Man In Charge

This series does not look too exciting to me but I do want to see Leila and Kenneth together! You can tell that this was filmed a while ago because you can see the little baby fat in Kate's cheeks. Compare it to the promotional clips they filmed below.

Kenneth's character

Kate's character

Leila's character

I'm still in a giddy mood from E.U. and The Winter Melon Tale is really cute so far so I'm hoping that TVB is on a roll and the good shows continue!


raymond said...

wondering kenneth with end up with leila or kate or they 3ppl with 2gether

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what happened towards the end of the movie where leila and kenneth meets a white priest who wants to learn golfing? When the white priest said his name they were all shocked? who is he? please explain thanks.

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