met with Chai Kau's challenges. Kau seeks vengeance for being mistreated and wants a pay back from Tseung family. After rounds after rounds of battle wits and actual fights, Kei and Kau begin to appreciate each other. Kau even falls for Kei as time goes by.

Just Love 2
Title: 老婆大人II

演出:宣 萱、陳錦鴻、滕麗名、李思捷、唐詩詠、許紹雄、鄧健泓、李詩韻

Broadcast Period: May 2009 to June 2009.

播出時期 2009年5月4日-2009年6月5日

播出時間 逢星期一至五 20:30-21:30

Episodes: 25

Genre: Modern 時裝


裁 判官高希敏婚後得到廿四孝丈夫葛國光的無限量支持,在事業上愈戰愈勇,縱然面對法庭內刁鑽棘手的案件及千奇百怪的對手也無畏無懼,全因她堅守"法律面前人 人平等"的信念;在家庭上無牽無掛,縱然面對家婆的無聲抗議及千篇一律的家務瑣事也從容自在,全因她奉行"男主內,女主外"的理念;她把一切看作理所當然 之時,命運讓她經歷了一次又一次不能單用法理去解釋的嚴峻考驗。

一名患有輕度精神病的何秀秀,因希敏對她的身世起了憐憫之心,竟大開門戶 讓她闖進其生活圈子,為她製造無限進佔自己家庭、甚至取替其作為妻子及母親地位的機會;繼而是國光因車禍入院重傷,被親戚葛德云教唆接連欺騙希敏,令兩夫 妻陷入分裂邊緣;最後是不打不相識的騙徒何時富,一個在希敏眼中低下卑鄙的流氓,竟然是堂堂高官的親生父親..



Career-minded magistrate Ko Hei Man gains full support from her loyal husband Kot Kwok Kwong so that she is able to concentrate fully on her works. At court, Man strongly believes that everyone is equal before the law and she tackles every challenge confidently. At home, she never bothers about the household duties which are all taken by husband and any complaints filed by mother-in-law. Man just takes things for granted but fate continuously to convince her that law cannot be applied to every situation.

Man feels sympathized with Ho Sau Sau who suffers from slight mental disorders. Trying to help, Man allows her to come into her family but this creates an opportunity for Sau to replace Man's role as a wife and a mother completely. Kwong is seriously injured during a car accident. His relative Kot Tak Wan lectures Kwong how to fight against Man and this leads to serious communication breakdown between the couple. Swindler Ho Shi Fu appears in Man's life as a hopeless villain from the lower class but he is in fact the father of a senior official.

"Just Love II" is a story about law and human nature. How would the couple tide over the difficulties?

My thoughts: I'm excited for both series. Each one has one of my favorite actors: Wayne Lai and Sunny Chan! I'm hoping that Rosy Business is really good and I'm thinking it will be. It has 2 of TVB's best actors: Sheren Teng and Wayne Lai- is this going to be the year that Sheren wins Best Actress? I liked Just Love okay enough but I didn't think it needed a sequel, but I'm still looking forward to this because I miss Jessica. I hope these 2 boost the TVB ratings up!

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